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Resurrection: I'll Make You All Regret!

Resurrection: I'll Make You All Regret!


Nicholas had already lived for 500 years. He was immortal and possessed the most powerful medical skills, even the capability to bring the dead back to life. When he was about to reach his highest level of power, he was attacked by the Martial Emperor Aro and his cultivation was interrupted. So instead of going to his afterlife, he was sent back to his previous life when he was only 16 years old. That was exactly the year that changed his whole life. He lost everything. But now he's back, and he swore to take revenge, take his girlfriend back, get his father out of jail, and most of all, his dignity. Everyone who humiliated him before needs to pay the karmic debt. But in this life, he had no power. He only had the magical medical skills. How was he going to revenge? Any miracle would happen?
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In 2006, in the Eastern Hospital of Oceano City in Riversouth, a pretty nurse walked into the ward with a small ultra-sonic lithotripter.

"No. 82, please be ready for operation."

On the bed, a young man, who had sharp eyebrows and was about 1.7 meters tall, raised his heavy eyelids and looked around blankly.

In the snow-white ward, a beautiful and curly-haired woman, who was in a pink nurse uniform, put a machine similar to a pile driver on his elixir field.

Immediately, there was a sharp pain in his elixir field, as if something was cracking.

"Stop! I've only reached the Gold Core Realm after cultivating for 500 years. What are you doing to my Golden Core?" the young man asked in a hurry, feeling dizzy.

The nurse patted the teenager.

"Boy, have you read too many cultivation novels? It's just a piece of kidney stone. You have a Golden Core? Why didn't you say that you are a deity? I almost got laid last night. If I hadn't taken the Magical birth-control pills, I would have given birth to a baby."

It was a simple joke, but Nicholas Mo's expression changed greatly and he was shocked.

"Isn't this the same conversation when I made fun of the nurse? Back then I just moved to Oceano City to go to school but I went to the hospital because a stone was found in my kideny."

Because of this conversation, he also got a private photo of the nurse. However...

"Wasn't I killed by the Martial Emperor right after I finished refining the Nine Revolving Divine Elixir? What's going on?"

"Could it be?"

"I didn't die. Instead, I returned to the timeline when I was 16 after I have lived for 500 years?"


He remembered clearly that he had been invited by the Martial Emperor, Aro Jun, to refine the Nine Revolving Magic Elixir and help him break through to the Grand Completion Realm.

Just as the Nine Revolving Magic Elixir was about to be made, Aro suddenly attacked him and smashed his Golden Core with a punch.

Although he was known as the immortal healer, a medical genius in the Immortal World, and his medical skills were almost unparalleled.

But because he was so dedicated to the art of healing, his cultivation was only at the Golden Core stage. He died before he even had a chance to activate the Life Talisman under the attack of Aro.

That kind of pain he felt when his Golden Core and his soul were destroyed still made his heart ache whenever he thought of it.

He was certain that he was dead.

Moreover, before he died, he also made the final method to ignite Samsara Furnace, which was used to refine the Nine Revolving Magic Elixir. Both the Samsara Furnace and the divine elixir had been destroyed in an instant.

"By the way,  what about Dharma power?"

Nicholas pinched a seal with both hands, trying to mobilize the Dharma power in his body. But his face darkened slightly.

There was no sign of Dharma power.

Now he couldn't even use the low-level healing skill, Green Wood Skill.

"Could it be that there was something incredible that happened after the explosion of the Samsara Furnace and the Nine Revolving Magic Elixir?"

"You have not returned to reality?" Seeing that Nicholas was still in a daze, the nurse reluctantly took out her mobile phone and clicked it. Then she handed it to Nicholas.

"Br*t, take a quick look at it and get up. Stop your acting. Don't think that I'm not aware of what you're thinking."

Nicholas's eyes fell on her mobile phone, and his eyes lit up slightly. The picture showed on the phone was a private photo of the nurse.

Her hot body, pretty face, and the clothes that faintly revealed her skins, made him very excited.

The corner of the private photo showed a piece of information that was more important for Nicholas. Today was 08/20/2006.

"It seems that I have really returned to 16 years old and become a mortal without any Dharma power again."

Knowing this was the case, Nicholas did not feel frustrated at all. Instead, he let out a long sigh of relief.

Although he had been plotted against and turned from a cultivator to a mortal, he had gained an opportunity to start over again.

Even if he broke through to the Grand Completion Realm and entered the Immortal Realm, it would be impossible for him to get such an opportunity, not to mention he was merely at the Golden Core Realm.

But now, he really came back, and returned to the time that he had been longing for even after he became the immortal healer.

In his previous life, he had no time to cultivate. But he pushed his medical skills to a level that no one could reach. Although he was given the title of the immortal healer by the cultivation world, he ended up being killed by a villain.

In this life, he decided to improve his strength step by step.

He would take vengeance on all those who had plotted against him with his sword, and he would not spare anyone of them.

What's more, there were some things that made him regret for his whole life before he became an immortal.

When he was 14, his parents were betrayed by their relatives when they were running business. They were imprisoned, so their family became poor. They were not only bullied by others, but also fell ill and their health got worse day by day.

When he was 16, he moved from the county to Oceano City. His cousin tried her best to protect him in the school, but he still was humiliated by his classmates, and he was unable to fight back.

When he was 21, Eddy Lin, his rival of love, in order to make him break up with his girlfriend Caroline, tore his family apart and made his friends suffer. Caroline had no choice but to break up with him.


He would not let this happen again.

"Dad, mom, sister, Hailey, and Caroline, I'm back. No one can insult and hurt you in this life." Nicholas clenched his fists and said to himself.

The determination in his eyes was scorching like a torch.

"D*mn, what are you thinking about with my photo?" Seeing Nicholas seemingly obsessed with her photo, the nurse quickly took back her mobile phone and said discontentedly.

She was dressed in that photo. If he saw her undressed, this handsome guy would definitely be excited and rush over to sleep with her.

Nicholas slightly lifted the corners of his mouth. As a man who had lived over 500 years, he eailsy concelaed his excitement, and a long-lost smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

At this time, his father should have been betrayed by his relatives and returned to his hometown, Yung City.

So he had just been sent to Oceano City to study by them and he hadn't started to go to school yet. Everything was not too late for him.

Suddenly, a harsh voice came from the outside.

"Hailey, is the patient your cousin who has just come from the countryside?"

"James Chang, what do you mean by 'come from the countryside'?" Another familiar voice said angrily.

"Hailey, don't misunderstand me. I mean that he just moved from the county."

"I had lived in the county when I was young. If you despise people form the county, don't come with me. I'll go in on my own."

 "No no no. You think I'm a person like that?" 

There was a round of debate...