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Dear, Love Me Gently

Dear, Love Me Gently


When they got married for the first time, the bride was not her. Under impulse, she took the red booklet with the man who met her for the first time. "What are you going to do?" She was blocked in the bathroom. The man smiled slightly and approached her step by step. "As long as you are good, I will never bully you..." "That's a lie!" "My wife has become smart. She knows that I not only want to bully you, but also want to bully you for the rest of my life." "Beast! Ah, don't be here..." He was a giant commercial tycoon who mastered the economic lifeline of the entire South City. He was dark-hearted and decisive. However, he was extremely gentle and doting on her. But when he found out about her secret, he grabbed her neck and gnashed his teeth. "It's you!"
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  "Zi Yu, this is the result of Gu Guan's wedding—your cervical vertebra is shaped. Not only is it not a virgin, but it also has a child."

  Gu Gu Shenwei just returned to the side consulting room and took what he had left. He didn't expect to hear the contemptuous voice of Gu Nuan.

  She raised her hand to knock on the door and suddenly stopped in the air. Her pupils contracted and she suddenly widened her eyes.

  Had she ever given birth to a child?

  How, how could this be possible?

  "That's impossible! You must have made a mistake!"

  Suddenly, an excited voice came from the side consulting room. It was none other than Gu Zheng's fiance, An Ziye.

  Gu Liang's body suddenly froze. "Didn't Zi Yu leave after finishing the wedding test?"

  "Zi Yu, I'm a doctor. How could I make a mistake?" Gu Nuan said angrily.

  "No, it's impossible..." An Ziyu's voice was obviously not as firm as before.

  Gu Nuan took the opportunity to say, "Zi Yu, you've been doubting her for a long time, so I asked me to check it out for you through the wedding test, haven't you? Why don't you believe it now?"


  Gu Gu still felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He could not move at all.

  "Zi Yu has been suspecting me all the time and even asked Gu Nuan to investigate me through the marriage examination? Has he never believed in me?"

  "Zi Yu, do you still want to marry such a Gu Da still?" Gu Nuan asked.

  An Ziye did not answer immediately.

  Gu Shenwei was so nervous that he clenched his fists.

  After a moment of silence, Gu Nuan said anxiously, "Do you still want to marry her? Zi Yu, don't be stupid. Who knows that a year ago..."

  "Shut up!" An Zi shouted hysterically, as if something had been flipped over to the ground by him and made a harsh sound.

  Although she could not see his expression, she still knew him well. His eyes must have turned red at this moment, and he stared at Gu Nuan fiercely.

  Sure enough, she still minded it.

  The word "one year ago" was simply a taboo for him.

  Gu Guan took a deep breath and violently opened the door of the sub- consulting room.

  "What?" An Ziyue and Gu Nuan exclaimed at the same time.

  "Why do you do this to me?" Gu Gu still glanced at him coldly.

  This man should investigate her secretly before they got married.

  Anzi froze and went to the door in a panic. She held Gu Zheng's hand and said, "But..."

  "Why?" Gu Gu still had stubbornness in his bones. He bit his lip and forced himself to look at him.

  "Nevertheless, don't make a fuss! Let Nuan investigate whether you are right or wrong..." An Ziyue explained.

  Feeling the tension in his eyes, the anger in Gu Gu Gu's heart was slightly smoothed.

  But An Ziyan continued, "I know it's not right. But what about you? Shouldn't you give me an explanation?"

  "Explanation? What explanation?"

  "Have you ever had a child? Where did you go when you were missing?"

  An Ziyue's cold questioning made Gu Shenwei's body, which had just warmed up, seem to have been poured with a bucket of ice water from head to foot, drenching his heart.

  She broke free from his hand, moved her lips, and said bitterly, "It turns out that you have never believed me..."

  "I only believe in the facts! The facts are in front of me, and you still want to lie to me!" An Ziyu's voice became excited. "Gu still, I'm like a fool. I've been played by you for so many years!"

  "An Ziye!" Gu Gu still gritted his teeth and stared at him for two seconds, then said as if he was out of breath, "Since you care so much, then we don't have to get married!"