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Sweet Wife in My Arm

Sweet Wife in My Arm


On the night of her 18th birthday, she was framed by her fiancé and sister, and she brought the media reporters to catch them, so she lost her reputation. In order to revenge, she had to hold a big leg. One night, Yan Beichen stretched his leg in front of her with the most shining golden leg in An City. Ji Zetong, who was drunk, looked at the long leg in front of her and was furious. "Not rough at all!" In the next morning, Yan Beichen stretched his leg again in front of her. "Is it rough?" Ji Zetong asked.
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  Hot, it was so hot.

  She felt as if she had been thrown into a desert under the scorching sun, and her entire body was hot and dry.


  At three o'clock in the morning.

  The lights in the luxury presidential suite suddenly turned on. At the same time, a few people rushed in from the outside of the bedroom. Several cameras aimed at the bedroom and there was a fierce snap.

  On the messy big bed, the girl was sleeping due to exhaustion, and the torn skirt under the bed, as well as the green purple kiss marks on the naked arm and flesh of her shoulders, all showed the madness of last night.

  The camera's flash was so dazzling that the girl's eyes felt uncomfortable, and then she slowly opened her eyes.

  Before she could react, a figure flashed in front of her.

  Last night, her fiance Xia An, who was attentive to her at her 18th birthday party, rushed up with a fierce face and slapped her in the face.

  "Bang!" A loud sound was heard.

  Xia An cursed with disgust, "You b*tch, how dare you fool around with another man behind my back!"

  There was a burning pain on her cheeks. In an instant, a red palm print appeared on her face.

  Mu Zetong pinched the quilt tightly with both hands and slowly raised her watery eyes. She looked at Xia An, who was sitting by the bed, with a strong anger in her eyes.

  "Give me the medicine!" Mu Zetong stared at Xia An's eyes.

  Xia An was her fiancé and the person she trusted the most. She didn't expect that the person who stabbed her in the heart was him.

  Xia An turned her head away uneasily and did not dare to look directly into Mu Zetong's eyes. She looked around shrewdly and asked, "Where is your husband?"

  As soon as he came in, he didn't see any other men.

  Last night, he arranged two cowes for Mu Zetong. Unexpectedly, Mu Zetong didn't go to the guest room he arranged. After adjusting the monitor, she found that Mu Zetong broke into another room. Later, a man entered the room and didn't come out. Although the process was different from what he expected, the result was the same.

  "I should ask you, Childe Xia!" Mu Zetong said coldly.

  No matter where the man went, his goal had been achieved.

  Xia An looked at Mu Zetong mockingly and said, "Mu Zetong, I thought that you would admit your mistake after doing something wrong, but you actually poured dirty water on me, saying that I will drug you. I, Xia An, will never have a female watch full of water and flowers and a full mouth of lies."

  Xia An turned around and looked at the reporter behind her.

  He raised his hand firmly and said, "I, Xia An, hereby declare that from today onwards, the marriage between me and Mu Zitong will be canceled."

  After that, Xia An left with the reporters.

  Before Mu Zetong could recover from the chaos, her cell phone suddenly rang.

  It was grandmother's phone.

  She quickly adjusted her mood and called out sweetly.

  "Hello, grandma..."

  A strange female voice came from the phone, "Hello, the owner of this mobile phone has just had a car accident. Please come to hospital immediately."

  Mu Zetong didn't know what to say.


  Three days later, in the cemetery.

  Dressed in black and white, Mu Zetong knelt in front of her grandmother's tombstone for a long time and did not get up. Looking at her grandmother's portrait on the tombstone, Mu Zetong felt deeply guilty and self-blame.

  Three days ago, her grandmother had a car accident. When she arrived at the hospital, she was out of breath.

  The servants at home said that before grandma had a car accident, someone had called her and told her that something had happened and asked her to go out. As a result... there was a terrible disaster.

  However, there was no call record on her phone.

  Who on earth called grandma?

  All the guests had left the cemetery. A girl in a plain white dress stood behind Mu Zetong with a smile.

  "Even if you can't kneel down for a long time, your grandmother won't be alive again." Mu Yuqing's words were sharp.

  Mu Zetong even turned her head lazily, but her eyes were as cold as frost. "Mu Yuqing, she is also your grandmother. You should be more respectful when you talk to her."

  Mu Yuqing was the daughter of her father and Madam Mu. However, Madam Mu was not her mother, but the mistress of her father's mistress. After her mother died of illness, she was promoted to the position of the wife.

  Mu Zetong's lost younger brother was two years younger than Mu Zietong at the age of three, while Mu Yuqing was only one year younger than Mu Zietong.

  But grandma was extremely protective of her. After her mother died of illness and Xiao San became the main wife, she was faced with the vicious treatment of her stepmother. It was grandma who protected her and protected her from the Mu family.

  "Grandma?" Mu Yuqing's beautiful smile was a little ferocious. "When did she treat me as her own granddaughter? In her heart, I only have you, my granddaughter. Why? Obviously, I'm also her father's daughter."

  Mu Zetong didn't say anything.

  Mu Yuqing chuckled and said, "But, it doesn't matter now. She's gone. Ah, I forgot to tell you that my father has made up my mind. Because your private affair with a man in the hotel has been spread out. You disgraced the Mu family, humiliated him, and caused the stock price of the Mu's Group to drop. Therefore, he wants to send you abroad to fend for yourself. He has already booked the ticket for you this afternoon."

  "Moreover, Childe Xia and I will be engaged in a week." When saying this, Mu Yuqing's face was full of pride.

  Mu Zetong's face stiffened.

  Oh, this was the reason why Xia Wan'an betrayed her. After Mu Yuqing's mother became the main wife, Mu Yuqing became a daughter of a famous family. Mu Yuetong was just an orphan without any support. All smart people knew how to choose, but they didn't expect that they would use such a despicable means.

  Mu Zetong bit her lower lip. "So, on the night three days ago, you and Xia An worked together to design the medicine for me."

  Mu Yuqing pointed a finger in front of her lips as if nothing had happened. It seemed that she was very nervous, but there was no fear on her face.

  "Shh, don't be so quiet. It will be bad if others know it, ho ho..." Suddenly, Mu Wanqing sneered with a cold face. "Even if Childe Xia and I set you up, do you have any evidence? If there is no evidence, he can't accept your appeal."

  Mu Zetong's hands clenched into a fist, and the joints of her fingers became a little white due to anger.

  "By the way, there's one more thing!" Mu Yuqing added fuel to the fire. " Thirteen years ago, your brother heard that you were waiting for him in the park, so he was really stupid. Unexpectedly, he didn't come back."

  Mu Zetong's whole body froze as she looked at Mu Yuqing. Hatred filled her chest. "It's you."

  Looking at Mu Yuetong's furious face, Mu Yu Qingqing's smile was particularly bright. She took two steps back at the right time to prevent Mu Yuetong from suddenly rushing towards her.

  She had predicted that after Mu Zietong went abroad, she would not be able to survive. That was why she dared to say all of this.

  "Alas, Childe Xia asked me to watch a movie together at night. I have to go back and dress up. My parents are still waiting for me in front. Sister, I'll go back first. I won't send you off if you go to the airport in the afternoon."

  After that, Mu Yuqing shook her charming waist and gracefully left.

  Mu Zetong stared at Mu Yuqing's back, her eyes bloodshot.

  She vowed to destroy everything that Mu Yuqing had. Sooner or later, she would destroy everything she had.