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Be Good, My Sweetheart

Be Good, My Sweetheart


He had forced her to marry him a year ago, and he had always brought up all kinds of shameless demands. A year later, he mercilessly gave her a divorce agreement. He thought that if he wanted her and abandoned her, the dispute between them could be ended. She didn't expect that he, who was her ex-husband, would still not let her go... One night... "Leng Yuntian, we are divorced. What do you want to do to let me go?" Ba Yi looked at him who was getting closer and closer helplessly and asked feebly. He only trapped her and said, "Whether you want to divorce or not, your body and your heart can only belong to me. You are not allowed to escape for the rest of your life!"
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  Late at night.

  In the villa of the Leng family, which was located in the prime area of City A.

  Bai Yiyi looked around the luxurious and dreamy big living room, feeling strange and heart-wrenching.


  This was her home with Leng Yuntian, who had stayed with him for a year.

  There was a hint of helplessness at the corner of Bai Yiyi's mouth.

  She put away today's newspaper. In the newspaper, her husband, Leng Yuntian, was in love with a beautiful woman.

  The news of this kind of lace would appear on newspapers and magazines from time to time on TV.

  Bai Yiyi had already gotten used to it.

  She feebly snuggled up on the sofa, folded her legs, withdrew her scattered eyes, and a stream of cold liquid slipped from the corner of her eyes unconsciously.

  No matter how familiar she was with the sound outside the door, she could hear the dull footsteps that were enough to make her flustered.

  Bai Yiyi quickly wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes.

  He had said that he hated women crying the most.

  If he saw her tears, he would be unhappy again.

  Bai Yiyi couldn't help straighten her back.

  The door opened.

  The living room suddenly became quiet, so quiet that one could hear his messy breathing.

  Bai Yiyi turned her head and saw the beautiful and arrogant but unusually cold face. There was a slight sense of drunkness in his cold eyes.

  He drank again.

  Bai Yiyi couldn't help but shiver.

  Although he was her husband in the past year, he was like a passer-by in this family.

  He always came here from time to time. Every time he came, it was a psychological and physical disaster for Bai Yiyi. When he was drunk, he would make full use of this kind of disaster to Bai Yiyi.

  His arrival made Bai Yiyi, who was in July, feel a chill rising from the bottom of her heart.

  "You... are back?" Bai Yiyi asked timidly.

  Leng Yuntian frowned and did not answer.

  He gracefully shook off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt. More than half of his strong wheat-colored chest was exposed.

  "Come here!" Leng Yuntian looked at Bai Yiyi, who was still fixed on the sofa, with great dissatisfaction. "Didn't you see your husband coming back?"

  She stood up with her hands on her back and lay on the ground.

  Before she could get close to him, he had pulled her over.

  He held her tightly in front of her chest, and she smelled the smell of perfume that couldn't be covered by the smell of wine on his body.

  Bai Yiyi bit her lip and felt a stabbing pain in her heart.

  The newspaper said that the Mu Yanxi and Leng Yuntian were the closest. This woman was Bai Yiyi's college classmate, and she had a good relationship with her. It had long been heard that she had an immeasurable political background.

  He took her to all kinds of important occasions, and even Yiyi thought that she should be Leng Yuntian's real woman, while she was just a big joke.

  His wife stayed alone in the empty room, and her husband was waving his colorful flag outside.

  Bai Yiyi thought of the woman who nestled in her husband's arms like a little bird. Their intimate photos almost occupied most of the pages of the newspaper.

  Bai Yiyi was not a puppet. When she saw this, she would feel heartache and suffocate, but she didn't. She had never quarreled in front of Leng Yuntian.

  It was not that she didn't dare to do so, but she had self-knowledge. For him, this marriage was just a pretext for him to live in vain.

  His wife might be fired by his fury today or tomorrow.

  "You should know the reason of this marriage. Don't expect me to love you, and don't expect you to be my wife in my heart. When I think it's enough, you can no longer be Mrs. Leng!"

  Until now, what he said after getting drunk that night was still like a deep scar engraved in her heart, and the touch of it would make her bleed.

  So, what happened to him outside? Why should he complain about his wife, who was about to be fired at any time and had no status?

  Seeing that Bai Yiyi's mind was wandering, Leng Yuntian sneered.

  Was this woman always so absent-minded?

  He didn't care, and his hands began to wander around the thin nightgown.

  Leng Yuntian's response to Bai Yiyi was always more than words.

  Before Ba Yiyi was fully prepared, his lips had already covered her lips overbearingly. She greedily attacked the pool, and the silk pajamas on her body were soon torn into pieces by him.