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Urban Soldier-King

Urban Soldier-King


For the sake of their motherland, they had fought bloody battles; for the sake of their brothers, they had fought a life-and-death battle. Now, Asura was hiding in the city of the battlefield. With his two fists alone, he became the protector of the beauties. The Thunderous Flower of the Overlord, the cool and beautiful president, the pure little loli, and the coquettish landlady... flooded in. Wait! You line up first!
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  "Commander, please help me to tell my comrades-in-arms that I, Shi Tian... can't fight side by side with them in the future."

  Shi Tian, with his old military green canvas bag on his back, stood on the train station surrounded by the setting sun, and whispered to his cell phone with a firm look.

  The endless traffic drivers kept passing by him, but no one could shake his tall and straight figure.

  "Alas." The commander sighed on the phone. "I didn't expect that you, the God of Army of Celestial Empire, the formidable Asura King, would be held back by them. If you didn't go to beat Fan Bin at that time..."

  "You're wrong!" Shi Tian suddenly thundered and interrupted the Commander.

  At this moment, there was a monstrous hatred in his eyes. His hand holding the phone suddenly tightened, and his knuckles turned white.

  After he calmed down a little, he said with anger, "If it weren't for Fan Bin's escape, how could A Long die with his skills? Even if the matter goes on again, I won't miss it. But I only hate that I didn't kill him immediately that day. I didn't avenge A Long!"

  "You..." The Commander was a little angry, but he was not angry. Instead, he said helplessly, "You have such a bad temper. You can ignore your life for the sake of your brother. Forget it. Let's not talk about you. But you have to be careful. The Fan family is very powerful. Maybe they will take revenge on you in the future."

  "Hmph, come on. I, Shi Tian, have never been afraid of anyone in this world!" Shi Tian's posture was even more straight, like a sharp sword drawn out of its sheath, revealing its sharp edge.

  "Haha... Asura King is the King of the Asuras. There's nothing I'm worried about." The commander laughed heartily, and the sadness in his tone faded away. "Alright, I won't act rashly anymore. Remember to call me when we arrive at Jiangdu."

  "Sure thing!"

  Shi Tian promised with a smile, then hung up the phone, straightened the canvas bag, and strode on the high-speed train to Jiangdu.

  There were a lot of people in the car, but it couldn't stop Shi Tian's footsteps. Soon he came to his seat near the aisle, but he was stunned because his position was occupied by someone else.

  The person who occupied the seat was a man in his early thirties, dressed in high-end brand clothes. He was chatting with a woman who was sitting opposite him with a smile on his face.

  "Beauty, you are going to Jiangdu, aren't you?"

  "Yes." The woman slightly tilted her head and glanced at the corridor of the carriage. It was obvious that her eyesight did not belong to the other party, so she just answered casually.

  "Me too!" The man was extremely excited and immediately reached out his hand. "Hello, my name is Jia Jun."

  But the woman only said "oh". She didn't even turn her head and didn't say anything more.

  Jia Jun's hand was obviously stiff, and the smile on his face was also gloomy.

  This is a defeat! Shi Tian saw it and secretly shook his head. He reached out and gently pushed Jia Jun's shoulder and said politely, "Excuse me, please give way. This is my seat."

  "Don't push!" Jia Jun shook his shoulder violently as if he had been electrocuted and shouted like he had taken an explosive. Then he leaned his head sideways and snorted. He looked at Shi Tian fiercely and asked, "What are you doing?"

  "Hey, are you trying to vent your anger on me?" Shi Tian was a little displeased, but he was too lazy to argue with him. He took out the ticket and handed it to him, pointing to the seat in front of him. "This is my seat."

  Jia Jun looked at the tickets and glanced at Shi Tian, from Shi Tian's white shirt, to the old canvas bag, and then to the ordinary cloth shoes on his feet. His face suddenly showed a trace of disdain. He curled his lips and said, "Hey, bumpkin, are you also in the high-speed train?"

  With this, he reached out his hand and patted the place where Shi Tian had just touched, just like there were some dirty things that couldn't be seen by others.

  Then he held his neck high and pointed to the inner position with his hand. In a commanding tone, he said arrogantly, "This position is mine. Sit in it."

  Shi Tian's eyes suddenly sank, and as sharp as a blade, he stared at Jia Jun. At this moment, Shi Tian, who had been indifferent just now, seemed to have become sharp, and a sharp aura emanated from his body. He said word by word, "I'm only sitting in my position. Get out of the way!"

  Jia Jun couldn't help but tremble. Somehow, he felt as if he was in hell. He couldn't help but stand up, took a step back with a pale face, and sat down on his own position.

  Shi Tian took a glance at him and then sat down.

  However, at this moment, the woman in front of him suddenly looked at him with sharp eyes, which made Shi Tian involuntarily alert. When he looked up, his eyes suddenly lit up.

  This was a valiant and beautiful woman with white skin and a hot figure. The simple white shirt and blue jeans on her body made her look as cool and refreshing as a girl who came out of a movie from the last century.

  It was just beautiful, but there was a sense of wariness in her beautiful eyes, which were staring at the stone sky.

  "What am I doing? Did I offend her?" Shi Tian looked away with confusion. He reached out and carefully moved the canvas bag on his shoulder in front of him, and firmly guarded it with both hands.

  The beautiful woman's eyes also moved with Shi Tian's movement. Suddenly, she fixed her eyes on Shi Tian's hand.

  Then, the beautiful woman suddenly smiled and stretched out a jade hand. "Hello, my name is Chu Yunfei."

  "He still wants to shake hands with me?" Shi Tian had a strange feeling in his heart. He looked up at the beauty, and then reached out his hand and said with a smile, "My name is Shi Tian."

  They held each other's hands together. At this moment, Shi Tian could clearly feel that the other party was rubbing his fingers on the old cocoon of his index finger, intentionally or unintentionally.

  "What on earth does she want to do?" Shi Tian was even more surprised. He couldn't help but look at Chu Yunfei quickly. Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

  Chu Yunfei's waist exposed a little imperceptible black due to her leaned forward. Ordinary people might not be able to see it, but Shi Tian recognized it at a glance. It was a nine-two type of police pistol.

  It turned out that she was a policeman. She was suspecting me! Shi Tian understood and smiled. He took back his hand and glanced around with his eyes. Then he found several plainclothes policemen who looked alert.

  "It seems that the car is not peaceful!" Shi Tian had a judgment in his heart.

  "Why do you have so many calluses in your hands?"

  Chu Yunfei also took back her hand. She seemed to be casual and asked with a smile, but the wariness in her eyes was deeper. This young man named Shi Tian was not simple. On the surface, he looked ordinary, but there was a strong self-confidence in his actions. When he was confronting Jia Jun just now, his momentum was even sharper. And the old cocoon on his hand seemed to have been left by guns all the year round. Everything was so suspicious that she had to figure out his background!

  But at this moment.

  "There's no need to ask. He is a migrant worker who works hard every day. How can he not be old-fashioned?" Jia Jun, who was next to him, suddenly interrupted.

  To tell the truth, Jia Jun was gnashing his teeth in anger. When he talked to Chu Yanfei just now, she didn't even give him a serious face. But now, this beauty not only told the name to this country bumpkin, but also took the initiative to shake hands with him. What the f*ck, the treatment was also too bad!

  Therefore, it was not easy for him to have such a chance to mock Shi Tian. Naturally, he would not let go of it.

  "Yes, I'm a hard work. But if I don't carry the burden, I'll kill the pig." Shi Tian nodded his head and looked at Jia Jun as if he was looking at a stupid pig.

  "Ha, you turned out to be a pig-butcher..." Jia Jun laughed at him harder.

  But before he finished his words, he heard Chu Yunfei's angry shout, "Shut up! I am talking to him. Why are you bothering me?"

  Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

  His words were like a loud slap on Jia Jun's face, making him blush. He stared at Chu Yunfei with his mouth agape and couldn't speak any more.

  Chu Yunfei glared at this pestering guy again and turned to Shi Tian with a smile on her face again, "We..."

  But unexpectedly, Shi Tian also interrupted her with a chuckle, "Beauty, let's stop talking. I'm a little tired, let's rest for a while."

  After that, he closed his eyes directly and ignored Chu Yunfei, who was also dumbfounded.

  "This damn guy!" Chu Yunfei was so angry that she ground her little tiger teeth. She had an impulse to rush up and pinch Shi Tian's neck to ask him.

  Suddenly, the micro headphones in her ear rang.

  "Sister Yan Fei, I just got the news that a dangerous creature sneaked in. Someone brought a canvas bag with a very threatening explosive."

  Cannon! Buyan bag!

  Chu Yunfei felt a shock all over her body and involuntarily looked at the canvas pack in front of Shi Tian.