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Spoil Me, Please

Spoil Me, Please


"Sweetie, give me your love." Since they got married, he spoiled her to the extreme. Ambitious cousin stole her boyfriend. Fortunately, she married into the wealthy family of S City, the Gus. He was a well-known big shot, and she was a little poor girl adopted by her vicious foster mother. She had suffered all kinds of humiliation before she met him. But when she married him, those who used to hurt her all knelt down and begged for mercy. “Mrs. Gu is my only love, you’d better show your respect for her from now on.” he claimed. However, one day, he found her secret. He was in shock and became furious, questioned her, “Woman. Did you steal my son six years ago?” She thought, “Oops. Mr. Gu is really angry. Should I tell him there is a daughter belong to him as well?”
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"Untie your bra and turn a round!" the man who sat on the chair said coldly.

Murchu Mo looked at the man with astonishment. She had waited for him for half an hour in his office. What kind of person would tell a lady to do such a thing the first time they meet!

"Mr. Gu, I wonder if you're mistaken !" Murchu said angrily.

Denzel Gu raised his head from the file and looked at the woman who was standing at his high black desk.

She wore a beige suit with a red frame of glasses. It was a skillful and refreshing image of a beautiful woman in the workplace.

"Murchu, 18 years old, applied for the chest model!" Denzel Gu pulled out the file and threw it on her side.

Murchu was shocked. How could she be 18 years old? Why was she applying for a chest model?

What the hell was going on here?

But she understood immediately. It was rumored that the old man of the Gu Family wanted to seek a girl to get married to his grandson Denzel Gu. Eternal Wedding company where she worked in wanted to get exclusive information, so they made up her information.  

She immediately took out her work card, "Mr. Gu, I am a staff of the Eternal Wedding company, I hope to serve your major life events."

Denzel Gu smiled faintly. He did not speak but just put his eyes on her beautiful figure.

The beige suit and black lining were wrapped in her soft body. Indeed, she was a beautiful woman.

Murchu had a feeling that he had seen through her, and she clenched her fists tightly.

For some reason, the man attracted her attention. His beautiful face, his well-built shape, his special aura, he looked like an arrogant king.

How did she felt familiar with his face!

Suddenly, "boom"...

Why did her son look like him?

Was he the man that night six years ago?

Murchu's heart was a bit messy. At this moment, she heard Denzel said, "Miss Mo, you are really fancy for your work! Why don't you start if you want to get the exclusive agency rights from me? "

Murchu immediately calmed down, she smiled and said calmly, " Mr. Gu, if you become the VIP customer in our company, you will have the absolute right to choose the perfect wife in the world. We will serve you with all our hearts."

"Miss Mo, you intend to persuade me with your mouth?" Denzel Gu interrupted her indifferently.

Murchu was still smiling, "Mr. Gu, you may visit our company at any time, and we will be happy to talk with you in detail. We will try our best to meet your requirement."

At this moment, Denzel Gu stood up. He was tall and strong. Then he smiled.

He bypassed the black desk and walked to Murchu.

Murchu turned around sightly and looked him face to face.

He gave her a sense of oppression for the natural advantage of height.

Denzel Gu stared at her with a sharp look as if he were a hawk, "I thought you would convince me with your breasts!"

"What?" Murchu's eyes glowed with anger, she didn't expect this man would be so rude.

Even if she wanted to get the agency, she would never sell her body.

Denzel Gu stared at her. Her face flushed because of anger and her eyes were glittering.

The atmosphere was frightening and quiet.

Murchu also felt a bit weird.

She could not stand his oppression. She took a step back and cleared her throat, "I have never filled out that application form. I apologize if I let you misunderstand it."

After saying that, she turned and went out.

Denzel Gu looked at her back like aspen and disappeared at the door, his eyes suddenly became meaningful.

"Miss Mo, have we met before?" his deep voice sounded suddenly.