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Blue Soul Vampire

Blue Soul Vampire



A certain warrior was cursed for eternity to bear the name of the Blue Soul Vampire. Eternal life tormented him until eventually he wanted to end his life. Since Blue was unkillable, he challenged humanity to kill himself, when they failed, they sent Blue into another world with a portal weapon. The ruthless Blue got sent into the world of Altheon and that's when he encountered a kind Light Mage named Celina. Altheon was in complete shambles as the demons seeked to revive the strongest demon lord. Blue and Celina teamed up together, he hoped she can become strong enough to kill him one day. She was only given two years to do so, and if she fails then Blue will end her along with the entire humanity. The polar opposites journeyed across the land of Altheon, Celina is seeking strength, while Blue slowly regains his humanity. They forged a connection they didn't know was possible, will his goal also mold into something else? Credits for the cover goes to Adeleg
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  According to a common legend, a noble and brave warrior sacrificed himself to the Blue Soul Devil to save his land from destruction. And thus he did, but for a certain price, rather it was the greatest curse, immortality.

  He lived for a thousand years he already forgot his name, right now he called himself Blue. He had a couple of kids and wives. He saw them all die infront of his eyes, and it drove him on the brink of insanity.

  The once great, valiant soldier became desperate and sullen. He used to be an imperial soldier who took an eternal oath to protect the kingdom, but he was there the moment it crumbled to dust. Sadly, nothing can fight against the flow of time.

  It was frustrating that he couldn't join his loved ones in the after life. He had wept an oceans of tears, it completely dried out his eyes, and alas he could no longer cry. Thus he hid himself alone, dwelling away from society, straying to and fro but in the end he had no destination.

  It was about the year of two thousand and thirty, and he never aged since he got cursed. Thus far, there was nothing in existence that could kill him, not even the flashy sunbeams, but he didn't want to give up, hoping at least there was something out there that could do the job. At this point Blue was dead, his will at least and it was more painful than dying physically.

  Everytime he was injured, the power of the blue soul would heal his wounds, also he was also given the power of the blue fire, it was a destructive ability. He was no ordinary vampire, he was called the Blue Soul Vampire.

  On the cold and dreary night of a certain bustling city, Blue was found, who sat above a ledge of a sky scraper and below him were the crowded buildings. Honking cars drifted across the aglowed streets, illuminated by street lamps. Throng of humans flowed like river on the pavements below.

  The stale air of the city often brush by his cheek, fluttering his tall, jet black hair, the height of his hair reached upon his back, there are strands that dangles upon his sullen face. His pale skin were like a corpse, his eyes were hollow and lifeless, he was a young man as though he was at his twenties, and if not for his mood would be good looking. However, this life was hellish, he deeply regretted his past decision no matter how noble it was.

  He used to be loyal to the empire, and to its lands. But in the grand scheme of things, all those shites didn't matter. He clenched his fist and gnashed his teeth as he let out a silent cry. "I want to die!"

  Blue panted heavy, he swiftly drilled his chest with his dagger like nails and snatched his heart out to vent out his frustration. Blood gushed out from his rib as he held his beating heart, he groaned but composed himself. Bluish flames sealed the hole on his chest, and he was now fine as though it was just a hallucination. He crushed his heart with his fingers, splattering the blood across his body. "Shit! Am I gonna be like this forever!" He hissed.

  At some point, he wailed enough, he thought he needed to do some action. He unfurled his bat like wings, stood still and propelled himself into the sky. He hovered above the city and gazed upon the moon on its full. The moonlight casted its pale light over his body.

  Blue directed his attention to the city below him, he inhaled a lot of air and puffed up his chest. He screamed roughly as though to destroy his vocal chords.

  "Humans! My name is Blue Soul! The only way to stop me is to kill me!" Blue declared.

  However the citizens below walked usually as they do, they didn't seem to notice him.

  Blood vessels popped up on his face, rage took over him. He sneered and aimed his hand towards the building closest to him. Then a giant bluish flames were fired from his arm.

  The flames struck the face of the building, and then it erupted bright like a bomb explosion. The upper portion of the building got tipped off, it slowly fell and sunk into the ground. Thick smoke plumed outwards covering a portion of the city.

  Blue cackled. "So what are you gonna do about it! Humans!"

  The citizens below were in a frenzy, they dispersed and scampered like rats.

  Blue was slightly pleased when he realized something. "That's right bring me your greatest weapons!"

  Suddenly, helicopters sailed into the sky, they fired their missiles upon the flying Blue.

  Blue laughed menacingly, he spread out his body and readily recieved the missiles, he didn't dodge nor fought back, he remained on his spot as he was being shredded into several pieces.

  To Blue's dismay however he felt none of it work, he could feel pain, but the holes left by the bullets and his limbs being torn apart were quickly being healed by the blue flames. Even his clothes were being regenerated, then they stopped firing after it was all for naught. Blue was left unscathed.

  Blue snorted, and since they were just a nuisance, he aimed his finger towards them then struck them down with his blue flames. The helicopters got incinerated on the air and exploded into pieces. However he left one helicopter on the sky, he quickly flew towards it and clung unto the glasses of the cockpit.

  Blue pressed his face unto the glass, he casted a creepy smirk. The driver got frightened as he fumbled for a gun on his pocket. "Ahh, monster!" He exclaimed.

  One soldier inside the helicopter stuck out his head over the window, he aimed his rifle at Blue then showered his body with bullets. However it was for naught, Blue kept on regenerating as his wound were closing on.

  "Tell your superiors, every ten years I'll destroy one of your city, so prepare yourselves!" Blue said, then he flapped his wings and left the helicopter.

  Several decades passed, the authorities tried to kill Blue with all their might. They mustered every weapon out there, from rifles, tanks and even a nuclear weapon, but none have work. Many were killed mercilessly in the amok.

  Year two thousand one hundred.

  "This is flash news report in City L, this will be the Seventh time the monster called Blue will make his appearance, will the government be ready to handle this situation. We have General Dersino on the line." The reporter said.

  "We'll get him this time, we finished a certain device that was made from a world wide collaboration." A rough voice of a man said.

  Blue turned off the television with a remote, he cackled as he sat on a sofa. He won't need a light bulb since his vision allowed him to see clearly on a dim room.

  It was a tidy room and sometimes he even pays the landlord, he wasn't recognized by most since he usually held a clever disguise whenever he strolls around the city.

  Blue also sucked the blood of humans to prevent himself from going insane. Long time ago, he drained the blood of the vile ones, as time passed he became indiscriminate. A shred of his humanity peels off as the time flows away.

  *Knock *knock

  Blue then approached the wooden door, he sensed the person behind it, it was his land lord.

  He slid the door wide open and he was right.

  It was a short old man, with a disgruntled look, his face were crumpled like a paper and it seems his purpose for coming here was obvious. "Hey you're already 2 months due, I need the money now."

  Blue cackled. "You're gonna cheat again on your wife and date another woman?" He said with a snarky tone.

  The landlord's sneer tightened further. "Shut up! That's none of your business, I need the money now!" He hissed.

  Blue sighed, and scratched his head. "Well to tell you honestly I'm gonna die now. I would be happy if you'll just consider my debt as a gift." He said casually.

  The landlord stomped his foot. "Shut up, get out right now!"

  Blue nodded calmly, he then lurched forward and latched his fangs upon the landlord's neck. He sapped the blood, and his adam's apple waved with every gulp, the landlord groaned and turned pale, eventually his strength subsided and his eyes rolled. "You bastard, you're Blue?" The landlord said windedly.

  Blue released his fangs from him, causing him to fall upon his foot. "Hahaha, that was the greatest gift."

  He approached the window and basked upon the innocent moon light, his pale face displayed a wide smile. "It's finally my time!"

  He vanished from the window and swiftly soared into the abyssal depths of the night.

  Later on, Blue hovered over the jagged tips of the sea of silvery buildings. He cackled upon seeing the streets to be a silent ghost town, he knew they were about to test the new super weapon since they have evacuated the civilians.

  Flickering lights emerged just above the horizon, and spacecrafts were teeming like stars that drifted on the night sky.

  Blue cackled, "Don't disappoint me humans!"

  Blue waited for them to organize themselves, they were flying vehicles that were propelled by some sort of jets. He was amused how humans improved their technology.

  Then a bigger one went close to Blue, his face brimmed with arousal as the vehicle exposed a giant cannon.

  Blue laughed menacingly, he spread out his arms as though wanting to recieve every bullet. "Okay, fire immediately."

  Once it fired, a blinding light showered upon Blue. The giant white blast was fired unto his path and then he wallowed upon it. Blue however screamed in excitement. "Hahaha yes! That's it."

  Blue gagged upon seeing his arms and legs were evaporating, eventually his torso and his face as well. Then his vision went black.

  "Am I dead?"