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Baby Tricks: Grab A Beauty For Daddy

Baby Tricks: Grab A Beauty For Daddy


Tang Guyun was at the beginning of the battle. When she got out of the house, she heard about the way. "Wohan, you are looking forward to seeing me. I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to get rid of you."
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  Tang Guo took a taxi to Su Cheng's villa. After several security guards, she finally entered the core area.

  Su Yu was waiting for her on the grass in front of the villa. When she saw Tang Guo get off the car, she immediately ran over.

  Tang Guo, who had a big belly, unhurriedly took out the design drawings from her bag and handed them to Su Cheng.

  Su Cheng took the drawing and looked at it. She said casually, "You don't know, I've been here for so many days, but I haven't seen that person yet. But I'm so worried that I dare not relax at all."

  Tang Guo patted Su Cheng's arm and comforted him. "Since she's not here, what are you afraid of? Vice president Su, you're usually a tough woman. She's the president, and you'll be the general manager in the future."

  The corners of Su Yu's mouth twitched. "Thank you for looking down on me so much. I don't dare to compare with that person. There's no comparison between the second largest company in Jiang City and our company."

  Tang Guo laughed and said, "Well, Su Cheng, be more confident. You will definitely—"

  Before she could finish her words, Tang Guo turned to look at Su Orange's face and realized something. She turned her head and looked at the long tree road behind her. A black Mayaba and He slowly drove over and stopped in front of the taxi that Tang Guo had taken.

  Su Yue pinched Tang Guo's hand secretly. Tang Guo immediately understood that she was going to turn around and open the door of the taxi and sit on it.

  "Master, let's go."

  Tang Guoguo guessed that this must be the car of the mysterious CEO.

  The taxi went forward, brushed past the black car, and Tang Guo's figure flashed in the back seat.

  At the same time, through the window, he looked at Tang Guo, who was inside the car, like a sharp sword. It seemed that he was examining her closely. His black eyes narrowed slightly, which were deep and unpredictable.

  Zheng Chuan got off the car and went around to open the back door.

  Su Yu's eyes flashed with amazement when she saw the distance, but at the same time, she immediately hid the smile in her eyes.

  This man, she did not dare to look into his deep eyes.

  "President, this is the vice president of Jin Nuo's Su Cheng. He is also responsible for the transformation of the basement this time."

  Su Cheng smiled and reached out her hand. "President Bo, nice to meet you. It's my honor to serve you."

  He quickly shook Su Orange's fingers and withdrew them. He walked past her and walked into the room.

  Zheng Chuan did not follow her immediately, but chatted with her for a while. Although Su Yuan was curious about this mysterious figure, she did not want to get in touch with him more. She was more willing to talk to this gentle assistant Zheng.

  He went up to the third floor. After changing his clothes, he went downstairs again.

  Zheng Chuan smiled at Su Cheng, got in the car, and left the villa quickly.

  In the car, Boyan suddenly opened his mouth and said in a cold voice, "Check the woman with a big belly."

  Zheng Chuan was shocked. "The woman with a big belly just now?"

  "The president thinks there's something wrong with her..."

  Zheng Chuan didn't know how an ordinary woman with a big belly attracted the president's interest in her.

  "The baby in her belly."

  "..." Zheng Chuan was a little confused. "What does the baby in that belly have to do with the president?"

  For the first time, Zheng Chuan reacted slowly—


  Today, Tang Guo had always felt that someone was following her.

  But when he looked back, he found nothing.

  "Could it be that I started to be suspicious after I got pregnant?"

  After getting off the bus, she walked home with the ribs and vegetables she had just bought. Tang Guoyun smiled slightly, lowered her head and talked to the babies in her belly.

  "Thank goodness you two're here to keep me company."

  Loving and gentle smile, fresh and beautiful.

  The black business car suddenly stopped on the road beside her. Two people got out of the car quickly. Tang Guo was caught off guard. One of them covered her mouth and the other grabbed her feet. The two of them quickly carried her into the car.

  Tang Guo didn't even have time to struggle, and no one noticed it. The car left in dust.


  After getting out of the car, Tang Guo was invited to sit here.

  The milk, snacks, and fruits next to her were placed in front of her. The fruit tray of the fruit was like a work of art in Tang Guo's eyes. From the sofa sitting to the layout and decoration of the living room, it showed that the people here were either rich or noble.

  But there was no reason for such a person to kidnap her.

  After sitting for about 20 minutes, the baby in her belly started to protest. Tang Guo stroked her belly gently, as if trying to comfort them.

  For the sake of the child, she could not be too nervous herself. Only when she relaxed could the children relax.

  "Miss Tang, dinner is ready. Please have dinner first. Mr. Tang will come back after a while."

  A kind middle-aged eldest sister walked up to Tang Guo and reminded her, "Is the child hungry?"

  Tang Guo looked at her. "Big Sister, can you tell me, where is this place? Who's the man you're talking about? Why did he kidnap me?"

  The middle-aged woman just smiled and said, "Miss Tang, please have dinner first. I want to tell you other things after you come back."

  Tang Guo frowned and kept silent. She didn't get an answer, so she just sat there in a deadlock.

  "Miss Tang, the child can't stand the hunger. It's not good for the child to be like this."

  Tang Guo moved her hand on her belly, but she still got up and walked to the dining room.

  The restaurant was even bigger than Tang Guoguo's room. She sat at the table and looked at the different dishes on the table.

  "Miss Tang, this is a nutritious meal suitable for pregnant women. You can choose it at your will."

  Tang Guo looked at these and found that she really had a strong appetite, but she was not so free to fill her stomach.

  Until eight o'clock in the evening, Tang Guo was still waiting absent-mindedly. She forced herself to hold her eyelids, put her hand on her belly and touched it unconsciously.

  Outside the house, the car lights flashed. Tang Guo sat up straight subconsciously and clenched her fists stiffly.

  He opened the door and said, "Miss Tang... she has eaten..."

  The footsteps were neither fast nor slow, but powerful and steady.

  Tang Guo Guo took a deep breath and raised her head to look at the man who was walking towards her.

  It was a very tall man, cool and reserved. His eyebrows were cold and stern, and no one dared to look at him in the eye.

  He walked over and sat down next to Tang Guo, which made her even more alert and stiff—