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My Naughty Wife

My Naughty Wife


My boyfriend Leo died. But somebody covered the truth of his death. For justice, for love, I decided to revenge for him. I applied a job to be a maid of Raymond Stenson, the billionaire CEO, the only son of the president of Chamber of Commerce, who was the one that altered the truth of Leo's death. Getting close to Raymond was my only way, I worked hard as an undercover. I rubbed his back in a bathtub, I watched him getting naked in front of me, I tolerated when he touched me. But apparently Master Raymond wanted more than just flirt and touch. "What if my order is, you come and make love to me tonight?" "You..." "Don't you value your job? Then do as I say." I was lost...what the choice would be? To sacrifice my body to another man? Would Leo forgive me?
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The extremely luxurious bathroom was designed in European style, with crystal chandelier and relief sculptures on the walls. Every detail was exquisite and perfect.

Lesley Gates placed water in the large bathtub and walked down the stairs. Standing two meters away from the bathtub with her head down, Lesley Gates was waiting for Master Stenson to come in to take a bath.

Thinking that she would face a naked man later, she was extremely nervous.

It would be fine if she just served him to take a bath, but who knew if he would suddenly become beast-like? He was tall and strong, what if...

No, he wouldn't. The women who wanted to climb into Master Stenson's bed came to him like a flock. He was so picky about women, so he would definitely look down on her.

She did't want him to take a fancy to her either.

Raymond Stenson walked into the bathroom without looking at Lesley, which made her slightly relieved.

He stretched out his hand to the button and naturally took off all his clothes in front of her, and his clothes and pants were scattered all over the floor.

Lesley didn't dare to look at him at all. She bent down to pick up his clothes, put them in a specified place, and then returned to her original place.

Unconsciously, her face was covered with a blush.

Without knowing when, Raymond's eyes stopped on her uneasy face, and then to her hands that were constantly stirring, and the corners of his mouth raised an unknown radian.

"Come here and wipe my back." He gave her an order.

Lesley silently picked up a towel and walked up the stairs. She tried her best to calm herself down...

As soon as she touched him, he suddenly turned around, and she was so scared that she almost threw the towel away.

"Look at me!"

There was an irresistible force in his voice.

She looked at him in panic and found that his deep eyes seemed to have magic to attract her, which made her even more nervous and helpless.

Just as she wanted to avoid his hot sight, his big hand suddenly cut through the water and stretched out of the bathtub. He caught her wrist and pulled it hard. With a crash, she fell firmly on his strong body.

Her dress was soaked and stuck to her body. Her exquisite body curves could be seen clearly.

A large amount of water spilled out of the bathtub and rushed down the stairs. The marble floor was also flooded by water.

His sudden action shocked Lesley. After being stunned for one or two seconds, she struggled hard against him.

However, the more she struggled, the closer they were to each other.

Their postures were so ambiguous that she felt nervous and scared.

"Could it be that he gave full play to his animal disposition?"

"You..." As soon as she said a word, her lips were pressed down by his sudden kiss, and the latter words were all sealed back.

His lips gently sucked her tender lips, and the feeling of shivers quickly spread from her lips to the whole body, and her body naturally trembled.

At that moment, her mind was almost blank. She was looking at his perfect face in a daze.

He felt her inexperience that she had never been touched by a man. He even had an impulse to keep kissing her.

He had met many women, but he had never wanted to kiss a woman as much as he did now.

He let go of her with no expression on his face.

The strength on her waist suddenly relieved. She seized the opportunity to grab the edge of the bathtub and struggled to get up.

That was her first kiss. The precious first kiss for her beloved man was gone.

She stared at his face with her eyes full of anger, and he glanced at her coldly.

"If you feel wronged, you can leave." His voice was cold and heartless, but it reminded her of the cold reality. Yes, she could not leave. No matter how angry she was, she could not go.

She held back all her emotions and her face expression became calm. She lowered her head and looked at the ground, which was full of water.

She walked down the stairs and looked around to find a rag to wipe the floor.

When she finished wiping the floor, he just got out of shower.

He wrapped the bath towel she handed him and walked to the door. The bathroom door opened, the maid and the butler were waiting not far away.

Raymond suddenly turned around and glanced at Lesley coldly. He said indifferently, "Don't seduce me again in the future!"