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Boss, Please Behave Yourself

Boss, Please Behave Yourself



Two years ago, her first boyfriend and her sister played a conspiracy as sending her to a stranger’s bed. Two years later, she is a degraded aristocratic Miss with background while he is the president handing all the power of the whole business empire. "Mr. Jones. If you don’t return my child, I will let everyone in Nancheng City known that you have had a relationship with me." She equipped herself with a determined attitude and a stubborn looking face. He smiled softly with a mellow voice, "the child would not able to leave me. If you wanna him, okay, as long as you marry me." Alright, in fact, she proved it latter, the marriage with Shelly Jones was not a suffering, it was actually a romantic journey.
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In the 36th floor presidential suite of the Grand Hotel, where the room was of the most concise Nordic style, every corner was meticulously made up of fine details. Faintly, there were a few rays of moonlight shining in from outside the window, falling onto the messy bed.

On the bed, two entangled bodies were lying on top of the messy white bedding, twisting the bedding into a ball.

Sweat, crooning, movement...

Anna Smith painfully bit his lower lip, but his mind was blank and he had no consciousness.

The battle had lasted a long time, almost all night.

The man smelled of strong alcohol and cigar smoke, mixed with his originally strong masculine scent, causing Anna to almost suffocate on the spot.

She knew this man's name, Shelly Jones … But she did not know him.

In her ears, she could hear the words her half—sister had whispered to her after drinking the poisoned soda: "Sister, help me have Shelly Jones's child."

After that, when she woke up in a daze, she was already in Shelly Jones's bed.

She vaguely remembered the smell on his body, as well as his pair of eagle—like eyes that were deep and cold.

He hadn't even looked at her face.

When she woke up the next morning, the man was still sleeping. She endured the pain in her legs and got off the bed. She put on a few clothes and escaped from the presidential suite as if she was fleeing for her life.

But when the door opened, several strong men stood in her way.

Last night's battle had left her powerless, and she had no choice but to shout.

"Help! "Help!"

The long corridor of the hotel was empty. A man stepped forward and used a towel to cover her nose and mouth. The next moment, she collapsed to the ground, unconscious …

Pain, pain all over …

When Anna woke up, she felt her temples thumping and the sound of her heart beating seemed to be right beside her ears.

The piercing pain between her legs was especially intense. After last night, she didn't even have the time to wash her body …

She opened her eyes and looked around. This was a room with tightly drawn curtains. It was dark all around.

Lying on the bed, she propped herself up only to suddenly see a familiar figure sitting on a chair opposite of the bed: Cindy Smith.

"Ann, are you alright?" Luck Williams was standing by Cindy's side, when he saw her waking up, he immediately walked over, wanting to help her up.

But in the next moment, as if he had seen a ferocious beast, Anna immediately pushed him away.

"Don't touch me!" She clenched her teeth as she stared at Luck, her eyes completely red.

She had chased Luck for so many years, and when he promised to be with her, she felt like the happiest woman in the world.

But later she realized that the reason Luck agreed to stay with her was only to get closer to her sister Cindy.

Luck loved Cindy so much that he did not hesitate to send her to another man's bed to win his favor!

Anna lowered his head, wanting to hug her body, but when his fingers touched her skin, she felt excruciating pain.

That man was crazy last night...

"Sister, last night was your period of ovulation, so it shouldn't be a problem to impregnate Shelly Jones's child. In the next ten months, you will obediently stay in this villa to recuperate. There will be doctors and babysitters to take care of you. "

In the darkness, Cindy's makeup was still as exquisite as before.

Anna clenched his teeth, and looked at Cindy with wide eyes: "Do you think that I can hide the fact that you will never have a baby from me in your entire life just because I helped you to give birth to a child of Shelly Jones? He will find out sooner or later! "

Cindy raised her eyebrows, calmly walked to the front of Anna, and smiled while possessing her body: "I don't need you to worry about me, Sister. As long as this child is born of the Smith and Jones Families, it will be enough for me to become Mrs. Jones. "

Anna inhaled a breath of cold air, she bit her lower lip until it was broken.

"Luck, is this the woman that you have always liked?" Anna looked at Luck coldly.

There was guilt in Luck's eyes, but Anna could see the thirst for Cindy in his eyes.

"Anna, your brother is at a sanatorium in the suburbs. If you disobey orders and try to escape or hurt yourself, I can guarantee that I can make your brother suffer as much as you do." Cindy smiled sarcastically.

"Cindy, you are not human!" John Smith was Anna's weakness, she had never allowed anyone to harm this little brother of hers since he was young. Now that Cindy had said this, she instantly tensed up.

"Be more tactful and stay put."

Cindy and Luck turned and left, closing the door tightly.

Anna sat on the bed alone, tears rolling down her face. But she couldn't do anything.