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Rai young a middle class beautiful girl with brilliant intellect after entering the investigation department becomes an UNDERCOVER. In course of her journey as an undercover she falls in love with the son of the criminal Reforms him to live a better life gets romantically involved with him and finds out a lot of evidences through him incriminating his family and other antisocial elements.
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  The sun had gone down yet there remained a hue of light people from all walks of life started pouring on the streets within the vicinity of the circular road.

  A feminine, gentle looking rich girl Rai walked into one of the restaurant and sat silently on the corner seat she started observing group of young people hanging out, their faces. It seemed to be full of light and quench in course she went into the flash back thinking of her own days as student she used to often visit the place with her parents to sometimes celebrate and at other time to visit the 7th street of the road to pick up books with her best friend Emir.

  Just as Emirs name come to her mind her face instantly turned pale and blank she became over powered with sadness the calmness on the face had disappeared into thin air heart started to sink and her body became cold and stiff, it had been 3 months since Emir dead body had arrived.

  The whole scene of that day once again started to rewind in her mind. The people from the police department had arrived with his body they kept him in the courtyard of his house.

  She heard them telling to her father that it was due to the accident near the circular road.

  That day Emir had gone to the circular road to pick up some books for Rai and he never returned with the book it was only his body wrapped in white cloth which had arrived.

  Rai wanted to see his body but she was held back by her mother. She could only hear from the faint voice coming from the crowd of the neighborhood saying that “it hardly seem to be an accidental death it looked more like a cold blooded murder”.

  But no one seemed to argue about the real cause with the police.

  After 4 hours of official formalities, the body was taken to the crematory for the last ritual. Rai was not allowed to go although she wanted to.

  After few days there was mourning ceremony Rai went up to the stage to speak about her best friend she stood besides his photo and all she could say was that “I hope he should never have gone to pick up those books…” , then she hurriedly rushed to the door and sat on the bench outside.

  Rai was brought back to her senses by the sound of the waiter her whole body by this time was drenched in sweat and her face wet with tears. The waiter offered her water and tried to console her by his words. Soon she looked up she saw everyone looking at her with deep eyes she was somewhat disgusted as she was about to stand her eyes suddenly caught her mothers eyes. It seemed she wanted to hug her and burry herself in the lap of her mother but she stayed still.

  Her mother had tears in her eyes she wanted to hold Rai but she could hardly move she stood still soon she looked at Rai’s cloth she was dumbstruck her expression change and she moved away. The only thought that plagued her mother mind and emotion “how could she become so insensitive just for money she left everything.”

  Her mother was shocked to see her transformation right from her dressing to her attitude and manners everything had changed she looked very elegant and luxurious.

  In the midst of the a well built man walked up to Rai and told her in clear tone “madam the car is waiting for you Mr. Martin has arrived.”

  Rai looked at her mother and hurriedly followed the man to the door.

  Mr. John Martin was a man in his sixties and was the owner of the Martin group. He was one of the richest and the elite person in the town of Francis. He was sitting on the back seat of Ford mustang.

  The man who had arrived with Rai opened the door and asked her to be seated in the back seat just besides Mr. Martin.

  As Soon as the driver started the car Mr. Martin in harsh voice told Rai that it was the last time that she dared to venture out purposeless in the streets as long as she was interested to do the job she had to maintain the decorum. Instantly stated that

  “I was for the last time trying to revisit my old life…” she was instantly interrupted by Martin he grabbed her wrist and looked into her eyes and said “dare not disobey, you know the consequences.” His cold and deep face looked quiet dreadful she was frightened by his looks as she was not allowed to react until her life was as threat.

  After this Rai sat silently her heart was racing she was going to enter a very important at the same time most adventures phase of her life. This was the last chance of getting all that she wanted so she should not at all dare to destroy every thing with her actions.

  Somewhere in the corner of her heart she felt sorry for her mother but she was held bound under the contract.