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Her Husband's Mistress

Her Husband's Mistress

Author:Mira Hassan


Sydney spent most of her time trying to make her marriage work. She was a famous model. Everyone thought her marriage was as fabulous as her looking. On the contrary, no matter how much efforts she paid, her husband never stopped embarrassing her in public, showing her a cold face and pushing her away, but not even once did Sydney wanna give up. Until one day, she realized her husband had a mistress, a woman she met everyday but Sydney never thought she's her husband's mistress...
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Eric Daniels was gathering his stuff from his locker, so did the rest of the marine crew. Everyone was excited to go back to their families. Their wives, kids and friends were all waiting for them. Adam hit his locker close behind Eric.

"Everyone is excited to go back home except you. What's wrong chap?" Adam asked his best friend as he watched the handsome, muscular as him man tie his shoe laces.

"I don't know man," Eric looked up at his friend with a sad look on his face. "I guess am not happy with what is waiting for me there."

Adam could not help but laugh at his friends words but the serious look his friend sent him made him swallow the rest of his laughing.

"Come on man you can't be serious," Adam asked as he patted on his buddy's shoulder. "Am serious, you just don't know how that hell of a home feels like," Eric told his friend putting emphasis on the word 'hell'. His friend chuckled.

"Eric come on, you married one of the most beautiful women I know. You can't just say you’re not happy for what's waiting home and plus she is a billionaire's daughter if I were you I would not even work. " Eric shook his head in protest.

"Thats the main reason why she is unbearable, she's a billionaire's daughter, daddy's girl . She thinks everything has to be done her way." Eric said letting out all his frustration on each word he said.

Adam stood back and looked at his friend as if he was some kind of psycho. "Sooo, is there anything wrong with that. You want things done your way, so do I, so does the team captain and so does everyone in this freakin world."

Eric banged his head lightly on his locker. "You just don't get it. Can you believe that she does not let me feed myself at all, she chooses what I wear, what I eat, she always ties my shoe laces, she never let's me comb my hair my way. The only part of the house am free from her is the lavatory."

Adam raised his hands up in denial. "Okay that's awkward," he said in confusion. His buddy looked at him with a look that said do you get me now.

"Exactly that's my point, She loves me way too much."

Adam settled down next to Eric. "I don't get it. You don't like your wife loving you too much. Is that the case." Adam sounded confused of his own words. Not once in his life did he hear a man complain about excess love, If he were Eric he would even be so happy to have his wife all over him.

Eric stood still and put his hands in the pockets of his uniform pants. "I guess so," he answered. Adam stared at his buddy as if he had grown a second head. "You mental man, we should get your head checked."

Eric slapped his friend's back but not to hard to the extent of hurting. "You just don't know. You don't know." With those words he picked up his bag pack and headed out to meet his demoness . Demoness was the picture of her that was painted in his head. To everyone else she was gorgeous, sexy and sweet Sydney Daniels Graham but to him she was the demoness that haunted his life.

Sydney Daniels Graham was not the one he wanted, while the one he longed for was far far away.