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The Hoia Baciu

The Hoia Baciu

Author:Omi Noax


Maria Grosu and few others try to find the hidden treasures of the most haunted forest in Romania. Maria Grosu lived in the city of Arad was the grand-daughter of one of the most wanted criminals in the year 1946. Framing a plan and asking for her friends help she tries to enter the terrifying.
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  A nineteen year old girl named Maria Grosu lived in the city of Arad was the grand-daughter of one of the most wanted criminals in the year 1946. It was reported that approximately ninety million Romanian Leu of gold and jewellery went missing in that year. Maria lived with her mom and was engaged with a daily job and a salary. In one of the old Romanian books it was said that the hidden gold of Hoia-Baciu forest can only be found by a person who matches the blood with the person who has hidden it. Maria was suffering from a disorder of insomnia where she could see stuff which others couldn't. She read one of the daily newspapers and it was said that five men went missing in the forest of Hoia-Baciu while only one man returned in a miserable condition. Later the last man was dead on the way to the hospital. Later, after more research she found a book which was dedicated on the robbery of 6 men stealing high amount of gold. Apparently, Maria's grand-father was involved in the robbery and was the leading person in the other five men. After reading in detail she decided to contact her boyfriend and tell him about the story. His name was Adrian. Her plan was to invade one of the oldest abandoned house in the forest of Hoia Baciu. While she needed not one but five other persons.

  Maria and Adrian contacted their friends for a trip in one of the most haunted forests. The plan to cross the boundaries of the forest, Maria had planned everything. They invaded into the forest on foot because of no land space for any type of vehicle. These six youngsters were already scared with the vibes of the forest. But Maria was the most excited one. All she could think was the greed she had. The spooky forest had no space for sunshine and no network too. The tall the dense trees made it impossible for sun rays to fall on ground. While walking with their flashlights many times her friends got missing due to lack of light and tiredness. The vibes of the forest were too negative. All the birds and crows were making sounds near them. Everyone started freaking out in the forest while two of her friends gave up and decided to head back.

  But Maria used to get too aggressive when someone used to say not to go ahead. At some point two of her friends ran away from the forest and were not in sight due to the fog. Maria decided to keep walking while Adrian was surprised with her dedication. He started becoming more conscious around her. Four days passed away in the forest and they almost ran out of food. At a distance they could see a medium sized house made of wood and it was in the worst condition.

  When they went close to it they could feel the peak point negative vibes coming from the house and also started having sudden palpitations. The house door was pretty weak so they broke into the house. With their torchlights, all they could see were bullet holes and creepy scratches on the walls. Ancient blood stains, nail scratches and more creepy things.

  Maria went missing as soon as they entered the house. After searching for her they found an open door which leads to the basement of the house. As they entered the dark basement slowly, they saw Maria sitting on the floor in front of a voodoo doll. The basement was full of Voodoo dolls with pins inserted in them. The negative vibes started burning their flesh. Maria picked up the doll in front of her with a smile and said ''there's no gold''. She was looking at someone in front of her. But there was no one there. Her friends thought she might be seeing things because of her disorder or maybe she was just pretending. She got up and kept the doll in a cage after putting pins in it. The old appliances in the house started to explode. The house started shaking. It was like the birds and animals around were trying to shout and tell them to go.

  After she locked the doll in the cage the negative vibes started to reduce and things became quite. Four days later in one of the newspapers in Romania it was written that 5 men went missing while one person from the group returned named Maria Grosu was found in a miserable condition outside the boundaries of the forest of Hoia Baciu. She passed away on the way to the hospital while the other five men were lost in a mystery. In one of the recent books, it was written that a house in the forest of hoia was heavily cursed by a mysterious person who died in the house who guarded almost ninety million Romanian Leu. The book was titled ''the gold of memory'' and was written by Maria Grosu.