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Come Home, Daddy

Come Home, Daddy


After a scheme, she lay in the bed of the mysterious and noble man. After an absurd night, she escaped and had a little bun ten months later. Everyone said that the little bun was a bastard without a father. But the little bun said that he must have a father, and he was the best man in the world. He was said to be a super rich man who stayed in the 66-story villa and ranked first in the world! Everyone said that the little bun was in a dream! Until one day, such a man really appeared in front of the little bun. But since he heard that his mommy was so He was always determined to mommy who was willing to kill the little cry.
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  "It hurts... don't..."

  In the dark night, the woman who was pressed under her body had tears in her eyes because of the pain. Her hands grasped the sheets under her body tightly.

  She struggled because of pain, like a little white rabbit under the eagle's claws, and she could not escape.


  Four years later.

  In a kindergarten in North City, a group of children were working in the classroom under the guidance of their teachers.

  In the distance, a slender figure was standing there.

  The straight suit made him elegant and straight, and his whole body exuded a noble temperament of Zhuo Er.

  At this moment, the sun shone through the cracks of the leaves on his angular face, making it difficult for him to see his facial features clearly.

  The scene four years ago flashed through his mind, and finally, he fixed his eyes on the woman under his feet who begged him for mercy because of pain, and her eyes were wet with tears.

  She was obviously disgusted and contemptuous of that woman, but every time she thought of this scene, her heart would stir up a few ripples.

  Just then, a man came over from behind the man.

  "Boss Yu, do you need to bring the young master back now?" The man said respectfully to Yu Shaoqian.

  "Tomorrow." Yu Shaoqian opened his mouth. His voice was low and magnetic, without much emotion.

  "Yes, Boss Yu."

  Yu Shaoqian took his eyes back and then bent over to the black Bentley.

  A moment later, the black Bentley left, startling a cloud of dust.


  On the playground, a group of children finished their work and began to play.

  Among so many children, there was a little boy who was particularly eye-catching. He was so handsome, with a pink face, eyes as big and round as black grapes, and eyelashes as thick as fans.

  While playing, the little boy accidentally stepped on the foot of another boy named Chen Ziming.

  "Ah!" Chen obvi uttered a cry of pain.

  The little boy quickly apologized, "Chen Ziming, I didn't mean it."

  Then, he bent over to see what was going on with Chen Ziming's feet.

  However, Chen obvi push him away. "How dare you step on me. I'll ask my father to beat you to death tomorrow!"

  Chen Ming's father was a high official in North City, so he had always been domineering.

  A child began to feel indignant for the little boy. "Chen Ziming, Mu Xiaobai has apologized to you. Why are you still bullying Mu Xiaobai like this?"

  Chen obvi snorted and said, "He stepped on me! I wanted my father to kill him. He didn't have a father, so he was bullied!"

  The little boy's face suddenly changed. "Who do you say doesn't have a father?"

  Chen obvi's tone was full of contempt. "I'm talking about you. Everyone in the kindergarten knows that Mu Xiaobai doesn't have a father. Mu Xiaobai is a bastard!"

  Mu Xiaobai glared at Chen Ziming and suddenly rushed toward him.

  "Ah, the teacher hit someone, and the teacher came over. Mu Xiaobai hit someone."


  Mu Yajing received a call from the kindergarten teacher, who said that Mu Xiaobai was fighting in kindergarten again.

  She took a taxi to the kindergarten in a hurry.

  Her son had always been sensible and considerate, but for some reason, he had fought in the kindergarten several times.

  Mu Yajing sighed slightly.

  She cast her eyes out of the window and saw a financial news on the LCD screen hanging outside the building in front of her.

  "Yu's Group has become a global scientific and technological giant in the tenth year of the Yu's Group. It is recognized as the company with the highest salary among its employees all over the world. The president, Yu Shaqian, has done a great job..."

  Along with the news, a photo was put on the camera.

  Her angular face, her facial features were like sculptures of the gods, her chin was clean and determined, and even her neck had a kind of natural noble radian.

  His eyes were particularly eye-catching.

  It was a pair of extremely deep eyes, deep, quiet, and indifferent.

  It was like a vortex that could suck a person's soul into it with just one glance.

  Mu Ya Jing looked away.

  Some people were destined to be God's favored sons.

  And she was just the most ordinary nonentity in the human world.

  God's favored one had nothing to do with ants forever, even if they had a night of joy four years ago.