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Possessed and Left

Possessed and Left



She shivered, realizing she was somewhere on the side of a deserted road she realized she didn't have anything on except for a long hooded cape. How did she get here? She tried to think but her head was spinning. Her body was in torment. Everything hurt even her long Auburn hair. She couldn't get up, what a mess. She held her knees to her chest and wept. The wolf ran through the woods unabashedly feeling the wind caressing it's fur. The leaves swirled and he was sniffing for something to eat. He slowed his nose in the air. Mmmm he smelled something close by.. . He stalked towards the wonderful aroma. What was this? As he spied the helpless prey . He raised his he'd and howled. She wanted to scream when she heard the howl. She couldn't run and she couldn't hide. Weeping she layed down and waited for the inevitable. Far away a lightning blue sports car was speeding through the night. A sinister laugh rose to the full moon. She had refussef him and he had possessed her. He had gotten what he wanted and no one would ever know. He was pleased with himself as he drove toward the city lights.
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  She lay on the side if the road as her eyes opened. She was cold. She looked around and tried to make sense of it all. Her head was spinning, her body was screaming in pain. She realized she was naked except for a long hooded cape she had wrapped around her. The full moon looked down on her. The wind was blowing and leaves were leaping and swirling about.

  After a great amount of difficulty she propped herself up. Her head was pounding. She could see her surrounding clearly thanks to the moon, full and bright. It gave her a little comfort as she sat there. She couldn't get her brain to work. She was frightened and alone.

  In the distance she heard the howl of a wolf. Panic stuck her heart. She couldn't run and she couldn't hide. She fell over weeping, she prayed silently as she waited for the inevitable.

  He came out if the woods panting. Slowly approaching the prey in front of him. He had smelled this aroma before, but never as sweet, never as delicious as this. He circled her slowly. A growl came from his throat. He peered at her, coming closer.

  She was shivering uncontrolably. He smelled the fear. She wept louder as he pawed her. Why didn't she scream? She couldn't, she didn't have the strength. He pawed her again she was breathing fast and it excited him.

  He howled again. Other howls answered. He knew it wouldn't be long. He sniffed her hair, her ear her face. She opened her eyes to slits and held her breath. He was waiting for something. What? Then she heard them.

  Paws! How many she didn't know. She could smell their musty odor, hear their growls. They were circling her. She could feel their hot breath as they panted over her. Her mind froze. She was going to be devoured and no one would know. She was crying uncontrolably. What had she ever done to end up like this? She was shaking whimpering.

  He pawed her and pushed her to her back, leaving her totally exposed. He stood over her growling. His eyes burning into her. He licked her neck, her stomache the others howled loudly.

  This was it she told herself. She closed her eyes. Fate was cruel. She may not have been the best person in the world but she certainly had not been the worst. She prayed it would be quick. She managed to stammer pppplease,. Don't.

  He sniffed her and growled. Mine!

  She shuddered and fainted.