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Here I am, My Wife

Here I am, My Wife


"Do you want to leave after stealing my genes?" He grabbed her and forced her to hand over the baby three years ago. "Have you not given birth? Then give birth again! She was unable to resist and fell into the trap of the arrogant president's love. OK, give the baby to him when she was born, and she will leave!" But he threw her tied up on the bed and said angrily, "Woman, who said only one of them is born?"
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  The imperial castle stood in the forest and on the edge of the city. It was magnificent, with a sense of mystery that was yearning for.


  It was so hot that he couldn't breathe.

  On the British-style big bed, the young girl was sleeping. Her slim body was covered with a fine white gauze. The thick sweat was dripping down from her delicate face and fell on her thin lips.

  The sweat on her arm had already wetted her clothes, drawing an endless figure.

  "Yeah, it's so hot..."

  Suddenly, Nian woke up from her deep sleep in a daze.

  The place she saw was a luxurious but strange room. The 14-century western painting on the wall was shaking in her blurry sight.


  She looked around in confusion.

  On the sofa at the corner of the corner, a man was sitting there. He was slender and his long white fingers were shaking the red wine glass gracefully.

  "Who are you? Why is it so hot here? Can you turn off the air conditioner?"

  As soon as she spoke, she found that her voice was very weak, as if she had a serious illness.

  It was too hot.

  "Woman, if you don't wake up again, I will adjust the temperature of this place to 8 degrees and steam you alive!"

  A man's voice rang out in the high-temperature room, and his arrogant and arrogant tone was frightening.


  Lively live?

  What live-and-death atmosphere?

  At this time, Xiao Nian's mind was a little distracted. The sweat fell on her eyes and blurred her sight.

  A deep sound of footsteps came to his ears.

  She raised her hand to wipe off the button of her eyes, revealing her delicate clavicle and the sweat on it. When she looked forward again, she saw an eagle-like gaze.

  The man stood in front of her bed. His legs were straight and long. The white shirt set off his tall and straight figure. He loosened his collar and looked up. His face was so handsome that it could make people suffocate. His features were deep and deep. His eyebrows were deep and his eyes were deep. His straight nose and thin lips were slightly open. He was so sexy that they were fatal.

  It was obvious that the temperature in the room was very high, but the man's face was not sweaty at all. He was elegant and calm.

  He looked like a man coming out of a paper. He was very young, no more than 29 years old.

  "Uh, why does it look a little familiar?"

  I've seen him somewhere...

  Because of her long-term professional habit, sometimes Xiao Nian was a man who was easy to swim. As she thought so, she really stared at the man and started to stare blankly at him. But soon, she woke up, because the man took out a silver pistol.

  And the muzzle was aimed at her.

  "Huh? What kind of development is this?"

  "What are you doing? Who are you? What do you want to do?"

  When she was sitting on the bed, Xiao Nian was so shocked that she wanted to step back, but the man stepped close to her, and the cold muzzle was pressed to her blushing face.

  She had a face that could be called pure. Her facial features were exquisite but not flamboyant. She was not aggressive and was very beautiful.

  His muzzle slowly slid down to her lips, sharp chin, and then to Ling Long's collarbone.

  At that time, Nian tightened her body unconsciously. Her white gauze-like clothes almost fell down, and her hot sweat instantly turned into a cold sweat.

  "Woman, where is the child you gave me?"

  Gong Ou stood in front of her and said in a cold voice. His deep eyes swept over her body.


  All of a sudden, Xiao Nian was stunned.

  "Three years ago, you were pregnant with my child. Where is the child now?"

  Gong Ou asked word by word. His white hand moved slightly, and the muzzle was drawing circles on her collarbone through his thin cicada-like clothes.

  "A child?"

  At that time, Nian was at a loss. After a long time, she slowly calmed down and said, "I say... did you make a mistake? I don't know you. I've never had a baby..."