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Six children left behind from an old shack with their background still unknown from the person who will take care of them in the future. Little did they know that an old history book with two volumes was left behind leaving the books in the childrens care. They came from a mysterious race with skills to protect the weak from evil. It seems that their race was completely anihilated from a very powerful individual. Their task will continue, while carrying the blood of a strong non-human like race. The result of the future will depend on what choices they will make.
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  A part of my body keeps throbbing. While I still kept my consciousness, the people around me was worried. Even though I know what will happen next. I was silent.

  "Are you feeling well miss?"

  With a soft voice of a woman. Murmurs I hear from men. It seems that I lost touch with reality for a second.

  I heard whispers, I thought that it was in my head so I didn't blurted what I wanted to say.

  "It's coming"

  The voice in my head was giving me a warning.

  "Get Down!"

  I shouted. The energy flowing within my body felt so nostalgic, It was like an adrenaline. My eyes changed, it was like gas was poured into my eyes and lighting a fire.

  An earthquake occured, they were in shock. People are screaming for help, holding their loved ones or taking cover. But that wasn't the only thing that I noticed.

  Black smoke came from a certain area. The smoke was a thing only I can see. I detected a figure within meters away. I was lost in thought.

  " The people...I need to keep them safe." , "But I need to take care of the creature" , " I must not risk the peoples lives "

  The creature was wearing a black robe. Long hair, just like the ones in asia, wearing a hairpin that looked like a special ornament. Muscular body. It had the largest black colored eyes that looked like the galaxy. I can say that it was an asian from a long time ago.

  The creature was the one controlling the earthquake. While the men and women started to faint. The creature laughed so hard while watching all people in the area collapses.

  It looked on its left. Wondering what the noise was. A flute, was playing a melody only for the creature. He started to wobble. Then it suddenly looked on its right. Then an arrow came out of nowhere and hit the creature.


  It screams from pain.

  "Who dare hit the mightiest creature on eart-"

  It didn't finished its sentence. It was in shock. While it looked on the person who damaged its eye. The creature was trembling.

  "Those eyes.... The marks on your face. No..... It can't be"

  Its voice was trembling in fear. What it was looking at was a person with white eyes, black sclera

outer part of the iris

, a black gem in the middle of the eyebrows, lines on their forehead and below their eyes. Their hair was like white silk shining under the sun. Their skin was so clear. It can be said its not human.


  The creature hurriedly ran away from them. I caught up on the creature and stabbed it from behind. He glanced on my face and said,

  "You have the same...features"

  Then collapses.

  .....Yes. I am one of those non-human like people. But we are only six. Our race was completely annihilated from the creatures that is similar to the one i killed. But the one who killed our race was different.

  It was the first creature whose soul turned evil. You can say the original one. Those evil creatures were originally human but when the soul of a person detoriates or turns evil, it cannot go back to being human. Our race were the ones who protects the people from those unsightly creatures, you can say the "demolishers", "chancers", "destroyer", "slayer", whatever the people call us.

  This event was unknown until one of my people warned me. I'll explain some more later.

  But we still don't know what the future gives us.....