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Cool Uncle's Love Trap

Cool Uncle's Love Trap


Andrea Chloe was a noble lady who just knew her marriage would only be for the family’s benefit. To keep her virgin for her future true love, she chose to marry Cyril Frederick who only had an interest in men. They agreed to divorce peacefully after three years. However, on the wedding night, she was drugged and slept with Albert, her husband’s brother. She thought it was just her dream and didn’t care about it. Following Cyril’s arrangement, she moved to his house alone and agreed to take good care of his good friend and neighbor. Till that day, the hot neighbor broke into her house at midnight. She suddenly found he was Albert...
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At the Hillinton Hotel.

Andrea Chloe was sitting on the couch in the presidential suite, listening to the man in front of her calling the other man affectionately, which gave her goosebumps one layer after another.

"Honey, after I have settled down this chick, we can have a good night together."

"Make yourself nice and clean and wait for me."

"Well, babe, I love you. Give me a kiss."

"Ewww, sick."

Andrea could not take it anymore and shivered a little bit. It was the first time in her 22 years to hear a man say "I love you" to another man. She had an impulse to bite her tongue and commit suicide.

But this was also what she was relieved about. The man she married was gay, which could remain her innocence.

Her foster father sold her for ten million dollars for three years. Once three years passed, she could be free again.

Noticing that Cyril Frederick, who was sitting opposite her, put down his phone, she immediately sat down quietly.

"So... Young Master Frederick, do you have any other orders?" She didn't know how to address him and felt it was better to call him Young Master Frederick.

Cyril heard what she said, elegantly crossed his legs, and gave her a charming smile. "You can just call me Cyril, but don't call me Young Master Frederick. If my family hears it, everything will be exposed, don't you think?"

"Yes, Master, you are right. I will bear your words in mind."

Cyril's eyes twitched. Well, this chick wasn't listening at all.

Cyril looked up at the watch and found time was up. "Eat this bowl of porridge and you will be blessed to have children very soon. I have to go downstairs to report my work."


Andrea, on the other hand, did not feel uncomfortable at all. She quickly picked up the bowl and ate it all.

Cyril smiled and snapped his fingers. He got up and turned off the main light in the room, leaving only a floor lamp in the corner. "My grandfather wants to hold his grandson as soon as possible. This will make them relaxed. You can take a bath and go to sleep now. I'm leaving."

"Young Master Frederick, take care."

Andrea poked her head out and watched Cyril's figure disappearing into the elevator. Only then did Andrea let out a long sigh of relief.

After a busy day, she was indeed a little tired. She went to the bathroom to take a bath first. When she came out, she felt dizzy. Her body became incredibly hot and she didn't know whether it was something wrong with the air conditioner in the room. Her eyelids were so heavy that she couldn't open her eyes. But she didn't care about whether it was hot or not and fell fast asleep with a heavy head on the pillow.

When Cyril came out of the elevator, he saw Dion Gary, who was not far away from the door. He stood straight and was looking straight ahead. There was nothing different when he was working as a guard in the army.

Cyril smiled and walked over with his hands in the pockets. He stopped two meters away and crooked his finger at him.

"Vice president."

"How's my brother?"

Dion told the truth, "He's back with a gloomy face, not in a good mood."

"In the past eight years, his face was always gloomy. Go and eat something. I'll talk to my brother."


As soon as Dion left, someone in the corridor came quickly and handed him a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses.

Cyril smiled meaningfully and opened the door.

In the luxurious presidential suite, a tall and straight figure was standing by the window. Without looking back, a deep and powerful voice slowly came over.

"Didn't you just get married? What are you doing here?"

Cyril's smiling eyes narrowed into a thin line. He sat on the sofa with a bottle of wine in his hand. "No wonder you were at special forces. Just knows who I am without looking back." As Cyril was speaking, he poured two cups of red wine and walked over to his older brother and handed over a glass of wine.

The two brothers had a toast. Cyril took a sip and said, "I'm going to have a wedding night. Bro, you gotta drink it all."

Albert glanced at him and looked at the bright red liquor in his glass, shook it slightly, then, raised his glass, and drank it up.

The way of drinking red wine was not like this, but today he went to the army to deal with some things and he felt bad to go there again. If this creature in front of him had not messed around the chief of the army so many times, he would not have left his beloved military camp.

Cyril was laughing and then poured him another glass of wine. "Brother, the girl from the Chloe family is quite good-looking and has a good body shape..."

Before he could finish his words, he was cut off by Albert.

"I can make a phone call and can still return to the army. Don't you believe it?"

"Well, forget my words. Brother, I'm just here to visit you. This building is so high. I'm concerned that you may jump..."

"Get the hell out of here."

Cyril smiled with pleasure and said, "All right then, enjoy your wine. I'm going back to my bride."

At the moment when the door was closed, Cyril noticed his brother taking up the glass and drinking it all with a gloomy face. A sly smile showed up on Cyril's face.

Knowing that his brother was a tough guy, he deliberately added three times the amount of drug in the wine.

"Brother, no matter how tough you are, tonight, you won't be able to resist it."