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Well this is the story about how I and your mother met. She thought of me as a cheater and left me. But fate brought you guys to me that fateful day. I bet you guys don't remember that. Aria, Alex remember that love always finds a way. So let's begin.
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  It was 22nd March of 2030. Echoes of voice comming chanting "Alvi! Alvi!" coming in unison for the biggest star in the world of music. In the backstage in the dressing room Alvi sat with his children with his both sides laughing with them. "Dad! Can you tell us how you and mom met?"- a girl with the age of 14 said with a cute voice. "Don't be so annoying!"- a boy with the same age said it with a cold voice. "Alex don't be so cold to your sister." - a beautiful voice came opening the door opening the door of the dressing room. "Mom!"- Aria said with a very excited voice. "Aria, don't bother your dad before the concert. And honey don't spoil the kids so much." Alvi got up gave a little kiss on lips of Sarah. The kids closed their eyes with their hand. Sarah said in a low voice, " What are you doing! The kids are here." "It's my good luck charm for later."- Alvi said with a flirtatious voice. " Okay kids, come close. Let me tell the story"- sitting back and said with a kind voice. The kids became very happy and jumped on the lap of Alvi,

  "Lets start when I first saw your mother........

  It was 2015 I was 16 when I met your mother. She was the most beautiful girl I ever saw. I was a sophomore just came from Ohio to start my studies at L.A. high.

  Alarm clock ringing...

  `Shit!!! I'm late'- Alvi Jonson. 'It's already 7:30.' Alvi the only son of Richard and Perry Jonson. He got dressed hastily took his guitar and went down stairs to leave for school.

  Richard was down stairs setting the table and Perry was making breakfast. Seeing Alvi leaving in a rush Richard said 'Have your breakfast!!'

  Alvi in a hurry said-' Sorry, Dad! I'll be late' and went out.

  Richard with a sigh said to Perry-' What I'm going to do with that kid?'

  Perry with a kind smile said-' Don't worry. It will need time for him to settle here.'

  LA was new for Alvi he had to come here for his dad's business. While walking towards the bus stop he thought to himself 'What should I do here? I don't know anyone. I wish I could go back to Ohio'

  While thinking about it he got on the bus. Looking at the buildings at a daze. Suddenly he saw a beautiful girl got up, she was so beautiful that he couldn't take his eyes of her. Her skin was as white as snow, her beautiful blonde hair was like it was made from pure gold and her eyes were as blue as the ocean. Which made his heart skip a beat.

  The entire time it took for them to go to school Alvi kept watching her. He knew it was wrong but he can't take his eyes away from her. The stopped and the students got down. At that time he lost sight of her and couldn't find her anymore. He felt bit disappointed.

  Alvi went is the campus and was searching for the principal's office. He went there and saw Mr Smith. Mr Smith was his father's friend and his father told him to meet him before he goes to class. He knocked on the door.

  Knock! Knock! Knock!

  'Come in.'- Mr Smith. 'Sir, I'm Alvi. Richard's son'- Alvi. 'Ah! Alvi. Nice to meet you. The last time I was you it was your 1st birthday. Look how much you have grown.'

  ' It's nice to meet you too.' Alvi said respectfully.

  'Here is your student handbook. And you will be in class 2A. And you don't need to be so tight and call me uncle when we are alone. Ok! You go to your class now'

  'Thanks uncle. Bye!'- Alvi left for his class.

  Alvi walked through the hall and went infront of his class and thinking where he can find that beautiful girl again. He went in and saw the calss teacher was sitting. She got up and said come in wit a sweet voice. 'This is Alvi Jonson. He will be joining us from today'- Lara Jean said towards the whole class. ' Take the empty seat at the back beside Sarah.' As he looked at the back he saw the same girl and was surprised. Without uttering a single word he took his seat. Put down the guitar beaide him.

  A few minutes later he heard a beautiful voice-' Hey! Nice to meet you. My name is Sarah.' Sara Whittaker.' ' N-nice to meet you too. My name is Alvi Jonson.'

  'Where are you from??' Sara said with a smile. Her smile was so beautiful that it could melt anyone's heart and her teeth was like it was made from pearls.

  Alvi felt bit shy and said 'From Ohio'. 'Oo! My cousin lives there.' Sarah said.

  Alvi snuck some peek. She wore a pink t-shirt and tight jeans revealing her figure. She was like an angel which descended from the heavens. Classes were over and was time for lunch.

  Alvi sat at an empty bench eating burger and fries. Sara and two other classmates came sat with him. Leon Shaw and Mia Shaw.

  Leon-' Hey man! Nice to meet ya. My name is Leon Shaw. Call me Leo and she is Mia my twin sis.'

  'Nice to meet you'- Alvi.

  'You are carrying a guitar. Can you sing?'- Sara asked

  Alvi nooded affirmatively.

  ' Can you sing a song for us?'- Mia asked.

  Alvi blushed uncomfortably and kept looking down. But when he heard that Sara also asked him to sing he unconsciously picked up the guitar and unraveled it.

  He picked up the tune and started singing the song 'They don't care about us - Michael Jackson'

  The students there were mesmerised by his voice and few of them caught it will n video. They couldn't believe their ears and kept thinking what a beautiful voice he has.

  Leo, Mia and Sara were listening like they were in a concert of Michael Jackson and couldn't take their eyes away from him. They were completely mesmerized by the voice and were listening with complete focus.