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CEO Loves Me after Seven Times

CEO Loves Me after Seven Times



She stole the marriage at the age of eighteen, but she stole the brother of the man she loved. He was the king of the imperial city, the head of power, but he was staring at her like a demon. She had run away, failed, lost half her life as his woman. They forced her to marry, and after the marriage was over, they told her that she was just a substitute. Substitute? "Then she's probably the biggest double in the world." "People say that I've taken a fancy to your beauty. Divorce!" "Other people say that I've taken a fancy to your strong physique. Divorce!" "People say that I've taken a fancy to your money. Divorce!" "Fine, I'm your marital property. Take her away with you, or else your divorce will be null and void!" he said forcefully.
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Imperial City.

The news of the marriage of the second son of the God family to the Chen family's daughter gushed out, shaking the entire country. The entire country was in joy, and all the women in the world were envious.

At 2p.m,under the wall outside the red house."Baby, do you feel the bars now?" Wan Mi Lai who was squatting on the ground and acting as a stepping stone was exceptionally exhausted.

Tang Bao lowered her head to take a look, her small, exquisite and snow—white face was also flushed from the torment: "Just a little more, I'll be able to reach the balcony's guardrail."

"I have put up with your bullying for a long time Di Jun Bai must have dug another's ancestral grave in his previous life, to make you like him so much, and be loyal to him. He's getting married today, and you're here to make trouble. " Wan Mi Lai didn't know whether it was good or bad that she was helping the evil.

"Don't speak, save your strength and lend me a hand!" Tang Bao panicked. "If I miss time, I will cry my heart out in regret. "

In order to not let Tang Bao cry herself to death, as a good friend, Wan Mi Lai could only grit her teeth and raise her shoulders with all her might.

Tang Bao reached out her hands to grab the fence as well. This time she grabbed it.

"Got it!"

With Wan Mi Lai's help, Tang Bao risked her life to climb over the fence. Breathing heavily, she crawled up from the ground and walked inside the house.

Inside the room, the bride was already dressed in a snow—white wedding dress. She was shy as she faced the mirror, unable to hide the happiness on her face. But in Tang Bao's eyes, it was extremely dazzling.

A brick appeared in Tang Bao's hand. She threw it with a bang at the back of the bride's neck.The action was crisp and agile..."En!" The bride groaned before collapsing limply to the ground. She had fainted.

Tang Bao's delicate face revealed a smile of victory. She could only marry herself to Di Jun Bai, so other people shouldn't even think about it.

The wedding ceremony was on time. The bride was supported by her family as she walked onto the stage. The end of the stage was the groom, who was standing there in a black suit. He was tall and straight, and his broad shoulders gave people a sense of security.

Below the stage were the guests. Those who came to participate were either rich or noble, and they were all first—rate non—rich or noble. They were not even second or third rate experts.

Tang Bao's face was covered by a hazy white veil. Others could not see the bride's true face, so long as she did not speak, there would be no problem.

What made her nervous was that she was about to become Di Jun Bai's bride.

Every step closer made her palms sweat.

With a joyful heart, Tang Bao stood behind the groom. When the groom turned around, Tang Bao shyly raised her small face, but her expression suddenly froze in the next second ... ...

The deep facial features carried a sense of nobility with a handsome appearance. The vast expanse of black pupils were bottomless, and the entire body emitted a dominating invading aura. It was like a wild beast that was hibernating, causing people to feel fear and trepidation.

"The eldest brother?"

Wan Mi Lai who was hiding outside and peeking at the groom's face suddenly fell to the ground with a loud thud, looking at the groom who was not looking at him in fear.

Tang Bao's brain could not react at all.Di Hao Tian!

How could it be Di Hao Tian? It's Di Jun Bai's eldest brother!

Tang Bao turned her head in panic to look for her dream lover, but found that Di Jun Bai was sitting in the guest's seat, smiling gently at her. That made her very depressed.

"I don't know you were so eager to become my wife. I'll give you this chance. " Di Hao Tian's deep, magnetic voice carried a hint of teasing.

"It's not like that, isn't Di Jun Bai getting married today?" Tang Bao asked, she was stunned!