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Snowing Night

Snowing Night


Being drugged by her best friend, she took Yu Die into his room. Three months later, a baby appeared in her belly.
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  Xia Fei turned her body feebly. She was lying on the large dragon bed in the luxury presidential suite, and her beautiful body was gently cut down with the golden silk quilt...

  In front of the French window, there was a stern figure... He turned his face slightly like a sculpture and looked at the person on the bed. His cold eyes revealed a trace of cold light. He held the jade butterfly hairpin in his hand and rotated it gently...

  "Water..." Xia Fei swallowed the thirsty throat and blankly looked at the figure in front of the French window... and then she cried... "I'm so thirsty..."

  He slowly turned around and looked at her coldly. Then he slowly came to her, picked up a whole bottle of whiskey, and handed it to her silently...

  Xia Fei took the bottle of whiskey hurriedly with her naked body, opened the bottle, and poured it into her throat dry and thirsty...

  Her whole body was burning terribly because of the terrible effect of the knockout powder. She was so hot and dry that she drank the whiskey as if she was dying. The spicy feeling stimulated her to drink more and more bravely, and the wine was flowing down along the beauty's bones...

  He continued to stare coldly at her until she was almost drunk, and then ordered, "Get up..."

  Xia Fei looked at the person in front of her in a daze, threw away the wine bottle unconscious, and climbed out of bed in fear... "Where is this... Where is this... I want to go home..."

  He looked at the confused girl in front of him with a little doubt. He was about to walk out of the door with his naked body. He instantly held the handle of the door coldly and asked in a domineering and gloomy tone, "Are you going out like this? You're naked?"

  "What did you say? Why are you naked?" Xia Fei subconsciously turned around, feeling a burst of inexplicable hot and hot flow rising from her body. When the blood of the desire was about to rise, she turned around and wanted to push him away, but her hands were in front of his firm chest. She looked up at his perfect face. Her face turned red again, but she looked at him with fear and asked, "Who are you?"

  He sneered and said, "Who am I? You put Yu Die at the door and asked me who I am?"

  "Ah?" Xia Fei looked at him blankly and asked, "What Jade Butterfly? I don't know anything? I want to go home... I don't want to be here... I don't know you... Why am I here?"

  Xia Fei spoke in confusion while trying to restore her consciousness to think about something. However, because the drug effect was too strong, her body, which had just stabilized, softened on him. Her face was slightly leaning against his chest, gasping for warm gas, as if she was teasing his body...

  He stood coldly in the same place, feeling that the girl in front of him was giving off the fragrance of virgin... "If you want to leave, why do you stay? You've gone too far in this show..."

  "What?" Xia Fei looked at him blankly... "What play? I don't know anything. Let me go..."

  As soon as she finished speaking, she was about to push him away with force, but suddenly her soft hands were clenched by someone. She screamed softly, and her whole person had been pressed on the door by the man in front of her with the strength of a beast. Then her lips were covered by his sexy thin lips...

  "Well..." The heat flow between Xia Fei's legs rushed up in an instant, and her heart was pounding. When she wanted to turn her body fiercely, his tongue, which had been injected with magic power, was forcibly sucked into her lips. One minute of softness, the next minute of forceful combat, it made people want to stop!

  "What are you doing?"

  Xia Fei's face turned red. Using all her strength, she tried her best to push the man away!