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My Lovely CEO Husband

My Lovely CEO Husband


"Take off your clothes, or I'll do it." asked Henderson Falcon. That's the first thing Samantha Jackson was commanded to do after she became his bride. So humiliated... In fact, Samantha was sent to the Falcon's family by her father only to seek financial help for his company. None here respected Samantha. She was only regarded as a tool to chase away the bad luck for her husband, the man she never met... But Samantha had heard about his bad reputation. It was said that Henderson was a ruthless devil, who had killed a lot of people. Being terrified, she was pushed into his room... She was so surprised that a murderous devil was such a handsome man! She never thought that she would survive under his hands. She never imagined that Henderson would punish the whole Falcon family for her... Samantha was deeply attracted by him. Until one day, she found out about his secret...
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"Miss Jackson, please take off your clothes," the old servant said with a cold expression and drooping eyes. A hint of impertinence laced her words.

Samantha Jackson bit her lower lip, "Why do I have to take off my clothes?"

The servant smiled and said with slight contempt, "Madam has spent a huge sum of money on you as a good-luck bride, you won't turn down this little inspection, would you?"

Her face paled, then it flushed red. Feeling embarrassed, Samantha tugged at the corner of her shirt. "I... I've never had a boyfriend before..." She said.

The servant acted as if she did not hear Samantha, however, and she said in a tone of impatience, "Hurry up, Madam is waiting for my return."

Samantha bit her lip so hard that it almost bled.

Just before the previous day, Samantha was the second daughter of the Jackson family. Even though she was not favored and was often bullied, Samantha had never suffered such humiliation before.

She had always known that her father, aunt, and sister disliked her due to the fact that she was her father's illegitimate child. But she did not expect that in order to fill the lack of funding for Jackson Pharma, her father would opt to sell her off as a young bride to another family for good luck!

Before leaving her house, her sister Wynette Jackson even went to see her in person to warn her about her future husband being a murderous devil.

When it came to the Falcon family in Jangley City, everyone knew that they have been strong for centuries and dominated the fate of country A. Henderson Falcon, the head of the family, was known by outsiders as "Master Falcon". As for those rumors, he was described in all kinds of diabolical manners. He was a murderous, deceitful, and ruthless devil.

People would run and hide at the mention of his name, and so the idea of someone marrying the fiend was impossible. That was why, when the elderly madam of the Falcon family was looking for a candidate as Henderson's good-luck-bride after a serious injury, Samantha was chosen.

Jackson Pharma needed money, and the Falcon family needed a young bride. It was a good bargain and a pleasant business between the two parties. However, on the first day Samantha arrived at the Falcon house, she was taken into a dark chamber to go through a physical examination.

The servant was getting irritated at her reluctance. She frowned and exclaimed, "Miss Jackson, I have reserved your dignity by addressing you as 'Miss'. Now, don't act so pampered like a princess! I know exactly what kind of person you are! I don't want to do this anymore than you do! Who knows how long you're going to stay alive? Master Falcon has taken many lives, who knows when your turn would come..."

"Say no more," Samantha's voice was low and soft, and she spoke with a faint Southern Jangley accent. Her tone was so gentle that it would make others feel charmed. "I...I'll strip," she said.

The servant raised her eyebrows and sneered as she eyed the young girl up and down casually.

It had to be said that Madam of the household has a very exceptional taste when it came to choosing a young bride. Samantha's small face, about the size of a palm, looked innocently sweet. Her eyebrows were particularly beautiful, like peach blossoms in the rainy spring. Her eyes were as clear as glass, bright, and without any impurities. Her delicate skin was the color of cream, almost as soft and bouncy as milk pudding.

Not to mention that she was only 18 years old and was still a young girl. If she managed to survive, she would undoubtedly be the most captivating creature in this country!

Samantha's fair and slender fingers hovered above her shirt buttons. Just as she was about to undo them, a voice suddenly yelled from the outside, "Auntie! Madam orders you to bring her to Angelfalls as soon as possible! It seems that Master Falcon is losing his life!"

The message stunned Auntie for a moment, then she replied, "But I haven't examined her body yet..."