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Spoiled by My Emperor

Spoiled by My Emperor


On the day of marriage, An Xiaoxi was brutally abandoned by the dirty man. She didn't expect that she would pick up a fiance when she went out... After getting the marriage certificate with this mysterious man, they lived a dark life without any sunlight. The wall was knocked, the bed was knocked, and all kinds of knocks were made in turns. Her waist was almost broken into two pieces. Looking at someone with a satisfied face, An Xiaoxi gritted her teeth and giggled. Why was she always injured? "Chi Shaijue, I want to divorce you." "Okay, let's talk about it when I've slept." Chi Shaijue doted on her as usual. He walked gracefully to the front of An Xiaoxi and held her in his arms overbearingly. "An Xiaoxi, the whole world knows that I love you very much, but only you don't know, so I do what you know."
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  "Mr. Yi, during the day, are you willing to marry Miss An Xiao Xi in front of you for your legal wife? Do you love her all your life, protect her, live, die, and never give up?"

  In the face of the interrogation of the priest, Hongyi seemed to be a little hesitant during the day. Looking at his expression, An Xiaoxi, who was wearing a wedding dress, broke out in cold sweat. Her lips were tightly closed, and her delicate face seemed to be full of worries.


  "Brother Tianyi won't marry you."

  As the voice fell, An Ruoxi came in wearing a snow-white wedding dress. Looking at her sister's dressing, An Xiaoxi's heart jolted, and it seemed that something was wrong.

  "Xiaoxiao, aren't you sick?"

  An Ru did not answer Xin Qing's question. She gently placed her tiny hand on her belly and lowered her head. She looked like a good girl. A hint of malice flashed through her eyes. When she raised her head again, she smiled sweetly.

  "I'm pregnant, sister."

  This explosive news made An Xiao Xi's eyes wide open. The flower in her hand fell down, scattered on the ground and messy.

  "Ruoxiao, whose child is it?"

  An Xiaoxi's eyes were red, and she stubbornly stared at her sister in front of her. The panic in her heart was getting bigger and bigger. It would not, it would not.

  An Ru looked delicate and pitiful, and tears seemed to fall from the corners of her eyes. Her small face and delicate temperament aroused the man's desire to protect her. She stood in front of her in the daytime and looked impatiently at An Xiaoxi, who used to be her wife.

  "Xiaoxi, come to me if there's anything. Don't make things difficult for me."

  The beloved man protected her sister. Needless to say, An Xiaoxi still guessed it. An ugly smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, with a heart-wrenching pain. This dog-like thing happened to her!

  He looked at his parents. Sure enough.

  "Xiaoxi, go home and talk."

  Li Mei pulled a long face. With an attitude that could not be refused, he said in a distant tone, as if he was a stranger.

  "Mom, I'm also your daughter!"

  In the face of An Xiaoxi's questioning, Li Mei's eyes were a little dodged. At this time, a dignified scolding voice came. "Shut up, don't you think it's not shameful enough?"

  Looking at her father whom she had always worshipped, An Xiaoxi burst into tears and the pain in her heart spread endlessly. She said in a hoarse voice, "Today is my wedding day, Dad."

  Listening to the pleading in her tone, the smile in An Ru's eyes flashed and was very well covered by Liu Hai. She raised her eyes and looked at An Xiao Xi with grievance.


  Looking at her sister's slightly exposed lower abdomen, An Xiaoxi was desperate. She pulled off the bride's veil, and even a few strands of black hair were scattered on the ground. With messy hair, she ran out in despair.

  Outside the church door, the harsh braking sound was turning in the sky. An Xiaoxi couldn't avoid it, so she fell to the ground awkwardly, her arms and wrists had been scratched open.

  Looking at herself in a mess, An Xiao Xi showed a bitter smile. She took off her high heels and smashed them to the luxurious Maserati. The car was broken. Even you bullied me. I hugged my arms and sat on the road, crying in a low voice.

  "It's really not very good at blackmailing."

  A low magnetic voice sounded above An Xiaoxi's head. An Xiaoxi raised her head in confusion and instantly fell into the star-like night sky. Who was he? Why did he have a familiar feeling?

  Looking at An Xiaoxi, who was crying and making up, a trace of distress flashed through his eyes. His heart was at ease. Fortunately, she was fine, and fortunately, she was not married.