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My Dazzlingly Sweet Marriage

My Dazzlingly Sweet Marriage


Selene York used to be a movie queen, but she gave up her career for her fiance and decided to get married. However, when she went back home from her last single party, she caught her fiance having an affair with a popular actress. She chose to pretended she didn’t know. And the next day, when she showed up in the Civil Affairs Bureau as planned, her fiance stood her up without an explanation. She decided to take revenge. So when she saw the CEO of the most influential Entertainment Group standing at the Civil Affairs Bureau, she basically proposed to him, "President Johnson, if you can't find a bride yet, how about considering me?" Marring a powerful man in the entertainment circle was her first step of taking revenge, next, she would use the opportunity of being a sub-actress to officially come back...
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One late night at 10 o'clock, Selene York dragged her exhausted body back to her apartment drunkenly.

After the night, she was going to get married. Therefore, she and a few friends decided to hold a hen party to celebrate. She had drunk too much and was not very sober.

Selene dove onto the sofa and closed her eyes to rest, but faintly heard strange movements coming from the bathroom, which sounded like a man and a woman's heavy panting. She found her way over slowly and leaned against the wall, to which she heard a woman moaning excitingly.


The embarrassing sound of skin colliding with skin pierced through Selene's eardrums, and then stopped abruptly. The blood in her body seemed to have frozen, and only the man's heavy breathing was left.

"Don't wake Selene up. Go get dressed quickly. I'll send you back," the man said in a low and hoarse voice.

"What, are you afraid that she'll find out about us? Don't worry, she drank a lot tonight... you two are going to get married tomorrow, so, just satisfy me for tonight!"

Rachel Johnson threw her red lips at him and glanced at the silhouette behind the bathroom door with the corner of her eyes. She smiled coldly and thought, "Selene, this should make you give up, so that the child in my belly could have a legitimate identity!"

Outside the bathroom, Selene tried her best to not let her tears fall, and staggered backwards. She clung on to the wall for support, and yet she was barely standing firmly. Her hand, which was hanging down, clenched up into a fist, and the color drained from her face.

She gave up an important role for this man, allowing Rachel to take it up.

Because of his words, she even did all she could to help her.

But they... they had hooked up for a long time!

In the bathroom, the fierce 'fight' continued. After a long time, the noise gradually quieted down.

Selene quietly laid back on the sofa, suppressing the surging pain in her heart.

After a while, Rachel hugged onto the man's arm as they left the apartment together.

Selene hid behind the curtain and watched as the two of them got into the car together. Her heart was about to shatter as tears rolled down from her eyes.

Didn't he promise her that they would go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get their marriage certificate tomorrow? How was he going to clean this mess?!

Selene's heart was full of sadness and irony. She barely slept that night, feeling both pain and hatred. The next day, she still drove to the Civil Affairs Bureau according to the appointed time and wanted to see how Logan Brun would treat her!

The time had come, yet Logan was nowhere to be seen.

Selene waited for another hour in the corridor before finally receiving a phone call. "Selene, Rachel was injured while training some new disciples for you. I have to go over and deal with it now. As for the marriage registration, let's do it some other time!"

Hah... he said that so easily.

Selene clenched her phone tightly and hung up fiercely. From the moment she found out the truth, she had no intention of marrying him anymore! Some other time? No way!

Since Rachel Johnson was more important to him compared to all their years of relationship, then she wished for that pair of b*tches to grow old together!

When Selene was about to turn around and leave, she saw a luxury car suddenly coming to a halt not far away from her. A tall man got out of the car. As he walked over, he lifted his hand to take off his sunglasses. The moment he took it off, the whole world seemed to darken.

He gave off an extremely mysterious and oppressive aura, as if an emperor had arrived.

Selene immediately remembered that she had seen him at an event in the past. He was the CEO of Royal Media Entertainment, Miles Johnson.

Even after two years, his was still the same as before. The tailor-made suit complemented his tall figure, and he exuded an extravagant aura.

"President, we still can't get in touch with Miss Monroe... Shall we send someone to pick her up?" His assistant asked in a low voice.

"No. I will not wait for a woman who is late for her marriage." As he said that, he was in a really bad mood, and his eyes were filled with coldness.

"But the chairman said you must get married today, otherwise..." The assistant's voice gradually got quieter.

"I'll give you twenty minutes. Bring me any notable young lady." Without hesitation, he ordered in a cold voice.

Any young lady?

Selene's eyes flashed slightly. Miles was looking for a random woman to marry, and she was facing her fiance's betrayal, so she also needed to find a man that she could get attached to and give Logan a hard slap on his face!

She wanted to show Logan that even without him, she could just find an even more outstanding man and make him regret it!

Selene thought for a moment and quickly walked up to Miles.

"President Johnson, if you can't find a bride yet, how about considering me? Let me introduce myself. My name is Selene York."

Time seemed to have frozen at that moment. Miles couldn't help but frown, and his gaze fell on the slender and straight figure in front of him.