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Love Beyond The Contracted Marriage

Love Beyond The Contracted Marriage


Before getting married, Xia Chenxi thought that she was just a decoration at home, and the contract could be divorced when it was expired. After getting married, the arrogant Lu Daosa wanted to spoil her, and finally made her realize that it was easy to get off the car! The promise not to touch her was fake! Not only did she have to fulfill her duties as a wife, but she also asked her to give him an heir. After pregnant, Xia Daxia became crazy. "Did you agree to divorce me in the future? Why did you let me take your child? You even tore the contract up!" Lu Yu Ting said solemnly, "Why did I have to divorce my wife?" "Why did I have to marry her?" "
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  "Zihan, I don't want to marry Lu Yuiting. He's like a piece of wood. If I take off my clothes and stand in front of him, he can still keep a straight face and ask me to leave... He won't raise it!"

  "I can't help it, babe. He pointed out that he liked you, and I couldn't rob him. If not, I would have broken up with Chenxi long ago. Your sister is really boring. She and I have been together for almost three years, and she didn't even get on the bed! Come on, let me kiss you. Before the wedding car arrived, let's make out first."

  Then, the men's heavy breath and the women's delicate breath continued.

  Xia Chenxi, who was standing at the door, froze. Although she had no actual combat experience in this field, she knew something. The man and woman in the room had obviously begun unspeakable exercise.

  The point was that the man inside was her boyfriend, and the woman was Lu Yuiting's bride, and also her sister...

  Xia Chenxi carefully turned her head and looked up at the man next to her. The man was about 1.8 meters tall, 20 centimeters taller than her. His perfect facial features were three-dimensional as if they were carved. His sexy thin lips were compressed lightly, without any raised radian.

  For this brother-in-law, Xia Chenxi felt stressed every time she met him. The way he looked at people made Xia Chenxi feel that he could see through everything. Everyone was transparent in front of him.

  It seemed that he had noticed Xia Chenxi's sight. The man tilted his head and looked down at her from a high position.

  The moment they looked into each other's eyes, Xia Chenxi was so scared that her calves were shaking.

  "That's... that look!"

  What she feared most was that her brother-in-law would look at her like this! It seemed that her clothes had no ability to hide their shyness in front of him. He even knew what style of underwear she was wearing! There was no small secret at all...

  Xia Chenxi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stepped back without any trace. She forced herself to meet the deep eyes of the man. "Brother-in-law, don't be angry. I just can't figure it out. She must love you in my heart!"

  Lu Yuiting's sexy thin lips opened slightly, and his tone was obviously mocking. "Do you believe that?"

  Xia Chenxi, who saw Lu Yuiting's smile for the first time, almost cried with grievance. It was beautiful for her brother-in-law to smile, but... why did she feel that she was finished? Obviously, it was her sister who gave him a green hat, not her!

  "I... I believe it!" Xia Chenxi opened her eyes and lied. "As long as you take out more time to accompany your sister after we get married, she will definitely not... be like today."

  "Do you think that I will marry her?" Lu Liting narrowed his eyes and looked at her as if he was looking at an idiot.

  Just as Xia Chenxi felt wronged, the man in front of her had already opened the door of the dressing room...

  The two men in the dressing room did not realize that they had forgotten to lock the door when they were doing things. Suddenly, they heard the sound of opening the door and were shocked.

  Xia Wanrou screamed, "Ah! Who is so rude to come in without knocking on the door?"

  Xia Chenxi felt that her family was going to be finished. If she annoyed Lu Yuiting, her whole family would have to sleep on the street.

  When the two of them saw Lu Liting who came in, they both felt that something bad was going to happen.

  "A Ting, listen to my explanation. It's all a misunderstanding!" Xia Wanrou's face turned pale and she hurriedly walked toward Lu Yuiting. "I was just confused for a moment. The person I love is you. Don't leave me..."

  "The wedding will continue."

  Xia Wanrou breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that. But at this time, the man said in a cold tone, "The bride is replaced by someone else and let Xia Chenxi marry her."

  Xia Chenxi, "...???"