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Mafia king babies

Mafia king babies



Will star be the woman Santiago wants or will she be just another fling find out what happen next in this story ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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I’m headed to work being a waitress is not an easy task I enter the hotel and change into my work clothes and started out my shift for the day my day have been going great till I was called to serve table 15

I walk to the gentlemen’s Took their order and left when it was time i serve them they dishes when I was about to leave, this hot tattooed guy called me.

I turn around and listen to this man I swear to God this

Man is so hot I was nervous he asked me where is the nearest bank now i came back to reality

“I’m two blocks away from here you will find the nearest bank but there are other banks in town Are you new in town?

This guy just looks at me and smile now my cheeks are burning red I need to calm down

“Oh no am not just have an emergency need to do some transactions ASAP that’s all but thanks again

“You welcome if that’s is all you guys want then I will take my leave

“Yes that would be all for now but wait I didn’t get your number

“I’m Starllet or u can call me Star

I left the tablet I can still feel his eyes on me I ran to the wash room to wash my face bcuz am losing it

“I need you to find out all you know about this woman and get to me I can’t place my finger on it but this woman is special I need the information by today

“Okay boss I will get to it now but what do you really need this for if I may ask, “just do the damn job that’s all

“I wash my face and head outside my friends are just about to go for lunch when Mia asked me if I had llunch already

“Well no not yet was about to go out for lunch

“Well girl you just in time Star let’s go to this new restaurant down the hill I heard they got some good sea food

“Oh yeah I love sea food let me change into my clothes will meet you outside I change my clothes and meet the girls outside until I saw him again and there he was with the sexy smile he pass me like he didn’t just spoke to me until I see Nikki eyeing him

“Girls his hot give me 2 days and I will get me some dick from this hot guy

“Nikki can’t you keep your legs close for once not all men will fall for you girl.

“Mia you just upset I got the hot body and the men are after me but you my friend you got no men at your feet

“I rather have no men at my feet than all the stupid men in my pants

“Girls that enough let’s go eat

The car Santi was driving had left what is it with this man didn’t he just spoke to me now he passes me straight oh well who cares

Santiago Romero pleasure meeting you I won’t fall for your charms you look like a player.