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Sunnie Sheng lost her parents and was raised by her auntie, but her auntie kicked her out of the house her mother had left for her. She had no money and nowhere to go, and her granny needed a lot of money for the operation. An old man offered her an exorbitant dowry and asked her to marry his grandson. She had no choice but to take it. But why hadn't anyone told her that the old man's grandson was the No.1 golden bachelor Lance Leng? Why hadn't anyone told her Lance already had a boy? And why did Lance's autistic son call her mommy at the first time they met? But the first day Lance met her, he wanted a divorce! No, for her granny's operation fee, she had to find a way to save this marriage, and if luckily, make him fall in love with her...
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"Excuse me. Are you Miss Sheng?" A rigid voice suddenly sounded.

Sunnie Sheng looked up and did not know when a man in a suit stood in front of her.

Just like his voice, his appearance was also very rigid, with golden glasses, meticulously combed hairstyle, and there was an astute gleam in his eyes.

Sunnie Sheng was dazed. "who are you?"

"My surname is Ho. I am a lawyer. You can call me Lawyer Ho." The man showed her his lawyer's card.

Sunnie Sheng is even more confused. It's all right. Why did a lawyer look for her?

She is a conscientious office worker who is not late or leaves early at ordinary times and has never done anything bad. Did she accidentally commit something that she didn't know?

"Is it convenient to find a place to talk?" Lawyer Ho said poker-faced.

"Oh, oh, ok..."

Sunnie Sheng followed Lawyer Ho into a nearby coffee shop and sat down in her seat.

"Do you need anything to drink?" Lawyer Ho asked, his voice without emotion sounded mechanically cold.

"No." Sunnie Sheng waved her hand and asked nervously, "Can I help you?"

Since she said so, Lawyer Ho stopped being polite to her and took out a document from his briefcase and put it on the table in front of Sunnie Sheng.

Sunnie Sheng got a fright. Did she really accidentally commit a crime and get a lawyer's letter?

"This is the agreement personally drawn up by Mr Leng. Miss Sheng, please have a look at it."

"Which Mr Leng?"

But luckily it wasn't a lawyer's letter. Sunnie Sheng's heart settled down a little and began to open the folder while asking.

As soon as she saw the title"marriage agreement" in bold and found that party A was her name, She immediately threw away the document, "what, what marriage agreement? You must not be a lawyer, but a trafficker. I tell you, I won't sell myself, let it go at that! "

And according to him, the other party seems to be an old man.

As if to see through her thoughts, Lawyer Ho picked up the folder expressionless. "Miss Sheng, don't worry.The person who will marry you is not Mr Leng but his third son,Lance Leng."

"Whether it's the old man, or his son, I will not promise. If there is nothing wrong ... "Sunnie Sheng suddenly gave a big surprise and stared incredulously."Did you just say ... Lance Leng? "

Lawyer Ho nodded expressionless, "that's right."

"How, how is it possible?"

That's Lance!

Anecdotal the most mysterious man in Jing city,even if Sunnie Sheng doesn't pay attention to the news and gossip, the name is well known!

It is said that Lance has a beautiful face and looks better than a woman.

It is also said that Lance is not close to women and is extremely disgusted with women.

Legend has it that Lance is the emperor in business. He is decisive in the business and his opponents are terrified by his ruthless methods.

How could such a legendary figure want to marry such a common and ordinary woman?

Sunnie Sheng suspected she met a liar.

Lawyer Ho did not change his face and took out a check to push it to Sunnie Sheng. "The cheque for five million yuan is a deposit. Mr Leng said that as long as you promise to marry Master Lance, he will give another 88888888 yuan as a dowry. Mr Leng has already signed the cheque. If Miss Sheng does not believe it, you can take it to the bank to cash it, then you will know whether it is true or not. "