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Moonlight kiss

Moonlight kiss



It is a story of a young girl who has an unusual friendship with the school basketball captain who is the most attractive boy at school. admist obstacles and difference in social status the friendship opens a way for love go bloom between them on her sixteenth birthday where he decides if she's he's type
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  Tris stood up to get ready for school when she remembered her dream the night before.she smiled as she folded her clothes thinking of the passionate kiss she shared with fola.Only if it could happen in reality she sighed as she wore her recommended glasses.she went downstairs to greet her nanny and have her breakfast before getting her backpack and heading for school. She lived in the posh neighborhood of magodo and she resides in d estate but she loves walking to school instead of using her driver as she got to think and also exercise.she was dark in complexion and very tall With a slender shape but she was nothing like the slay queens of her school.Actually,she was the school brainee andshe loved it.Her mind wandered to the dream she had as she smiled once again reliving every moment.

  Fola was her biggest crush and her best male buddy since she joined the school at the beginning of the semester.she was used to changing school a lot and she never had crushes since she never talks to anybody. But fola was different. He was the only one apart from moyo her bff who welcomed her and made friends with her the other students were snubbish and proud without realizing that she was the only child of a multibillionaire.she was the only one always walking to school so everyone accepted that she was a pauper.she couldn't care less cause she never liked anyone of them but well except fola and moyo.She paused to get some pencils at a vendor in the front of the school when she saw him.

  He was taller than tris who was 5 feet 6 and he towered over her he had long thick lashes and long legs to die for.He was dark in complexion and was very handsome.he was arriving at school with a Mercedes Benz the latest model when many girls rushed to him and blocked her view. The vendor woman could see who she was staring at and she smiled at tris knowingly.Tris was about to enter the school gate when she heared her name.she looked back to find fola shouting her name to the dismay of the other girls.she waited for him until he got to where she was and he greeted her good morning. She couldn't help but smile at him as he was so nice to her. "What's making u happy this morning "he asked as he rested on the wall ."Nothing " she replied as she realized he caught her smiling."oh ure admiring my good looks right "he said sheepishly as he entered the school with her."keep wishing lover boy" said tris as she started walking to her favourite spot where she normally meet up with moyo."Hey I need to borrow ur assignment" fola asked for the third time that week to the dismay of tris.she frowned as she scolded him.You need to stop borrowing my assignment fola.she said as she sat down on the bench in the garden.fola sat down beside her and she felt choked with feelings sitting so close to him and she could smell a whiff of his Cologne. It was intoxicating to her and she closed her eyes to savour the moment completely lost in her imagination.tris tris fola called as he realized she had slipped into her daydream again