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Only Sweet Love

Only Sweet Love


After a well-designed match, she married her beloved man. "Xia Yunfei, is this what you want?" He went up and imprisoned her under his body. "Well, I'll satisfy you." He was angry with her scheming and turned into a ferocious beast, plundering her all the time. She had intended to torture her, but why was she unable to extricate herself from it? "Damned woman, did you cast some magic on me so that I could eat so much marrow that I was reluctant to part with you?"
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  In City S after the heavy rain, the air was unusually fresh and pleasant. Even the fever that had been high-temperature for many days was relieved, which made people feel much cooler.

  The luxurious Maybach shuttled through the continuous traffic, adding a bright color to this afternoon's city.

  The man in the driver's seat had a handsome face that was full of anger. At this time, his thin and cold lips were tightly closed, and his deep eyes exuded a strong anger.

  He had never expected that his couple of funny grandparents would pay attention to him again after he set up his parents' marriage.

  The car stopped at the intersection of a traffic light. He was so annoyed that he kept honking the horn. He changed his gentlemanly demeanor and became ill-bred.

  He was right. His marriage was going to be dominated. If he could continue to stay calm, he should be a weirdo among the alien species.

  He took out his cell phone and dialed a group of numbers familiarly. As soon as the other party connected, he immediately launched an attack. "Where are you? I'll go right away. No matter how big the matter is, I'll put it aside first."

  "I'm in the magazine? What happened?" Xia Yunfei felt a little uneasy, because it was not difficult to tell from his tone that he was very angry now, but she didn't know what kind of connection he had with her.

  "Wait." After finishing his words, Mu Zixuan hung up the phone immediately and galloped toward the biggest magazine star in City S.

  He only knew that she was hired to this magazine after returning home, but he had never seen her before.

  An Yunfei bit her lip and inexplicably felt a little impetuous. Because of her worry about the unknown situation, her face looked very pale.

  Knowing that Mu Zixuan was coming to find her, her heart was full of mixed feelings. After all, this was the first time they had seen each other after four years.

  Standing in front of the company's building, she kept walking back and forth, trying hard to suppress the excitement and uneasiness in her heart. She was thinking about how to greet him later. Was it more suitable to be gentle or free?

  With a harsh braking sound, the black Maybach stopped in front of her. In less than two seconds, a handsome face jumped in.

  "Why did you do that?" Mu Zxuan asked aggressively when he opened his mouth and looked at her with unbridled eyes. He didn't expect that she had changed a lot after so many years. First of all, she was much more mature.

  "What?" Xia Yunfei frowned in confusion. It had only been more than a week since she returned to City S. She shouldn't have offended his young master.

  "Don't pretend to know nothing about me. It's you, isn't it? You asked your grandparents to tie us up." Mu Zixuan looked at her with disappointment.

  They grew up together and were supposed to be a good brother and sister. But since he knew that she had a crush on him a few years ago, he refused her without hesitation. And she also went to other places. He thought that she had let go of her feelings for him when she came back this time, but he didn't expect that she would eventually fall into endless darkness.

  "Brother Xuan, can you explain it clearly? I really don't know what you're talking about." The more Xia Yunfei listened, the more confused she became. She didn't know why he was angry. She hadn't seen him for a few years. He seemed to be more charming and compelling, but he still didn't think he was right.

  "Xia Yunfei, if you continue to pretend like this, it will be boring. Do you dare to say that you know nothing about our marriage?" It was precisely because he had received the marriage certificate photos taken by his grandmother that he rushed to find her to confirm it.

  "What marriage certificate? Brother Xuan, can you explain it clearly?" Xia Yunfei frowned deeply, because his accusation confused her very much.

  "Hehe! Did I make a mistake? Or did you change too much? This acting is really like that."

  "But no matter what, I will never admit this marriage, so you'd better give up early!" Mu Zxuan sneered coldly, with a hint of contempt on his handsome face.

  "Marriage? Do you mean that you and I have been married?" Xia Yunfei tried to organize his words, and finally understood something. But did he make a mistake that he was completely confused now.

  "As for this, didn't you design it?" As soon as she returned home, something like this happened. If it had nothing to do with her, she would not believe whatever she said.

  "Do you really think so?" Xia Yunfei bitterly pulled the corner of her mouth. Yes, it was true that she loved him. Even after so many years, her heart still didn't let him go, but it didn't mean that she could let him slander her.

  "Don't try to shirk the responsibility. If you don't give your grandparents your own ID cards and household registration books, imagine how we can become husband and wife."

  Although there was a saying in the world that 'a man with money can make a fool of himself', there were still some documents that were still complete.

  "This..." Xia Yunfei bit her lip. Her own ID card was indeed asked by her father to go there, but he said it was used to license her new car, but he didn't say it had anything to do with marriage.

  So in this moment, she really didn't know how to explain for herself.

  "What? You don't have anything to say, do you?" Mu Zixuan looked at her aggressively. Compared to a few years ago, she was more capable. He didn't know if it was because she wore professional suit.

  "I'm sorry! I really don't know, but please don't worry. I won't let you go because of this." It was true that she loved him, but this forced marriage was not what she wanted, so she had to figure out the ins and outs of it first.

  "I hope you can do what you said." Seeing that the other party had always been a good-tempered person, Mu Zixuan's tone became much softer. Wasn't it the so-called "the one who reached out and hit the person who didn't slap the face"?

  "Brother Xuan, we haven't seen each other for a few years. Is this the only thing you want to tell me?" Xia Yunfei's heart seemed to have been crushed by a car. She had never thought that after a long time of separation, they would be in such a relative situation.

  "At first, I could have treated you as my younger sister, but you've been dreaming of something, so you should have expected such a result from the beginning." Mu Zixuan looked away. Although his family and his family were old friends, he hated this kind of marriage the most. A few years ago, he had already made it clear to her that she still didn't give up on him.

  "No matter how you slander me, I haven't done anything outrageous to you. If you want to prove my crime, can you show me your marriage certificate?" Xia Yunfei was a beautiful and elegant woman. What kind of real nobility could you see on her?

  "If that thing was in my hands, I would have dragged you straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Why should I stand here and argue with you?" It was precisely because he didn't know where the marriage certificate was, that he was so angry. After all, even if he wanted to break the marriage, he had to have that thing in his hand.