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My Lover Is a Vampire

My Lover Is a Vampire


On the day of getting the marriage certificate, I caught my fiance and my BFF cheating on me. In a fit of anger, I turned my eyes to my BFF’s charming and wicked boyfriend who was standing beside me and said, “They betrayed us. How about... you marry me?” And with an impulse, I married this stranger man. However, it seemed that this unruly man had another identity I had never expected--my new boss! WHAT a drama. Furthermore, sometimes, my secret “newlywed husband” would behave a bit strangely. When he looked at me, I could always feel a kind of complicated meaning. What’s wrong with me or him? At the same time, I've been having a recurring nightmare in recent days. In the dream, a horrible sound was continuously calling me a cursed name, Lilith...
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"Your Royal Highness Lilith, I've finally found you."

It was late autumn. A fiery aura permeated Salem Street, which was lined with maple trees, covered in flame-like red leaves. The leaves fluttered in the wind and scattered upon the old, speckled road. They painted the street red, somewhat resembling pools of blood, giving off an aura of danger, and an ominous feeling of erosion.

The amber streetlights created shadows on the streets. Avril Chris was standing at a bus stop. She was in a wine-colored long dress, and her slender calves were exposed to the cold. Trembling amidst the autumn breeze, her fair calves were glowing palely, seeming nearly bloodless.

Standing before her was a man in a dark cloak. His tall body exuded a stern aura, and his golden curly hair enshrouded an evil-looking face. His pale green eyes darted toward Avril’s gaze, she could see clearly the undisguised greed in his eyes.

Looking at the stranger in front of her, Avril took two steps back. She shook her head and said, "Sir, I think you've gotten the wrong person. I'm not Lilith."


In Sumerian Legend, the first wife of Adam, a Jewish, was Lilith, who left the Garden of Eden because she was dissatisfied with God. She was thought to be Satan's lover and most of the demons on earth were born by her.

Avril didn't like this name at all!

The man, Black Wolf, sneered, "Your Royal Highness Lilith, it looks like you have forgotten everything."

Why was this person so strange? Avril told him that she wasn't Lilith. Why was he still calling her so?

Avril frowned and quietly stepped back. She thought that she might have met a psychopath. She had to leave as soon as possible!

Black Wolf seemed to have read her mind. He smirked devilishly as he grabbed Avril who was turning around to escape. He lowered his head and approached her neck, greedily sniffing the fragrance emitting from her blood. He looked infatuated by her blood. "I really didn't expect that you, Your Highness Lilith with such strong magic and power, would finally fall into my hands."

Avril's hands were grabbed tightly by his strong arms. Her heart plunged into fear and she was trembling in tremendous fright. "Sir, you have really mistaken me for someone else. My name is Avril. I'm just a normal human being. I don't understand anything about magic or power!" She exclaimed.

Black Wolf couldn't hold in his desire and started revealing his fangs. His pale green eyes suddenly turned a dark ink-green color as his blood was boiling. "Three hundred years ago, you mysteriously disappeared after the 'Blood Slaughter' war. Everyone thought that you were dead on the battlefield, but I didn't expect that you would hide in the human world. It's unbelievable."

"What’s wrong with this person? Why was he speaking of such strange things? Has he gone delusional after watching too many science fiction movies?" Avril thought.

Avril mustered her strength to turn her head away, trying to avoid Black Wolf's disgusting face, but accidentally, she caught a glimpse of their shadows on the ground.

Black Wolf opened his mouth wide, targeted Avril's neck with two long fangs, and started roaring. His roar sounded like a beast's!

He's not joking! Is he really a werewolf?! Or am I dreaming?” Avril thought.

A chill ran down Avril's spine. She closed her eyes and yelled in great fear, "Help!!!"

She didn't want to die just yet. She was only 26 years old! It was just the beginning of a beautiful life ahead for her. Why did something so frightening have to happen to her?

As Avril was screaming for help, Black Wolf's sharp fangs pressed against her fragile carotid artery. Avril closed her eyes in despair and tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.

As she wallowed in her immense despair, she heard a gust of wind sweep past her ear. A powerful arm appeared before her and forcefully smashed into Black Wolf's face.

Avril could feel Black Wolf's grip loosen, and she was set free. In an instant, she felt a warm touch, and in the next moment, she fell into a deep embrace, surrounded by the refreshing scent of roses.

She raised her head in a daze, looking into the eyes of the man.

The man who saved her had porcelain skin, smooth and flawless. His dark-colored wavy hair was scattered over his fair shoulders, giving him a lazy yet charming appearance.

He had strong and defined facial features, yet they were not fierce. Instead, he exuded an aura of gentle handsomeness.

His most attractive feature was his pair of dazzling eyes. Beneath the streetlamps under the darkened sky, they flashed a violet color, exuding a sense of wildness and impish charm.

Black Wolf covered his injured nose in pain, as he roared at the man who was so good-looking and did not even look like a human. “Haider Evans Ventrue! You d*mned b*stard! You have ruined my plans again.”