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Fancy To You

Fancy To You


On the wedding night, he forced himself to ask, "Where did you make up for it?" Only then did she know why this overbearing president, who was worth billions of yuan, wanted to marry her... Before the divorce, Su Xiaoman only wanted to abandon herself at night, but was wall-bammed by him every day; After the divorce, Su Xiaoqian thought that she could finally escape from this man, but she was still entangled by him every day...
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  So hot!

  "Help me... Who can help me..."

  On the large bed in the presidential suite of CK International Hotel, Su Xiaoxiao's cheeks were red and she pulled her clothes in a daze. She only felt that there was a fire burning in her body, which was about to burn her out.

  "Oh..." Su Xiaoxiao shouted in a daze. At this moment, the door of the room was opened with a "Di" sound.

  A young man with a height of 1.85 meters walked in. He was wearing a black suit tailored by Italian, with no wrinkle on his collar and trousers. His temperament was noble, especially his face, which was like the work of gods. He was extremely handsome, and his dark eyes were like an eagle in the night, sharp and deep. He was the most famous diamond king in A City, and the prince of the white horse in the eyes of thousands of girls—the eldest son of the night family, Chenyu.

  A boring banquet!

  Ye Chenxi frowned, untied the tie around her neck, and walked straight into the bathroom.

  At this moment, after the light flashed, the whole room went dark.

  "A blackout?" Ye Chenxi frowned. When she was about to inform someone to deal with it, she suddenly heard a voice as light as a mosquito.

  "There's someone else in his room?"

  Ye Chenxi immediately became alert and her eyes became sharp. She walked toward the source of the sound step by step.

  There was no light in the room. When he walked to the bedside, he could only vaguely see the lovely woman on the bed through the moonlight outside the window.

  "A woman?"

  Ye Chenxi frowned. After a sneer, she was ready to call someone to deal with it. Unexpectedly, just as he was about to turn around, he was pulled by the woman on the bed.

  "Oh... help me, please help me..." Su Xia sending a soft cry unconsciously. She grabbed the corner of Ye Chenxi's clothes and refused to let go.

  Ye Chenxi's brows frowned even deeper. She was about to reach out and push her hand away, but she didn't expect Su's strength to be so strong that she got up and leaned directly in front of him, and her lips fell on his cheek.

  Ye Chenxi was slightly stunned. As a gold bachelor, this was the first time that a woman took the initiative to kiss him. The strange thing was that... he did not reject this feeling.

  Just at the moment when he was absent-minded, Su Xiao Tang had completely embraced him.

  "It's so comfortable. It's so cool..." Su Xiaoqian shouted softly, holding him and refused to let go. She was so hot that she was about to explode. Now that she had found the cool source, she didn't want to let it go.

  "A little wild cat who sent himself to the door?"

  Ye Chenxi chuckled, grabbed Su Xiao's hand, and directly pressed her down...

  He didn't like the woman who came to him on her own initiative, but at this moment, he didn't know why, but he liked her very much!

  "Help me... Please..." Su Xiaoxiao shouted softly.

  Ye Chenxi couldn't bear it anymore. She said in a hoarse voice, "Woman, you asked for it!"

  Then, he directly... However...


  Su Xiaoqian frowned immediately, and her look became clearer. "Let go of me... Go away!"

  Ye Chenxi was stunned. This woman was so active just now. He didn't expect that this woman was actually...

  Could it be that she had been drugged? That was why she had done so?

  But at this moment, he couldn't care about anything else. He whispered in her ear, "Hold on, wait a minute..."

  Su Xiao Li couldn't bear it and fainted directly.

  When she woke up again, it was dark in front of her. She was shocked by the discomfort of her body and found that this man was still there.

  Because she didn't turn on the light, she couldn't see the face of the man in front of her. Through the moonlight outside the window, Su Xiaoqian could feel that this was an extremely handsome man. His figure and the outline of his cheeks were very good-looking, but...

  "Bastard, let me go!" Su Xiaoxiao shouted and struggled.

  Unexpectedly, she woke up, and the man finally ended. He stretched out his hand and wanted to hold her tight.

  "You b*stard! You b*stard, go to hell!!!" Su Xiao couldn't bear it and pushed him aside before he paid attention.

  Ye Chenxi was not angry. She lay on the bed and looked at her with a smile on her lips. This woman's taste was so good! It was so delicious that people would know what she was doing!

  "When you pleaded with me just now, you didn't have the same attitude. Ha, a woman who doesn't know who she is..."

  "You... you are shameless!!!" Thinking of herself just now, Su Tang's face flushed red. Then she got out of bed, groped for her clothes, and quickly put them on.

  Noticing that she was about to leave, Ye Chenxi immediately stood up and shouted, "Don't go, woman!"

  "If you don't leave, you're a fool. Go to hell, bastard!" Su Xiaolian said. She picked up the pillow in her hand and threw it directly in the direction of Ye Chenxi. Then she didn't stay any longer and immediately opened the door of the room and fled from the scene.

  After leaving the hotel, Su Xiaoqian immediately took a taxi home and sat in the back seat. Only then did she calm down, and her tears could not help falling down.

  It was her first time, the most precious one in a girl's life. She gave it to a strange man, and there was no light on in the room. She didn't even know what the man looked like and what his name was...

  What should she do...

  If she lost her chastity, would Brother Yihang blame her? Would he abandon her?

  Thinking of this, Su Xiaoqian burst into tears and thought about everything that had happened today in her mind.

  Today, she came to this hotel to attend a banquet. She was not interested in these things, so she didn't want to attend. However, her sister Su Xinya insisted on taking her here. Besides, her boyfriend Yan Yihang also said that he would come, so she had no choice but to come.

  After staying at the banquet for a while, she wanted to leave, but Su Xinya did not let her go. She also gave her a room card, saying that she could go upstairs to rest, so she went. Then, what happened just now happened.

  By the way... juice!

  Before she went upstairs, Su Xinya gave her a glass of juice. There must be something wrong with that glass of juice!

  "Su Xinya..." Su was biting her lips and holding her hands in a fist shape.

  Her mother worked as a maid in the Su family, seducing and seducing Master Su, so she was born. She was not favored in the Su family, so she gave in to them and tried to avoid them as much as possible. She just didn't expect that they would set up such a trap for her.

  Su Xiaoqian was so angry that she almost died.

  In a short while, the Su family arrived. After getting out of the car, Su Xiaoqian went straight to Su Xinya's room. She wanted to find her to explain and ask her about it.

  However, what he didn't expect was...

  As soon as she went upstairs, before she knocked on the door of Su Xinya's room, she heard a very special sound coming from her room...

  "This is...?"

  Su Xiaoman was stunned. The door of the room was not closed. Through the crack of the door, she saw a man and a woman on the big bed in the room, who were...

  The man's back was facing her. Su Tang couldn't see her face, and the woman was Su Xinya!