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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love



Suzianna is a young female who became Prince Vincent's servant but as the story goes on. Prince Vincent ends up falling in love with Suzianna against his father's wishes. Except Prince Vincent didn't care what his father thought so he ends up being with her and they get married. But the real question is "does prince Vincent get to still be King with his servant as his wife or does he forfeit the crown?" You will have to read the actual story in order to find out.
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  Prince Vincent was soon to be King, his father found a young beautiful lady to become Prince Vincent's servant. She was forced to do anything the prince wanted her to do but he knew she was a sensitive and scared female so he was a lot more gentle to her than his own father was. Prince Vincent did not like how his father treated her so he would hide her if he thought his father was being to rough with her. After many years of her being around, he soon fell in love with her. He wanted nothing except for her to be his wife. They both would sneak away so they could be together without the king knowing what they were doing.

  Prince Vincent knew that he would have to tell his father but he didn't want to be King unless Suzianna becomes his queen but she knew he would have to make the choice so she decided to leave and never come back. She figured it would be best for the both of them if she just left then he wouldn't have to make that choice at all. So she packed up her stuff, left a note for Prince Vincent to find and then she just left without a word to anyone. When Prince Vincent went up to her room to see her, she was gone. He found the note that read:

  "My love,

  I'm sorry but I had to go. I didn't want you to have to choose between the crown and me. This is best for us both then that way you can be King and be able to live your life without your father knowing what was between us. I love you with all my heart and I wish we could be together forever but we just can't. I'm doing this for you so please don't come looking for me. You have more important things to worry about than me so live your life and be happy. It's just best that we went out seperate ways. I'm sorry that it came down to this and I truly love you. There will never be another like you.

  Yours Truly,


  After he read the note, he was determined to find her. He refused the crown and went to look for Suzianna. His father wasn't impressed but he accepted his sons decision and hopefully someday his son will return. His father did tell him that if he came back with Suzianna that he refused to bless him because he does not believe in marrying a servant. Vincent didn't care what his father believed in or not. He soon left the castle in search for his one true love, Suzianna. He was determined to find and marry her no matter what his father said. He didn't love anyone else but her. As he was in search for Suzianna, he soon came across a village of people that he knew nothing about. When he got to the village, he introduced himself to the people living there but none of them seemed to want anything to do with him. Vincent wondered why they didn't like him. They refused to even talk to him at all. No matter how many times he tried to get them to answer him.

  So instead of staying, he continued his search for Suzianna after he ate and drank some food and water. He left the village, hoping to find his true love sooner than later. She meant everything to him. He couldn't lose such a wonderful woman like her. He needed to find her and fast.