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Pure love at first sight

Pure love at first sight



Gqran is a ambitious young lady aged 26, she got a load of burden because of har hailing mother. They are poor since her uncle's have taken all of their properties left behind when he died. When it comes to hardwork she has put all her effort to stain her goals. On the line she met Ian who happens to fall deeply in love with and he wish that have at all cost, but will they have a smooth easy relations or their past will hunt the pure love they found?
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  I was busy in the kitchen when I received an email from ELVES CORPORATION, I was over the moon since I wasn’t expecting an interview invite, I made my happy little dance.

  I was not happy with my current work place so I had to quit before I applied to any other company.

  I had stayed home for more than three months and my savings were slowly extinguished by needs and still I needed treatment and medicine which were expensive of course. I immediately went in my room to prepare for something to presentable to wear, I pray that the interview will be a smooth pass for me.

  The next day I woke up very early, after my morning jogged I cleaned up and prepare for the interview that was scheduled at 8: 30am. I had the opportunity to give my family a comfortable and in my heart I hopped for the best. I wore a black pencil skirt and a light purple blouse and topped my black topper coat to make the outfit official. I am not a makeup person so I went for just lip gloss. After checking my resumes, I left home at 7am to avoid getting stuck on the traffic and get late for the interview.

  I took a cab and arrived at 8 oclock, I was relieved to be there on time, I met only few people waiting on the reception area. I sat down to wait like the rest.

  Many ladies were dressed provocatively, I just going to stick on my lanes I thought.

  Suddenly there was a commotion as everyone in the room stood up and bowed as three gentlemen walked in, I came to realized they were the owners of Elves company I didn't know who they are but they were quite popular because of their statuses jn the society.

  When they got in the office the door was closed and we were left in awe as the ladies discussed about the handsome gentleman.

  After everything settled down, the interview began. We were called in one by one. I was the last to be called in. I took a deep breath and walked in. I met the two older gentleman and another lady who was busy with the computer, she never bothered to look up. The other gentleman was not there. Have a sit, miss Gqran. The gentle man invited me who introduced himself as Jackson Harris. The other one was so serious and gloomy was introduced as Edgar Harris. He didn’t bother to look at me only Jackson asked questions. Jackson seemed like a nice person.

  They asked questions which I answered comfortably, I sat there nervously as they discussed among themselves. They finally turned to me and Jackson told me that I am hired. I almost jumped up from my seat. I was happy and relieved at the same time.

  “You can start on Monday morning and please give your copy of identity card to miss Ashley, have nice day ahead miss Gqran, he concluded as we shook hands. I went out feeling happy that I didn’t notice that I am lost. I bumped into a firm chest, as strong arms captured me before I can fall. My things were scattered all over. Am sorry I mattered under my breath his cologne was so intoxicating, I was in daze as I marvel on this pure perfect God’s work. That is when I notice he was one of the gentlemen I saw earlier alongside with Jackson Harris. “Look where you are going miss” a husky voice followed. I felt like slapping myself for being drooling over such arrogant impolite person. I gathered my things in hurry, as I was picking my photo, the Mr. Arrogant stepped on my hand and picked it “I think I will keep this” he said as he walked away with an evil smirk written on his face. I ran after him but I couldn’t take back my photo. It was my favorite that I took when I last visited my grandma in Africa. I was dressed on a traditional attire that was made by my grandmother. I was devastated since it was my only copy I had. This person is not only mean but a shameless thief. I signed as I followed the route he went hoping I will get out without getting lost further. Fortunately, I found my way out, I rushed out happily as I pulled out my phone and called my mom letting her know that am passing by to see her and give her some news. I took a selfie and walked out of Elves building as happy human.


  Finally, I got to see her alone, her beautiful brown skin made me want to lick the chocolate face shamelessly. She had that African figure that I always dreamed about. We collided in my office corridal, she seemed lost since that was not the way out. As she gathered her things that had fallen all over, her pic caught my eyes and I gladly picked it up and kept it. She protested but she could do nothing about it, I had to keep it anyway. I left but I noticed she was following me maybe in hopes she will find the exit from the building. She was calling and she seemed happy as if she already forgot the fight we had. What a human. Her smile and laughter was contagious. I was in my car as I watched her from a distance. She will be my Assistant in the office, I had meeting with a company from France so my father and my uncle interviewed her on my behalf, I picked her since the rest did not impressed me, they wore like whores but she came in as a decent lady and with that I was glad my dad also agreed with me. Gqran Kenneth, “you will be mine and very soon” I concluded as I roll up my window, ‘take me home’, I instructed Sebastian.

  I soon arrived at my apartment, I lived alone and only me and my cook came and went. I hid from prying eyes. I took a shower as my mind was filled with her smile, her body was one thing I wished to hold down, I can’t wait to feel her as she writhe with pleasure under me. I felt the urge to see her again, after shower I went in my study room, I pull out her photo as I looked at it “my young master” in pants twitched with hunger, my hunger to have her. I couldn’t even concentrate on my work so I went to my bedroom. I laid down just thinking of her, I went to a deep slumber with a smile.

  I woke up after my alarm went off, I was irritated by that, I was in a middle of something. I dreamt about her. It was a nice dream worth a whole night. It was a weekend I had promised my sister to accompany her for some shopping, a deal that I couldn’t escape, I need some rest after a long tiresome week. Ivy was a very spoilt kid and I can’t go back on my word

  I had no choice but to take her since I lost a bet on her. It going to be a long weekend.



  Monday is here, I woke up earlier than usual I need to pass by the hospital before heading to work.

  I talked with the doctors who told me to just pass by evening so we can talk about the test results.

  My mum has been suffering silently without knowing what was going on until I found her unconscious in the bathroom. I called paramedics immediately and she was rushed in Emergency room unresponsive, I was worried about her health since my dad passed on she has never been the same. We were chased from our house by my evil uncles who invaded our properties so life has always been tough for her since I was in school and we needed to survive on her little salary she got. But now am glad that is all over now I will take care of her.

  I arrived at work quite early giving me time to be shown around my area of work and Ashley handed over the office to me officially since she was moving to Italy to be with her husband. She was great and we talked about office work. She highlighted me on people who were mean and she warned me that I should be careful around them. The company had this workshop event coming up so we had no much time to talk much Since we had to concentrate to finish up on time. She had done most on the work so we were dealing with final touched to ensure the plan and project was successful. Miss Hailey who was the company event planner was on our neck until we couldn’t hear her anymore.

  After long working hours I packed my things in my bag and cleared with the security and left the Elves Corporation, I had a long day since we were preparing for a Company workshop day and being a new employee I had no idea what goes on in the company making me get the bad side of Hailey the HR head. It was my first day at the premises and I had so pressure already. I felt the urge to push on since I had no other source of income and I was expected to pay my sick mother hospital bill so I had endured all turmoil’ s coming my way.

  I walked out in a hurry since I wanted to pass by the hospital to check on my mum, as I worked out of the Elves premises, I felt strange feeling, I was being followed and I could feel they were up to no good. I walked fasters as i flagged down a taxi but it speed away, I was helpless since I didn't know what was going on and why I was being followed. Soon a pulled by stopping by the side walk, without thinking I opened the door and got inside, "please drive faster Bro some people are following me, help me please and throw me out please", I pleaded only to be met by a acute silence. I noticed that the man who was sitting behind is none other than Ian Harris, oh no today seems to be my unlucky day. "Am sorry boss", I stammered as I tried to get if the vehicle, I was so embarrassed but I was pulled back to a firm chest. Let's drive a home Sebastian" Ian said in a low voice