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You Once Lived in My Heart

You Once Lived in My Heart


A year ago, Shirly Yu made a deal with Yisen Qi, she swapped her heart with another woman to cure her, so she became his wife. Being disdained and despised, she was forced to get a divorce, but she grasped the last chance, risking her life to carry his baby. However, she only heard Yisen said coldly "I don't want this child, take it down!" Shirly took a deep breath, staring at Yisen in shock, "This is your child!" "Only the woman I loved can have my child, Shirly Yu, you don't deserve it! "  After being heartbroken, again and again, she was in extreme sadness and decided to let go. When he found the truth and begged her to stay, however, she was not the one she used to be... 
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"I'm going to have a divorce with you tomorrow."

By the end of a fierce sex he said to her heartlessly, although there was a woman's fingernails on his body.

Shirly Yu looked at the hotel's refined ceiling and burst into laughter. There was the man's semen in her body, but she did not expect to see how indifferent the man was.

But she couldn't cry, or she was losing to that woman. As a result, she raised an arm and placed it on the eyelids, making it easy to say, "Why? Did my sister finally recover almost? Did you want to marry with her??"

Yisen Qi paused for a moment when he was doing up the buttons on his shirt. He did not even look at the woman who was supposed to be a wife on the bed, and said coldly, "You have to arrive there at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Don't try to play tricks."

Shirly Yu moved the corner of her mouth and seemed to be smiling again. She was painful."We've been married for a year, and don't you have any feelings for me?"

Yisen Qi made a fist, and Shirly Yu could almost hear the sound of the bones. His tone was as cold as usual, "Emotion? Shirley Yu, you didn't deserve it! I had done what I promised to you. Don't be too greedy."

Shirly Yu finally laughed and said sarcastically, "Was I greedy? Mr. Qi, this word was really good, but it was better suited to Miss Yu."

Yisen Qi suddenly turned around and walked to the bedside. He pinched Shirly Yu's neck and bit his teeth."That's enough! Don't let me hear any slander of Lan from you, and she was much nobler than you."He picked up the suit jacket on the sofa and walked out of the door.

Hearing the sound of the door reclosed, Shirly Yu bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. She laughed and the pillows were all wet.

When it was enough to cry and laugh, Shirly Yu lifted the quilt and get out of the bed with bruises on her body. There was still some semen sliding between her legs. Shirly Yu was unaware of the cold water in the bathroom.

All of a sudden, a sudden surge of nausea made her unable to help retching. Shirly Yu dazed for a few seconds before touching her lower abdomen shakily.

After carefully recounting her physiological period in mind, she hurriedly closed the shower in front of her and pulled a bath towel to wrap herself.

Was she pregnant? Shirly Yu finally felt a little bit perspective, touching the irregular heart of the chest. A year ago she exchanged her own healthy heart for the marriage promise of Yisen Qi, and now God gave her a child to recover the marriage that was about to come to the end. Look, she was the winner.

Shirly Yu stood up and began to dry her hair in an orderly manner and then put on her clothes. Her slender fingers stopped for a while when she was about to open the handbag, and finally closed the handbag and walked out of the room gracefully.

"Check out the house."Shirly Yu put the house card at the front desk and raised her head slightly as if she was an arrogant white swan.

When she stepped out of the hotel with high-heeled shoes, she could hear the dialogue between the receptionist and the colleagues.

"Ms Qi? Have you seen the couple get a hotel room routinely? Just like a bitch, come on, Ms. Qi, who didn't even get into the Qi family's gate was really ridiculous."

"Yes, I didn't know what she was so proud of. The Qi family didn't even have a wedding ceremony. I didn't know what Ms Qi was."