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After love

After love

Author:Adity Oberoi


Adity Obero and Aditi Agarwal got married without any kind of feelings for each other, after their marriage they get to know that both haves feelings for someone else, while these type of misunderstandings, both come to know that the situations are becoming worst because of their family members and business partners
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Adity Oberoi was sitting with his friend at the night, friends of him are laughing and talking about this special day, THIS SO CALLED SPECIAL DAY.

One of his friends told to Adity, "Bro, today is the most special day for you, aren't you happy to see that you are finally going to mingle from single" all of them laughed and cheered up for the wedding day. But, Adity just smiled bitterly, he wasn't thinking that the day of wedding is anything special to him !

Meanwhile, Akash gave him a cup of alcohol, "bro take this, this is the last party of yours as a single haha.

Adity oberoi resisted to drink it, and said calmly, "No ! I cannot drink this !" Everybody watched him carefully, then akash asked him with curiously, "bro, you don't wanna drink this ! Just because you will ruin this night ! Ahh that's the matter I got it."

Adity annoyed but still, tried the best to calm down and said in a sarcastic voice, "none of your business."

Prakash said with a naughty tone, "ohh none of our business, that's true it is all about you two !"

Adity was really very annoyed to hear things like that, because it was showing that they are gonna be life partners after all, and the fact is that, Adity didn't want to be, and he knew that either Aditi wanted to be ! So why is this all happening ? Just because their family wanted ! Ohh my god, this is not fair at all.

Akash said with a smile, "bro enjoy the day, you are lucky who is getting wife like Aditi sister, she is very nice girl after all, expert in everythin !"

After akash, suddenly Prakash spoke, "hmm ! That's true, she is one of the very intelligent girl I know, you are damn lucky !"

Adity was again annoyed, huh this guys, this guy Adity, is really very bery Annoyed, but there is no other choice, rather to be married with Aditi.

After they talked for a while, Adity Oberoi's mother, Supriya Oberoi came to there, and watched them all with a surprising face, then shouted on Adity, "ADITY ! didn't you got it yesterday ! I said you to not drink alcohol at least today !" Everyone was stunned hearing this, suddenly all of them hide their bottles of alcohol, then Supriya Oberoi came near to them, and watched Adity, he was sobber, Adity saw her mother standing next to him, he didn't pay attention to her, definitely he was sad and feeling bad because of his family, they forced for marriage after all !

Adity replied without seeing her, "I didn't drink a single drop of Alcohol mom ! You know that I have promised you ! How can I ?....." Everyone was silent Adity again spoke, "mom ! I am not the one, who break their promises, but you know what ?"

After speaking these words he stand up and watched her mother with full of hatred and spoke, "I wish ! I really wish, if I was one of them who break their promises, At least in that case, I would say that I don't wanna marry at least."

Then he got out of the room with full of anger, everyone was quite, including Supriya Oberoi !

It was sarcastic answer, and Supriya didn't expact Adity to speak with her like that, in front of his friends, it was really very very insulting for her, but more than this, she was feeling bad for her son.

She didn't want to force him after all, but there was no choice, they belonged from a family who don't break their promises in any case.