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The world’s end

The world’s end



The world is struck by yet a another pandemic and with this situation, even with the latest tech like Saber, Cloud busting as well as cloud seeding to control the weather; all failed. Even the richest people like Ricardo are investing their fortune to either save themselves from the associated famines by either fleeing to a safer place or by building ships to take them to outer space station. With Ricardo his family of 2 daughters and 1 son and their beaus and Ricardo’s wife Rihanna, how are they going to survive? Will they make it or this is really the end of the world.
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  It is year 2060, all have been stable, the world had it equilibrium set after the last pandemic of COVID-19. There was no more difference in the world pre and post COVID, except for the fact that people still were wearing masks and were using the ancient Indian skills of greeting like Namaste. And people trying to explore more of the Indian culture.

  The U.K. was not that something untouched. Every part of world including China and Japan was following either its older tradition or the tradition followed by the older Indian generations. Minimalistic life was a new norm. People were happy. They were contented even with just the basics of food, shelter, clothing, electricity and information connectivity. The news channels were more governed by broadcasting authority to make sure no false information or hate mongering is going out. There were no protests and all were considering it as the best times of their lives

  They have all the latest equipment not concentrated on weather forecasting; data was modelled to predict on the weather, famine and even looking at not only for cyclones but also for wildfires and tornado as well as blizzards. The human have thought they now have the control over the climate as well as control over the nature and can harness its power at their will

  Little did they know what universe was planning.