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Don't Bully My Wife

Don't Bully My Wife


"Only once is not enough? I want to hug every day!" Anjin took the place of his birth sister and Yi Xingshen, but was addicted to his hug. She was a girl who had lived a rich life with her mother since she was a child. She had a delicate body and a tough personality, welcoming the drifting life in the storm. She was the president of Yuntian Group. No matter how arrogant and arrogant she was, her heart would be cold. "One day is your man, and life is your man. Wherever you go, you follow me, even if it is hell, I will follow you!"
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  In the early spring of the year, at the beach City.

  In the presidential suite of the Super-five-star Imperial Hotel—

  In the fragrance of the air, there was a soft groan that turned into spring water.

  Under the soft light, a piece of torn gauze was thrown into the air and slowly fell on the gauze cover lamp of the bedside table, making the room more ambiguous.

  "Yu'er..." In the deep love, the man called her name affectionately.

  Her tears scattered silently from her eyes, and her fingers clenched into fists.


  At five o'clock in the morning, she woke up, and there was a text message from her cell phone, one bright and one dark, which showed a sign of waiting.

  She quickly turned over and got out of bed. She picked up the clothes on the ground and quickly put them on.

  Looking back, she glanced at the man who was sleeping soundly on the big bed under the faint light.

  The perfect young man looked extremely handsome under the light. He lay on her side with a thin blanket around her waist, like a delicate and exquisite painting.

  The girl took a deep breath and didn't linger on. She crept to the door.

  When he opened the door, he saw a girl wearing sunglasses and a mask standing outside.

  "OK?" The girl asked nervously.

  She nodded and stretched out her hand to make an OK gesture.

  The girl took off her mask, which looked exactly the same as her at the door. She couldn't tell her face at all.

  The only difference between them was the way they looked at each other. One had a superior arrogance, and the other had a stubbornness that refused to admit defeat.

  Her father had already paid for the hospital. You should go to the hospital to see your mother. It was estimated that the operation had been completed.

  Hearing the words, the girl who blocked the door hesitated for a moment, and then stepped out to get out of the way.

  The girl put the sunglasses and mask in her hands, beckoning her to leave quickly. Then she quickly rushed into the house and closed the door...

  Looking at the tightly closed door, the girl who just came out of the room smiled bitterly. Then she quickly put on her mask and sunglasses, turned around and left with her back straight, without any attachment and reluctance.

  On the taxi, looking at the drizzle outside and thinking that his mother finally had an operation, the corner of his mouth showed a smile of relief.

  Although she lost the precious first time, it was still worthwhile to change her mother's health.

  She was named Jin, 21 years old.

  The girl was named Jin Yu, 21 years old.

  She and she were sisters of the twins, but they only had different surnames.

  Jin Yu was born three minutes earlier than her. She was her elder sister.

  Because her parents divorced when they were four years old. She followed her mother and her mother's surname, and her name was An Jinnian.

  Jin Yu followed her father, whose surname was Gu Jinyu.

  In the previous seventeen years, they had no intersection with the twins at all.

  If it weren't for the fact that her mother was seriously ill and was in urgent need of surgery fees, she wouldn't have gone to the Gu family.