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Love a Scheming CEO in Rebirth

Love a Scheming CEO in Rebirth



Lin Yi lived a carefree life, which was soon destroyed by her stepmother, who screwed with Lin Yi's husband and colluded with him to steal her father's company. They showed no mercy, they humiliated her father to death, imprisoned and abused her. Her face was marred. She managed to escape and tried to solicit help from Ying Hannian, a prodigy in the business world but a man who had once been insulted by her. He claimed her virginity. But she's rewarded no promise to help, only humiliation. After ravaged by him another round, she coughed blood... She’s poisoned by her stepmother and husband. And she died! But how could she die, with all these hatreds and regrets! A rebirth? Now it's time for her to get her revenge on the two devils. She's not gonna let go of anyone!
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The villa , built on the precipice,experiencing the blowing of the cold wind.

Thunderous roars echoed as the raindrops smashed ruthlessly against the window. They burst out in loud and stifling cries, just like Lin Yi's mood at this moment.

She sat on the edge of the bed, with hands shaking as she fastened the buttons of the man's shirt one by one. The disarray of the bed and the red marks on her chest and neck were all insinuating the absurdity and impudence between men and women.

It had already been two hours since Lin Yi escaped from the Lin Family. She had been imprisoned by her stepmother Xiao Xinlou and her husband for a whole year, and all the companies at home had long fallen into their hands. Yet, they had not let them off.

She was abused day after day and lived a life that was not like a human being. She was skinny and wanted to die several times.

But her father had secretly told her before he died that if she could get Ying Hannian's help, everything would turn for the better.

Ying Hannian.

Just the name was enough to make a man's teeth shiver.


The bathroom door was pushed open and a tall shadow loomed over them.

Lin Yi trembled. She couldn't button a single one of her buttons, so she curled her body and looked up, the man's waist was limp with a towel tied around it. He leaned lazily against the window, a cigarette was held between his fingers as he stared at her with a smile that was not a smile.

His body was not completely dry. Droplets of water dripped down his thin muscular veins and slid across the half—exposed line of the mermaid.

This man was extremely aggressive even when he was sexy.

Lin Yi did not dare to look straight into his eyes, and weakly said: "Mr.Ying, you have gotten what you wanted. Please help me take back the company."

Ying Hannian, the sniper of the business world, was a person who countless big groups couldn't even beg for. Even if he brought back the dying company, they would still be able to revive him.

She, who was in dire straits now, needed him.

"I never thought that such a haughty and arrogant Miss Lin would actually have such a day."

Ying Hannian laughed condescendingly, placed the cigarette under the thin lip and inhaled, "Back then, when you gave me three slaps, didn't you call me a toad wanting to eat swan meat? You said that even if I don't have a single cent on me, you shouldn't expect me to touch a single finger.

The smoke from the cigarette brushed against his handsome face, revealing a vague hint of indifference, but also a faint hint of ferocious white fangs.

Suddenly, he changed his tone and said, "However, you still have some beauty in the past, but what do you have now? It seems like I was at a disadvantage to sleep with you, so why would you ask me for help? "Heh."


Lin Yi shuddered once again from the ridicule in his words, and subconsciously covered her face.

Her once pretty face, was now covered in scars of old and new, so ruined that she didn't look like a 23—year—old girl, thanks to her stepmother and husband.

Lin Yi endured the pain in her heart and slowly stood up. She knelt on the ground with both knees, then kowtowed heavily, shattering her dignity and arrogance.

"Mr.Ying, I was young and immature in the past, so don't bother with me. Please help me, I beg you …"

Lin Yi said as she fiercely slapped her own face, the rims of her eyes red enough to drip blood.

She had to make Ying Hannian help her, she had to make her stepmother and that man pay a terrible price!

Seeing her actions, Ying Hannian's pupils suddenly contracted, his ridiculing smile congealed on the corner of his mouth.

Her breath quivered.

She has been dancing all year long, with a slender waist and a long figure, but she was unwittingly provocative.

The image of his blood flowing through his veins made Ying Hannian's throat tighten.

In the next second, Ying Hannian pinched on a cigarette, and threw her down on Kingsize's bed.

Another adult game.


Outside the window, the wind and rain were heavier and the thunder rumbled.

In the end, he left satisfied, without a shred of nostalgia.

Lin Yi laid on the bed and grabbed his arm while trembling.

"Mr.Ying, are you willing to help me now?"

Hearing that, Ying Hannian bent down and pinched her chin, as if he was playing with a toy. He gave a cold laugh, and each word was elegant and cruel, "Miss Lin, look at you now. You should thank me to have you!