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The Return of Zombie Hunter

The Return of Zombie Hunter



In her previous life, she possessed a superpower that everyone envied, but she was unable to protect herself. She had been imprisoned for two years, and her life was worse than death! In the third year after the apocalypse had ended, the zombies surrounded the city, and the thick miasma engulfed the entire base. Xu Xin could only watch helplessly as she was dismembered. Waking up again, her edge was clearly visible. Holding the golden space in her hand, she had undergone limitless evolution. No one dared to bully her! Superpower was extremely scarce? It was comparable to a cabbage here! Fight for food? Every second, a dozen of them appeared out of nowhere! Someone was fighting over it with jealousy? A certain black-bellied officer wiped the muzzle of his gun, "You must be tired of living if you want to touch my wife!"
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"Xu Qin, Xu Qin, wake up."

A man's urgent voice came to her ears, and it accompanied by a push on the shoulder.

"Bam!" Almost instinctively, the young woman who was lying on the table suddenly waved her hand and sent a punch over.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The man covered his nose as he retreated two steps back. His eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at the woman, who seemed to have turned into a completely different person when she slept.

As for the woman called Xu Qin, she was blankly staring at the man who was crying in pain in front of her. The man was very tall, 1.8m, and weighed almost two hundred kilograms.

After a long while, Xu Qin uncertainly spoke: "Jiang Lei?"

Wasn't he already dead? Xu Qin's body could not help but tremble, and the cold sweat trickled down her forehead, and she felt even more powerless.

Even though she had been in the apocalypse for two years, she still felt scared when she thought about the corpse tide.

The entire base was drowned in the corpse tide, the huge gates were being attacked by the Zombie wave after wave, before she could even see the development of the situation, she was eaten alive by the Zombie.

"What's wrong with you? The leader has come to check up on you and you're still sleeping here. If he discovered of your laziness, you might lose your bonus! " Jiang Lei was only stunned for a few seconds, thinking of his purpose for coming here, he anxiously replied.

She looked at the date, December 1st, and the arrival of the apocalypse, December 3rd.

Xu Qin was 25 years old and worked as a crop technician in M City. Her daily job was to solve problems caused by the crops in M City, and as for the one— hour rest time at noon, it was in a grain depot at the foot of the mountain. This was the only place she stayed at.

After sending off the leader of the inspection team, Xu Qin laid on the bed in exhaustion, looking at the white ceiling, finally recovering from the matter of her rebirth.

She took in a long breath. The air was fresh, peaceful and beautiful. This kind of air hadn't been released for a long time which made her unable to stop.

After the apocalypse, there were natural disasters one after another, leaving humans unable to cope with them. Adding to that, with those terrifying Zombie, human beings were in danger, their lives were in great danger. She was no exception, to be able to live for two years in the apocalypse, it was truly … It's not easy.

Suddenly, she felt a burning sensation on her neck. She remembered that when she was dismembered by Zombie, she also felt this sensation on her neck.

She tore off the jade medallion on her neck. It was green and white in color. The texture was soft, but it was exceptionally hot.

Could it be that the reason why she was able to live again was because of this jade plate?

This jade token was personally given to her by her mother when she died. Her mother said that her grandmother gave it to her as a family heirloom.

Just as she was staring at the jade, a burst of white light appeared in front of her eyes, and her mind spun, and she opened her eyes again. She was in a desolate grassland, which was not big, but about three or four acres of land.

There was a small well beside her, or perhaps the pit was a little more solid. It looked a little like the well they drank from, except it was lighter, the water was very clear, and the bottom was covered with a white fog.

Jade token?

Seeing this strange place, the first thing Xu Qin thought of was the jade tablet.

Having stayed in apocalypse for so long, it was easy for those who saw this strange space to accept it.

After studying for a while, she was finally able to freely use the space. As long as she was meditating, she could enter and leave the space.

The ground was black, probably due to her work, and after a brief understanding, she squatted down to examine the texture of the ground.