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The Romance of My Naughty Prince

The Romance of My Naughty Prince



The high and cold demon school grass was too stuffy. He loved to bully her, overbearing and domineering. On a dark and windy night, he had cheated her of her kiss. He liked her for more than ten years, and he was the only person in her world. He didn't dare confess and couldn't get along with her, but in his heart he had already decided that he would only marry her. Only because the secret in his heart couldn't be revealed.
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"Senior, I like you. Will you date me?"

A girl holding a white envelope stood in front of the boy, and her eyes wide with desire.

The boy had faint dimples in his cheeks. When he heard the girl's words, he smiled and gently reached out his hand to place it on her forehead. His long and delicate eyelashes slightly raised up and under his amber eyes, and he had a pair of enigmatic eyes. No one could not see through his thoughts.

"Thank you for your love, but I already have someone I love. Goodbye."

The gentle smile on the boy's face became indifferent as his voice faded away. He turned around and left.

He left them with a long, narrow, and tall back.

He was always like this. Sometimes far away, sometimes close.

Gentle, and distant.

Polite to every girl, he was a elegant gentleman all the time.

The girl put away the neglected love letter in disappointment and ran away.

In the garden, under the quiet green lawn, two female students were lying on the ground, staring at this scene. One of the female students was extremely unwilling. Her face was filled with resistance and haze!

A young confession came to an end.

Their peeping session had finally ended!

Luo En Xin came out from under the lawn, and stared at a green leaf on top of her head.

She shook her head in displeasure and took the green leaf away, "Do you heard it already? Ling Xiao Chen already has someone he likes! In the future, don't drag me to find him. "

"He is our school's school hunk, his performance in all aspects is very outstanding. It was rare to see one, and I couldn't help it for a while. Besides, there's nothing to lose. Don't be so reluctant to talk about it. "

School hunk!

school hunk!

It was really enough!

She had heard of these two words since she was young!

He was handsome, but his grades were a mess. Relying on his gentle appearance, he was actually very popular in school had always been captivated by his female classmates!

As for her, she really hated him. She hated admitting the relationship between them. Ever since that incident, she had never said a single word to him in school.

On the first day of school, Ling Xiao Chen was dragged by her classmates to look at Ling Xiao Chen.

That feeling was too terrible.

After school was over, Luo En Xin carried her backpack and ran towards her house in large strides, purposely heading to a place with less people around.


Suddenly, a big bookbag smashed onto her forehead, Luo En Xin extended her hand and took the bookbag off her forehead, then her mouth twitching, she fiercely turned and stared at the person coming towards her.

"It's not like you don't have hands, why do you always need me to help you carry your school bag? You are clearly not a gentleman, yet you had put on such a gentle act on campus. Didn't you say that there was someone you like? If you keep on bullying me like this, where will you go to chase after your girlfriend? "

When there was finally no one left, Luo En Xin was completely enraged, and directly threw him schoolbag back at Ling Xiao Chen, as she gnashed her teeth and said.

She had waited with much difficulty for Ling Xiao Chen to say that he had someone he liked, so she had even thought that she was finally free.

He hadn't changed at all!

Still pestering her, so she was about to die of annoyance!

Previously, when he beat her senior up into the hospital because he knew that she was secretly in love with him, she really wanted to let another know what kind of person Ling Xiao Chen really was!

Demon. He was a pestering demon.

Luo En Xin's agitated anger started to spread unrestrainedly.

The strength used to push Ling Xiao Chen was actually a little surprising.

Ling Xiao Chen staggered a step back, raised his eyebrows, and pinched Luo En Xin's cheek with great interest: "Girl, are you hoping for me to quickly fall in love with you? If Mom and Dad knew that you want to kick me out, what would happen? "


Luo En Xin was disappointed, she could only snatch the backpack from his hands, holding it in her hands, then walked home with large strides.