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The Truth About Camelot

The Truth About Camelot

Author:Emily Maine


Each family must give 1 child where eligible. The soldiers scatter and i pull Cressida Behind me as she Screams Noooooo I look to my farther as sheer horror fills my face. I stand strong and give him a nod as a soldier takes my arm and pulls me away. My farther screams out and begs for them to not take me. I shall be ok Farther send my love to mother and look after Cressida.
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My story starts out I guess like any other.

Once upon a time a man and a woman fell in love, except with my parents their love was the ultimate taboo, you see my parents were gods. And gods are not supposed to love and pro create without blessing, for it could risk upsetting the balance of power and undo all of creation.

Well hindsight is a glorious thing isn't it.

So you see my mother is Dementia of the earth, no I'm not Persephone I came after I'm the one they don't talk about.

My farther we'll he's Poseidon of the sea.

My parents built their love over time I guess after mum lost Persephone to Hades Dad was who she turned to and well before you know it their head over heals for each other.

They knew what they were doing was wrong, being that two ultimate powers combining has the power to create one of the most powerful forces the universe has ever known since the titans. But they really didn't think it through I guess, until oh shit mum finds out she's pregnant with me.

Well they couldn't risk anyone finding out so they had to come up with a solution, getting rid of me wasn't an option for them but releasing me into the universe wasn't either.

So they decided they would find a way to bound me to mortality form, where I would be cursed to live on earth life after life, immortal yet mortal. They found a special gem stone that they would use as an anchor to harbour my power, this would mean without that stone I would be completely un able to access any bulk of my power, and with it I could still never reach my full extent of my power. Well mum and dad thought they had this one all figured out, but then the realisation came that with their godly duties they couldn't raise me, I mean how were they supposed to hide me it would be impossible and with every curse there is always an undoing so Zeus would go mental if he knew of my existence. So they decided they would transfer me into a pregnant woman in a village just north of Athens. This way no one not even me would be the wiser. They cast the stone out into the fates of the universe so that it would find me when the time was right. And so with all in place they could only sit back and watch as their taboo creation was unleashed onto the earth.


Well I guess I better explain the full story on how I came to be. An un expected child brought onto a poor mortal family wile my real mother and farther would watch from afar. My name is Elena and this is my beginning.

A cool breeze blows through the curtains into the small hut that night and a woman wakes suddenly.

Theron: Clare what is it ?

Clare: I don't know. I just felt the breeze and then felt a sharp pain.

Theron: is it the baby as it coming ?, are you alright my sweet?

Clare: oh I'm sure it's nothing I'm fine now, perhaps it's just some of dinner upsetting my chest.

Theron: not long now my dear and the gods will bless us with a magnificent child.

Theron slides his arm around Clare's enlarged belly gently rubbing his hand over her numb and kissing her sweetly on the back of her neck, sleep now my dear you need to rest.

With that Clare drifts back to sleep and they slumber back into the calm night.

Morning comes and the air is crisp and the sun is blissful.

Clare: what a beautiful spring day it is my love. Are you still going to the market to get some supplies to finish building the crib for the baby ?

Theron: yes dear I shall pop in after some eggs and I shall let the sheep out to the grazing pasture. You really are glowing today brighter than usual.

Clare's cheeks flush with a red tint and subtle smile gleams across her face.


I returned home from the village with my supplies to finish our future child's cot, as I walk through the door Clare is at the stove cooking what seems to be some type of stew. I walk over to her after setting down my supplies and gently stroke her back with my left hand as I place a soft kiss on her cheek. She returns my gesture with a sweet smile.

Clare: how was the market my dear did you get everything you need.

Yes I sure did, I got the nails and some more planks and I shall ensemble the cot tomorrow,Theron reply's.

As we sit down at our small table to eat our supper and overwhelming pain strikes me through my back, I let out a sharp gasp, Theron races over to me and asks if I'm all right.

It's the baby. It's coming, go for Mrs Adamos.

Theron races outside and mounts our horse and gallops off the the neighbouring farm to retrieve Mrs Adamos to assist with the birth.

When Theron returns with Mrs Adamos, I am by this point ready to push.

Mrs Adamos rushes to my side. "Breath my dear it shall be alright now pace yourself "

Theron dabs my forehead with a damp cloth as he holds my hand.

The pressure is extreme I feel as though with one more push I may just split in two.

Within a few more moments that seem to feel like hours I felt the release.

" it's a girl " Mrs Adamos hold up the child as Theron grabs a blanket to wrap her in and he brings her to my arms.

She's so beautiful, so perfect.We should name her Cressida.

Theron: it suits her well.

Moments later I'm struck with another shooting pain.

Arrrr what's wrong I scream to Mrs Adamos

" I believe their is another baby Clare!"


This labour seems much faster than Cressida, within a few short moments and few few pushes the baby is born.

"A twin sister Mam"

Mrs Adamos hands me the baby girl and I look into her eyes, and she stares back up to me with so much wonder.

Theron leans over my shoulder and gently kisses me on the face letting out something between a small laugh and a cry.

"She is incredible he exclaims"

Theron: let us name her Elena. For she shines brighter than the sun it's self.

With a gentle laugh Clare agrees and smiles.

Clare: yes that shall be their names Cressida and Elena. Our sun and stars.





Over the next few years my sister Cressida and I would grow closer playing in the fields and laughing and giggling as we did our chores.I looked very different from my family, I had long golden hair yet my sister and mother had chocolate brown as well as my farther. Mother just said it was because the gods blessed me to shine as bright as them and blessed my sister with the kindest soul in all the village. My sister was forever bringing home animals like birds with broken wings and trying to mend them.

We were about 15 years old when the Romans came to our village.

Romans think they are entitled to everything.

Cressida, and I were at the Market when they came that day. A lord came in with many soldiers. I grabbed Cressida's hand and pulled her slightly behind me. I was always protecting Cressida from harms way, weather it was from other kids who would poke fun or taking the blame for the time she accidentally let the sheep out.

The Lord positioned himself in the middle of the square with his soldiers. I knew this meant he was about to announce something.

I swallowed hard feeling like a Stone was travelling down my throat this wasn't going to be good.

"I am a Lord Artemis of Rome I am here on behalf of the Emperor of Rome"

"I have been sent to collect 1 child over 12 years old from each family for the service of Rome"

"Each family must give over 1 child where eligible"

The soldiers scatter and I pull Cressida behind me as she screams Noooooo

I look to my farther as sheer horror fills his face. I stand strong and give him a nod as a soldier takes my arm and pulls me away. My farther screams out and begs for them to not take me.

"I shall be ok farther send my love to mother and look after Cressida"

Cressida screams out tears flowing down her cheeks.

Within moments the air is filled with the sounds of screaming parents and the sobs of children pulled from their parents as we are loaded onto a wagon and begin out voyage for Rome.

It took us three months to arrive in Rome where we where sectioned off into different units the boys were sent into training to be soldiers and the girls off to be various maids for the Lords and generals among other high ranking officers.

I was assigned to General Lucius.

He was young probably around 19, I would say he came from a wealthy family judging by the position he held at his age and the gold attached to parts of his armour.

He was beautifully handsome, he had short dark brown almost black hair, his body looked of prime fitness and strength with incredible biceps from what I could make out from his uniform. His eyes we're a deep hazel that when I caught a glimpse of them they stared into the depths of my soul.

"You girl" Lucius called out pointing across to me.

Yes sir

You shall come and serve me personally.

I nodded my head and followed him to his tent as the day was coming to and end.

When we reached his tend we entered and I began to help him out of his Armour. Once that was done I went to check the temperature of the bath water and add more hot water to bring up the heat. As I turned around General Lucius began to take forever the remaining clothes, I was bedazzled I had never seen a naked man before and I stood in ore of his perfection of physical form for a moment before quickly turning around so that I could no longer see all that he had on display.

A chuckle left the general and he walked over to the steaming tub of hot water and entered in lowering his body submerging himself in the water.

"Have you never seen a naked man before he asked me ?"

No sir I haven't I said as I knelt next to the tub and grabbed the was cloth and began rubbing it along the back of his shoulders.

"Well you should keep your innocence hidden if that is so, it can be a dangerous thing in a place like this you know"

Yes sir I replied, careful not to show my embarrassment stricken across my face.

Once General Lucius was done bathing I stood in front of the tub holding a large bath sheet stretched out for him to wrap himself with to dry.

I kept my eyes forward careful to again not glance down to see all he had to offer.

I then turned my attention to setting up his meal and a glass of wine.

Once he was done eating and I had cleared away his food he waved me off to return to my maid quarters on our camp. I climbed into the thin bed and dozed off quickly after eating the food left to me that was provided, bread and stew.

I dozed off quickly and began to dream of home, I could almost touch my family, laughing and riding through the fields with my sister, a warm embrace from my farther, the soft kiss of my mother, oh how I missed them but at least they were safe.