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Double Heir

Double Heir



Andre zhu has been raised in the farm his whole life. Now that he is going to be in college, he ventured into the city where he will discover adventures of student life and uncover secrets that may lead to his real identity as an heir to a regional conglomerate
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  Andre’s shift at the Dianji University school cafeteria had just ended and he was walking to Starbucks for his afternoon shift. It is just one of his many after school jobs which he took to support himself for his college education. He has to work a lot of jobs and thus extending his college education to six years. His parents can only afford to send money for his dormitory rent and tuition fees. Whatever was left fo the measly amount he receives every month would go to his food which could barely fit for his weeks allowance. So he resorted into working many odd jobs to earn extra money for his expenses.

  As he was near the restaurant, he somehow got the feeling that he is being watched.

  “I must be getting paranoid. I don’t get enough sleep so I see and think about things that are not even there. Since I only have one assignment for tomorrow, it would be good if I sleep early tonight”.

  “Hey Jenny”

  He greets Jenny Lin, his fellow part time worker who is also a college student attending another university.

  “Andre you’re just in time. We are quite packed today. Hurry Up”

  Jenny said to Andre with a smile. They have both been working at Starbucks for a month and they have been helping each other out. They were in charge of cleaning the tables, but they also assist the customers needs.

  After a couple of minutes in his duty, a familiar face enters. Andre’s eyes light up, it is his girlfriend, Selena Lim.

  “Hi I didn’t know you’ll be coming over. I haven’t seen you for a week”

  He rushed over to Selena, grinning like an idiot at his girlfriend. He did miss her so much since he has been working overtime the past weeks, he did not have time to eat with Selena. She looks so beautiful today he told himself. She was wearing a D&G shirt and tattered Zara Pants. Her Autograph high hills, blood red manicured nails, and Michael Kors handbag completed her look.

  Selena pushed down her Rayban to her nose and looked at him with a blank expression.

  “Move” was all she said to him as she catwalked towards the counter, scanning the menu.

  “C’mon my dear, I’m sorry I was busy with work. Tomorrow it’s payday so I can take you to the mall and buy you something at H&M”

  “Andre, we are over and done. I don’t want to be bothered with you ever again. Get out of my sight” Selena said through gritted teeth.

  “What? You’re joking. Your jokes are always believable” Andre laughed nervously. “Ill buy you that shirt at H&M and that dress at Uniqlo, since I don’t have to pay for our project until next month”.

  “I’m not interested with your cheap clothing brands. I’m with someone else now and he is taking me to shop at Coach later”.

  And just on cue, a hand slid on Selena’s waist. Andre looked at the newcomer dressed in Lacoste shirt and pants and Hush Puppies loafers.

  “Why is he bothering you?” the guy asked Selena. “Go away you have a lot of tables to clean. How can this fine establishment hire lazy wait staff.”

  “Honey, it’s just a guy from the university, he’s so into me but I was like I don’t care” Selena replied while kissing the guy on the cheek.

  “How can someone so poor like you be interested with a beautiful girl? How can you pay for her needs, work yourself to death? You can even barely buy yourself a proper shirt. I am Jeremy Huang and you think you can steal girl from me? How shameless can one get”

  Andre looked like as if he is about to answer back when his manager approached them and made him cleans the tables.

  “I’m sorry Mr. Huang, I assure you our personnel will not bother you in the future. Please enjoy your time”.

  “Better make sure of it. You can get me a caramel frappe venti and a mocha cookie crumble frappe grande” Paul said to the manager as he sneered towards Andre.

  Andre has cleaned three tables and felt like he’s about to cry. Selena is his first girlfriend and he was unceremoniously dismissed from her life like she didn’t care for the relationship that they had. For two months, Andre has to cut back on his snacks just so he could have enough money to spend for her.