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Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies

Author:Malik Suhaana


On First Day Back At Work After Her Exhausted Vacation With Her Boyfriend Nila Lane Learns That Her Boss Has Quit And He Has Considered Adrian Rocha For This Job Who Is Not Only Her Ex Coworker, Ex Lover But Also The First Person She Fell In Love And He Broke Her Heart Without Knowing It. Now As He Is Near Her Will She Be Able To Keep Herself Distant From Him Or Again Make The Same Mistake For Falling For Him..?
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  It’s been five months I have started dating Roger. Everyone was surprised when we started dating.

  Roger is a dependable and financially stable banker. He looked like a potato with long legs and balding potato head.

  Instead of his low attractive personality I still think of him as a nice guy. It’s been five years I am still trying to keep myself together. A lot happened these last five years left job, heartbroken and sisters unexpected death.

  Since then, I always tried to keep my distance from people never open up and show them my fears. Maybe that’s the reason I had dated a lot of boys called as “rat-bastards” because everyone was interested in one thing and I was not really bold to sleep with someone just by knowing their first name.

  Nothing worked for me then I met Roger, he is totally opposite from what I dated before I hoped this change will be better but who knows a guy who seems to refer himself as a “nice guy” turns out to be a rat bastard too.

  I found that two days ago when I decided I had enough and went to bed early and he went out to get a lap dance on the StRIP and well, I guess those dancers can spot a sucker a mile away because a lap dance lead to a blow job and a blow job lead to who knows what else was on the menu and the dancer turned out to be a hooker.

  And how do I know all of this.?

  Because at four am he came stumbling into the room and went straight to the shower crying his damn eyes out.

  When I asked him “what’s wrong?”

I thought may be he was mugged at gunpoint

he told me everything that happened Okay not everything.

  I stopped him at the blow job part I was really disappointed by him how could he do that to me in the very first place.

  But atleast he has told me the truth by being honest with me he could have hide it if he wanted but he didn’t do that because of it I slightly felt happy maybe this time I had made the right decision by dating him.

  However, I thought next day when he will be sober he will realized his mistake and everything will be fine.

  Instead, what happened next morning was officially the end of us.

  Next Morning while I was having breakfast he woke up with red and swollen eyes because of hungover and crying last night.

  I handed him a cup of black coffee so that he will feel better and we can talk about what happened.

  I stand by the side of bed waiting for him to apologize but he acted like nothing happened and switched on the tv ignoring me completely.

  I stared at him hands folded and said “ Can U Explain Yourself Last Night.? “ He looked at me made a disgusting face while sipping his coffee and then he yelled at me “ I didn’t Know She Was A Prostitute I Thought She Was Being Nice “ I looked at him with shock I didn’t mind him yelling at me because his voice is always too loud when he speaks but what disturbed me the most there was no hint of guilt in his eyes.

  I looked and sneered at him “ Stop Fooling Me! If Anyone Is Nice To You It Doesn’t Mean She Is Willing To Sleep With You At The Very First Chance “.

  He was silent for a moment and then said “ I was drunk I didn’t know what was happening at that time”.

  Oh wow! What an explanation just because he was drunk he is allowed to sleep with anyone and also can justified himself on it. I have had enough I did what any sensible person would do.

  I got another room

  In Another Hotel

  The only thing I could not fix were the flights back to Honolulu. They were all booked which is not surprising for November. If you have Ever wondered where the people who lives in Hawai go on vacation, it’s Las Vegas! The money, the glamour, the lights, the chaos, the dry desert air - it’s pretty much everything you start craving when you have been in Hawai too long.

  Which is why Roger and I decided to go to Vegas taking our first vacation together Ofcourse it also ended up being our last.

  I was so much upset because of what happened I didn’t have any appetite at all. That night, I went straight to the hotel bar and then I proceeded to get drunk. After I got drunk I kept thinking of Roger’s explanation I thought maybe after being drunk I can also hookup with any random boy but no matter how much I tried I couldn’t get anyone from bar.

  Being disappointed I went back to my room changed my clothes and as soon as I lie down I fell asleep instantly.

  “ Skip the dinner lets go Back first “

  A warm whisper came to my ear I turned around and saw the handsome man wearing Black Trouser and Red Sweater with matching red hat written Merry Christmas on it. It was his First Christmas party at the hotel since he started working here 6 months ago Everyone around is wearing red clothes with Merry Christmas Written on it.

  I looked around and Nodded at him he took my hand and we went to his room He asked me while unlocking the door “ You Ready For It.? “ I blushed and Nod.

  As we entered, he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and said in his sexy and deep voice “ Let’s start I cant wait to be your first “

  We were naked under the sheets he kissed every part of my body which was so gentle that melted my heart..