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Tragic love

Tragic love

Author:Angel Cj


She loses hope in love when her lover cheats on her. Cecil comes into her life and rekindles her hope in love again. But they break up again some weeks before their engagement. She leaves the country and discovers that she has an illness and has some few years to live. She decided to go back to her country so that she could see him for the remaining days of her life. Her last two years to live becomes a fifty plus more lives to live... and with her love.
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  "Wow dad, this place is like heaven!" "My daughter I can't believe this is how you are. Our house was always like heaven to you but now this school is the heaven," Paul said to his daughter and wiped a nonexisting tear. "No I didn't mean that dad. Is just that this school has a beautiful environment. You know me and my terms, right?" "Is okay, let's go inside. You are not going to study outside". After passing through all the necessary formalities, a girl was dispatched to send her to her class. "Class we have a new student, here come and introduce yourself," the teacher said staring at her. "Um.. I'm Angeline Darcey, hope to get along with you all," she said and sat at where she was told to. After her introduction, they just sat there staring at her. She was indeed a beauty because she stripped off the title of 'school belle' from Freda Mo the moment she entered the class. Because someone shouted, "so beautiful just like Athena. She is beautiful than Freda Mo". Just then almost everyone shouted their approval. The teacher who introduced her had gone out and there was no teacher in the class. Angeline sat there with her head bowed in shyness when she felt a deadly gaze piercing through her. She turned and saw a girl looking at her as if she wanted to kill her and guessed immediately that she was Freda Mo. She noticed that the girl who brought her to the class was sitting behind her and turned around to speak to her. " Is that Freda Mo?" Angeline asked gesturing with her eyes."Yes she is, you should probably stay away from her. She is pretty mean," she said. "Yeah I guess so," she agreed.

  Soon it was recess so everyone started to move out of the class and Angeline was no exception. However before she could make her way to the door, she was stopped by a firm grip on her wrist. She turned around and she saw the person she had expected. "Well pretty face, you just came to this school and you have decided to ride on my coattail," Freda said with a look of disdain. "Freda please leave her alone. She didn't do anything to you," the girl who brought Angeline to the class, Alice Thompson stood up for her. She looked at her with a grateful look and said, "Is okay, she does not deserve any apologies. Just because am the new girl means I'm dumb". When she said that, the remaining people in the class all turned to look at her with shocked looks including Alice." Oh look you still have the guts to speak. You are just a pretty face but you can't beat me in beauty", Freda said boastfully. "Right I can't beat you in beauty but I can beat you in brains. I'm a pretty face with brains unlike you. I wish all those people you claim to have passed in beauty donate a little of their brains to you.. Alice let's go", Angeline mocked and then left the seething Freda with Alice to the cafeteria. Freda stood there with an embarrassed look whilst all of the people in the class were laughing at her. " Angeline Darcey, I'll make sure you never know happiness in this school. You realize that you have made a mistake after I finish dealing with you, " Freda cursed and grinned evilly.