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Hunt Your love

Hunt Your love


At the age of 18, she had unknowingly pestered an old man at the middle-aged man's level. At the age of 19, it was unknown whether she had conquered her uncle or the uncle had conquered her. At the age of 26 years old, she calmly looked at the middle-aged man who walked over with the cute girl in his arms and smiled. "Don't you owe me a little too much explanation?" The middle-aged man said, forbearing his anger. "That must be because you are not charming enough. You can't seduce me to tell the truth." She smiled in a bad way. On that night, she was seduced by the 360-degree, all-out, all-directional, and all-directional, blind corners. If love came to an end, it would be as brilliant as a flame. Then, even if it was a moth to the flame and betrayed the whole world, I would still want you.
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  In the main bedroom in black, white and gray color, there was a man with sexy figure lying on the big bed. Because of relaxation, his shoulder blades were not as tight as usual. His three-dimensional and deep facial features looked much more relaxed in the slight exposure of morning light.

  He breathed evenly, his thick eyelashes, his thin lips, and his tall nose...

  Her slender and strong arms were buried under the soft pillow. Perhaps it was a dream, her eyebrows were occasionally locked, and she turned over impatiently.

  The silk covering his body slipped down, and his thin waist suddenly appeared, and his plump buttocks were partly hidden and partly visible in the white silk quilt...

  It was so sexy that it made people's nose bleed.


  "It's really exciting..." A frivolous female voice came.

  The tall figure, with her bright facial features, had a kind of charm that did not match her age. The corners of her eyes were flowing, and the corners of her mouth were slightly curled up, which were extremely charming.

  Her boneless little hand stroked the man's back little by little. There was a hint of flirtation in her fingertips, but her eyes were fixed on the man who was sleeping soundly in the early morning flirting.

  "What's wrong? You seduced me in the early morning?" The man's voice was low and hoarse, with a lazy voice that had just woken up.

  But he didn't loosen his grip on the woman's wrist. With another push, she had already been taken to the bed.

  The tall and strong figure pressed her under her body in an instant. Her slightly narrowed eyes were shining, and the corners of her mouth were closed slightly. There was rare tenderness and love in her eyes.

  "Can't I?" The woman smiled and asked.

  "Of course." The man gave a short chuckle, which was very pleasant.

  The woman was a little stunned, but this kind of emotion quickly disappeared in the sparkling eyes.

  The next second, her attractive lips were eager to kiss the man's thin lips. They were twisting and turning, and her lips and teeth were gently biting the man's mouth. She couldn't help but tremble.

  The man's jaw was covered with stubble, which was like a prank. He rubbed the woman's tender skin and pressed the naughty man on his body with his big hand. Their bodies were closely matched with each other through the silk straps.

  That touch of hotness was obvious.

  "Is the girl as anxious as you?" The man asked again.

  "It's not the first day you know me. The first day I met you, I wanted to throw myself at you." The woman answered.

  Then, there was another short chuckle.

  She didn't know whether it was because of what she said or the woman's eager action at the moment.

  "Well, you are laughing at me again!" The woman was a little shy and annoyed.

  "Yes!" The man did not deny it.


  The woman's eyebrows contracted slightly, and she did not say anything. But her lips and hands did not stop moving. The man's thin lips gradually overflowed with heavy breath.

  One of them was absent-minded, and the woman took the initiative.

  She sat on the man's body and looked down at him. She didn't stop moving her hands, and there was some temptation in her eyes.

  With a slightly scornful look and a touch of his body, the seductive lips had fallen into the man's ear. He said with seduction, "Do you want it?"

  The man's face was not obvious, but his heart was surging, and the desire to be aroused was surging.

  Her sharp eyes were slightly narrowed. She just looked at the little woman sitting on her body. They were ten years younger than her. Compared with her, she was twenty years old. In his opinion, she was no different from a little girl.

  But this little girl was so hot that it seemed that she would take the initiative that belonged to a man at any time in such a love affair, which did not conform to the disposition of this age.

  It was like poppy, sinking and sinking. He knew it was an abyss, but he still couldn't extricate himself from it.

  "Little slut." The man smiled.

  "Women are not bad, and men don't love." The woman replied sharply.

  The man chuckled again.

  "Ah..." The woman suddenly exclaimed.

  The next second, the man regained the initiative... In the big bedroom, the only things left were panting and screaming, as well as the spring light and the mist that had been left in the room.

  After passion...

  The woman lay lazily on the man's body, picking the muscular chest of the man with her fingertips. The original desire and smile on her little face had disappeared quietly.

  But the man didn't find out.

  The man patted the woman's butt gently and said, "Get up and have breakfast. I'll take you to school."

  "Okay." The woman did not object.

  Half an hour later.

  The steady black Land Rover slowly drove out of the villa and headed for the A city center.

  "Wait for me tonight."


  It was a very conventional conversation, but the woman's hand that was opening the door was stunned. She did not speak, nor did she nod. Then she opened the door and went out, and closed the door.

  The man held the steering wheel with his slender hands and looked through the window at the woman's leaving figure. He didn't drive away until the figure disappeared.

  Three hours later, a message came from the man's mobile phone.

  "The game is over."

  It was sent by a woman.

  The man looked at the message and frowned for ten minutes. When he called back, the number was already empty. The man's palm clenched, and he wanted to leave. He opened the office door and quickly walked into his secretary.