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When I Decide to Love You

When I Decide to Love You


"Marriage is the biggest lie in this world! That piece of paper gives you nothing, why are you being so melodramatic about it?" "Well, that piece of paper means a lot to me! It makes me feel safe, I want to be called as Mrs. Lockwood, I want my baby to be named as Lockwood when he gets born!" Janey got pregnant after the unexpected one-night stand with Steven, she wanted marriage. But Steven was a billionaire's son, and Janey was a poor orphan girl who spent her whole life looking for her lost sister. Life made her tough, but ever since she met Steven, her soft heart she kept buried inside got revealed inch by inch. When they were about to marry, Steven's ex-girlfriend Rebecca came back and tried to take Steven back, however, Janey found out Rebecca was her long lost sister...
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"How much does a pimp charge for one night? Urgent, need help!"

Janey Westmore posted this question online and hoped she could get some help from netheads.

She was trembling at the bathroom, trying to recall what happened last night...

She remembered she was drinking alone at the bar, leaking her wounds. Her boyfriend, a man she loved for 15 years, had dumped her and ended up with her best friend. She felt she almost got drunk, a gigolo swooped in, they started talking and drinking.

But she didn't know how she ended up in a bed with him.

Then some responses popped up in her searching screen:

"Wow...is he handsome? If he's handsome then good for you."

"Well, it depends on the guy you slept with, if he's handsome, then maybe cost a little more."

"Are you sure he's a man whore? Better be careful with huge compensation!"

Janey got scared looking at these messages, thinking of those horrifying possible consequences, she just wished she could vanish in the air and nothing had happened.

She carefully opened the door, stuck her head out, trying to see if the man was awake. She saw him still sleeping and let out a relief. She tried to tiptoe her way to the bed and get her clothes. But "Oops..." she hit the coffee pot with her clumsy hand. Only because she frequently turned her head to check if he was going to wake up.

She felt like she went through a so close death sentence. But fortunately, she quickly caught the coffee pot in time, so it didn't fall off to the ground.

She took a deep breath... slowly turned around with her eyes half-closed... straightened her body a little bit, while she was holding the pot tightly in hands.

"Thank god it didn't wake him," she tapped her chest lightly and relieved. Then she put the coffee pot back, and stood back on her tiptoe, two more steps...and one more step...finally reached the bed.

Right before she reached out to her clothes, she realized she had never looked at him clearly for real once, but now she finally saw this charming face. It seemed to be a masterpiece perfectly carved by God.

She quickly opened her Google and typed the keyword "man whore", and soon hundreds of sexy men pictures popped up.

Golden brown hair...sexy abs, God, Janey looked at the man on bed and saw his crazy hot 6 packs!

Long eyelashes...charming eyes...perfect face, my goodness, again hit the bull's eye, thick stern eyebrows and his long eyelashes falling on his closed eyes like a sleeping prince, his sexy lips plus his perfectly sculptured jawline.

And moreover ridiculously hot figure, Janey saw him lying on the bed, only with an underwear on him, nearly fully naked. Peerless line stretching all the way from his exquisitely chiselled nose bridge to his tight chest muscles, as if it was smeared with a layer of oil, then down to his long sexy legs, such an unparalleled beauty.

Janey was now absolutely convinced that he was a man whore indeed.

A beyond hot man whore though, she was not proud of herself sleeping with a stranger man. Shame and fear occupied a bigger part in her heart.

So she took out her purse, thinking that finally she could give herself a treat this time with this bonus she got from her last project, but another thought of those consequences she saw online, she got sacred that she might end up paying more.

So she took out all the cash she had in there, carefully rolled it, placed it inside the pocket of his pants.

And gently... slowly closed the door, left the hotel. She then ran like hell, hoping this was the end of it.

Right after she left, the man woke up.

He opened eyes, everything around him was so quiet. there was only his own clothes lying on the sofa, he knew that the woman had gone.

Right when he was about to get up, he saw a bra lying near his slippers, he knew that it belonged to her. He picked it up and sniffed it, all the memories flushed in like water.

Last night, he tried to chat with her, but got pushed away and remember her words vividly "Piss off! Men are all horsesh*t."

He went few steps closer to her, "Oh...I got you...broke up with boyfriend, didn't you?"

Seeing her tears falling from her cheeks upon hearing his words, he suddenly felt a warmth and kind of sympathy that he had not felt for a very long time.

He then took her to the dancing pool, she sort of closed her eyes the whole time, but he seemed have made her enjoy herself for a little while, or let out of her mood at least.

She was holding his neck, with her head buried in his arms, and never again pushed him away when his hands were on her waist and hips...

He smiled, a line of softness emerged in his eyes, he looked at himself in the mirror and saw her hickeys around his chest and neck, and even some bruises on his back. He thought, "what a little beast," he didn't know what happened to himself last night.

He couldn't forget her moaning and the way she bit him and kissed his whole body, and what's more, he couldn't shake the euphoric feeling when he slid into that little tight wet territory last night...

He finished a long shower, opened his phone and by accident he happened to see the question Janey just posted online. "How much does a pimp charge for one night? Urgent, need help!"

He stared at this question and laughed, "Funny! What a stupid question, so you didn't know the guy was a man whore before you slept with him?"

Then he tried to put on his pants, and suddenly the money Janey put in there fell down on the floor. 1...2...500 dollars? He couldn't help laughing, "Hahaha, she thought I was a male whore? Interesting...so was it because I was handsome and she left $500?" He kept laughing at himself considering he just mocked the girl online.

Right when he was about to leave, he saw a red spot under the quilt, he lifted it off and, it was blood! Astounded, shocked, petrified, words like these were not enough to describe his feeling right now. It was her first time?

He looked at again the bra on the floor, he came up with a funny idea. He decided to find this special yet interesting girl, so he rushed to the front desk...

While Janey was still in her bathtub. Her phone vibrated in the living room.


A new message showed up on Janey's phone,

"Hey, beautiful, you forgot your bra."