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You Are the Boss, My Dear Wife

You Are the Boss, My Dear Wife


"I accidentally got pregnant, and the child was still Feng Yan, the most powerful man in Rong City. What should I do?" Yu Mu'an said, "Hit it! The head can be cut off, the blood can flow, the child can't stay!" He wanted to fall from the stairs, but Feng Yan held him. He crazily ate crabs, but Feng Yan was not allowed to eat meat for a month. In the intense activity in PE class, Feng Yan immediately fired the PE teacher to punish Yu Mu'an... Yu Mu'an didn't succeed in getting rid of the child. Yu Yan said, "Do you want to take the child away and leave Yu Yan'an's chin." Yu Yan asked Mu'an."
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  The dazzling chandelier above her head, the pungent smell of disinfectant, the white wall, the white gown that was walking back and forth... For Yu Mu'an, who was physically physically and had never lived in the hospital, everything in the operating room was so fresh and curious. Yu Mu'an thought, if she were not the person lying on the operating bed, she might excitedly look around in the operating room.

  "Break your legs." The chief surgeon ordered. There was no emotion in his cold voice.

  Yu Mu'an came to his senses and his face became a little pale, but more of it was shame and guilt. She breathed a sigh of relief and slowly separated her legs. Although she was still covered with the surgical cloth, her lower body was still very cold.

  "Let's split up a little bit more." The doctor urged again, as if he was a little impatient. "When the time comes, I'll do more than a dozen people's daily surgery. Don't be shy. I've seen too much."

  Yu Mu'an didn't forget to make fun of him until he died. He stared at the ceiling and said, "But it's my first time to do it. How can I have the nerve to do it?"

  "I know I'm shy at this time. Why didn't I think of it when I was pregnant?" The doctor didn't pay for it.

  Yu Mu'an's heart was smashed into pieces by her words. She suddenly bit her lip and raised her hand to touch her lower abdomen.

  Who knew that she would have a baby! A month ago, she lost her virginity and even had a baby! What was even more hateful was that she didn't even know who the child's father was! She didn't know! Was there any moment in her life that made her crazy more than now? She had to do an unspeakable operation in an extremely shameful posture...

  "Take your breath. It's going to be anesthesia soon." The nurse said to Yu Mu'an, pushed the anesthesia machine over, fiddled with the strange machine, took off the mask, put it on Yu Mu'an's mouth, and turned on the machine. "You just need to continue breathing."

  On the other side, the chief-blade doctor was already holding a knife and sharpening the knife. Everything was ready.

  Yu Mu'an was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, obedient. She tried to take a few breaths, but did not feel anything unusual. She just felt that her body became lighter, but her eyelids became heavier...

  "My child, mother is sorry for you." Yu Mu'an closed his eyes and muttered in his heart. Although he had no feelings for the baby in his belly, after all, it was a small life that was connected to his own child. If he really wanted to give it away, he would feel guilty and uneasy.


  Just as Yu Mu'an's thoughts were drifting, as if he was about to fall asleep, he heard a loud bang and opened his eyes again.

  Everyone in the operating room was shocked. Yu Mu'an couldn't help but lean his body. Separated from the mask, he asked in a muffled voice, "Is there an earthquake?"


  As soon as he finished speaking, there was another "bang" sound, as if he was outside the door. Yu Mu'an looked at the door after he realized what had happened.

  The chief knife doctor hurriedly asked a nurse to open the door, but before the nurse could run over, the door of the operating room was knocked open from the outside. The next second, more than a dozen strong men in sunglasses ran in. Yu Mu'an was so frightened that he shrank his body and pulled out his mask.

  "Who, who are you?" The doctor with the main knife held the operation clip in his hand and retreated shiveringly. The others also huddled together to hide. The bodyguards were expressionless and did not speak.

  "Please..." Yu Mu'an lay on the operating bed, shouting in his heart, "You white-robed angels have forgotten your patients..."


  In the silence, a steady footstep came into everyone's ears. Everyone seemed to perceive something, holding their breath and waiting attentively, while the group of bodyguards bent down.

  After a while, a man came into sight. The man had a strong aura. He was tall and in good shape. His short hair fluttered slightly with his pace. His face was carved and angular. His tall nose, thin lips, especially his eagle eyes, seemed to be able to see everything.

  He walked into the operating room and became the most shining king. The momentum that controlled everything attracted all the people's attention.

  Yu Mu'an looked at the man blankly. He raised his head and looked up. Before he could recover from the handsome look of the man, his somewhat numb head was flashing with red wine and green wine...

  "Drink, drink! Keep drinking..."

  "You are the man I like..."

  Yu Muxi's nerves twitched at the same time. She thought of the night a month ago when she was blaming Lu Li like a nightmare. The dew sticks were crisscrossing and the lights were dim. There was also an absurd lingering night after she got drunk. Could it be...

  The man's thin lips slightly opened, staring at Yu Mu'an on the hospital bed. He frowned slightly, and his voice was low and sexy, but with a trace of anger. "Has the operation been completed?"

  Yu Mu'an was shocked and quickly stretched out his hand to pull the surgical cloth to block his calf, and then shook his head.

  The man saw Yu Mu'an's movements and snorted disdainfully, but he said, "Very well, take him away."

  "Take, take her away?" The chiefaber doctor stepped forward and said, "But..."

  The man's eyes fixed on the doctor. "Whoever dares to abort the baby in her belly, I dare to cut off the head of anyone."

  Yu Mu'an took a breath of cold air. Before he could react, two bodyguards surrounded him, supported her arms from left and right, and dragged her down from the operating bed like a chicken.

  "Ah! Let me go!" As soon as Yu Mu'an straightened up, he shouted feebly, "I didn't wear any clothes!"

  The man subconsciously looked at Yu Mu'an. Sure enough, the surgical cloth was cut off from Yu Mu'an's body. She was only wearing a loose shirt, wrapped in the corner of the cloth to her butt, revealing her slender and straight legs... The man's eyes were deep, and there was a fire burning in his heart, as if he was back to the lingering night. The warm and blurred touch made him unable to stop.

  But it was this woman who kidnapped his daughter and ran away. It was easy to find her!

  "I'll wrap her up."

  As soon as the man gave the order, several bodyguards picked up the operation cloth and wrapped Yu Mu'an into a rice dumpling. Without leaving any meat, they carried Yu Mu'an and walked out.

  "Ah! Hello!" Yu Mu'an lay on the bodyguard's shoulder and gave a soft punch and kick. "Who are you? Let me go! Help! Help! Help!"

  "Don't make a noise." The man said harshly, following behind Yu Mu'an's bodyguard. He just looked up at Yu Mu'an. Yu Mu'an suddenly lost in the man's deep eyes. From his dark pupils, he saw his flustered image. The shouting in his mouth gradually weakened, "Who are you? You are kidnapping! Where are you taking me?"

  "I'm the baby in your belly... father." The man raised his eyebrows, full of power.

  Yu Mu'an's pupils trembled. Sure enough, her feelings just now were right! It was indeed this man!

  "Bastard! You bastard! I'm going to kill you!" Yu Mu'an's anger was aroused and he waved his arm again. "You hooligan! I can't protect you! I'm going to kill you! Let me go! Let me go!"

  The man nodded slightly. Yu Mu'an didn't prepare well and was "raped" by the bodyguard. He almost fell down before he could stand firm.

  "Do you still want to kill me with your current situation?" The man snorted and stepped forward. He reached out and wrapped his arms around Yu Mu'an's waist. His arms were like bronze walls and iron walls, holding her.

  "Who the hell are you?!" Yu Mu'an asked, gnashing his teeth.

  "Feng Yan."