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The Power of Water

The Power of Water

Author:Rose Chase


A vampire named Siren has just turned seventeen. Along with her birthday comes the responsibility she has the clan leaders only female child, and thus heir to the leadership role of the clan.The twist? She has more than the usual powers of vampires. And those powers could get her killed.
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  Siren smiled at the only family she had ever known. They were gathered around the table as she opened the presents from each of them. From Uncle Fredrick there was a live bird...he liked to drink his blood fresh and assumed everyone else would too. The vampires around her had their quirks, and her mother was no exception. She would preen in front of a mirror, as if fixing her appearance even though she had no reflection. As a result the birthday present from her was a hand held mirror from centuries ago.

  Along with the change in her age, Siren also was expected to begin training under the Lady Della to succeed her as the next Primus. She dreaded the idea. She hated that she and her clan of vampires had to drink blood in order to live. She hated that every mirror and camera said she didn't exist. She hated hiding in the dark. She had never felt sun on her skin. She had never had the chance, her mother hiding her away to prevent the sizzling that exposure to sunlight would cause. She hated the way she had to live, but for her there was only this one life. She had always been a vampire. And would be one until her body decayed from centuries of use. She felt like a coward and a prisoner. But neither could be changed.

  Especially not now. She sighed inwardly.

  She was finally seventeen.