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Stolen Away By The Alpha

Stolen Away By The Alpha

Author:Favour Bademosi


[Warning: Contains mature content.] Adrianna had it all,life,love,money and a wonderful family. Her life was perfect. Well it was,until she was kidnapped by the alpha on the night of her graduation and engagement party by Raven Black,the alpha of the crystal moon pack and best friend to her fiancé. He knew from the moment he saw her at the party that she was his mate and they were meant to be,even when she was just a human and he was the most powerful alpha among the seven deadliest packs. He would never let his mate get married to his best friend now that he had found her so he took the easiest option, he kidnapped her! Adrianna wakes up in a world different from the one she knew,held by a psycho who was probably supposed to be the best friend of her husband to be who tells her a most unbelievable story about werewolves and claims they are meant to be. She refuses to believe a word he says and demands to be released. Raven hurt beyond words by her absolute rejection, gives her an ultimatum. He promises her that he would make her fall in love with him within 90 days and if he fails he would return her to her home and she would never see his face again. She is scared but agrees with a bold face. What could happen between these two in 90 days? Will she really be able to resist the charms of this domineeringly sexy man? Will they fall in love and team up to fight the battles ahead? Or will she simply return to her old life? Find out in this interesting thriller.
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Adrianna was sure she had never been this excited in her life. She had finally graduated university, a successful doctor. More so,just after her valedictorian speech,her long time boyfriend, Vincent had surprised her with a marriage proposal.

It was all just a wonderful surprise and for sure,she said yes. Her parents were very happy for her and planned a party to celebrate both her graduation and engagement. It was going to be such a joyous occasion and she seeked the help of her best friend, Mia in some party shopping.

They drove to the mall and Adrianna parked the car while Mia went in,she joined her friend shortly and they began selecting dresses for the party.

After selecting the most gorgeous dress she could find,they went for shoes next and other necessities that was sure to make Adrianna steal the spotlight. She was already such a beautiful girl but the glam up was just to make her stand out as the celebrant.

Mia suddenly informed Adrianna that she wanted to go to the restroom and she agreed. While her friend was gone,she randomly checked out perfumes, checking if any of them would appeal to her. Suddenly, a rather intoxicating and mind numbing scent wafted into her nostrils,her body seemed to move on it's own as she tried to find who the scent belonged to.

She walked through the huge mall,looking for only God knows who,an irresistible scent her only guide. She came to a standstill when her eyes caught sight of a gorgeous man standing by the clothes section, seemingly checking out the outfits.

His back was slightly turned to her so she could still see a part of his face and he appeared to be one of those Adonises you don't see everyday.

She knew it would send the wrong message but she still decided to approach him anyway. There was only one thing on her mind,she was simply going to ask him where she could find the same perfume, the one that had completely paralyzed her senses.

She was just a few feet from him when Mia's voice stopped her in her track. "Adrianna! Adrianna what are you doing?" Mia half yelled and walk swiftly to her friend who was looking forlorn and was standing just a few metres from a man.

She swiftly walked to her friend and berated her softly. "Adrianna how could you? I've been searching for you around the place and you've been here checking out a man?" Mia asked teasingly.

"No,I just really liked his perfume and wanted to ask him where he purchased it so I could also get it." She explained, not making much sense to her friend.

"What perfume?" Mia was confused. "Don't you smell it? The wonderful scent his body's releasing?" Adrianna asked, the scent still wafting daringly into her nostrils.

Her friend looked at her like she was talking nonsense and just shook her head. "Nope,I don't smell anything. I think you've spent too much time in the perfumes section, your sinuses are getting a little hazy." Mia joked but Adrianna was dead serious.

She was sure of what she was smelling and it was definitely coming from that man but she knew arguing with Mia was hopeless so she just let it be.

"By the way,we have to live now. Your mum just called and asked to be in your house in twenty minutes. They isn't much time and the party will be starting pretty soon. We're done anyway so let's go." Mia said and dragged the seemingly reluctant Adrianna away.

Raven turned around as his inner wolf released a jolt. He wondered what was wrong. 'Our mate was here just now. She was just a few feet away from us but we missed her and now she's left.' His inner wolf seemed to say.

Raven quickly dropped what he was holding and looked around, they weren't much women around as this was the men's section and none of them even appealed to him.

He went around the mall, looking around for his supposed mate but he couldn't find her. A lot of women gave him winks and some were even bold enough to walk up to him and ask for a date but he just ignored them.

This was the reason why he didn't come to the human world very quickly, many of the women were very cheap and he hated sluts. The only reason why he was here was for his best friend, Vincent. His only human best friend would be getting engaged today and he certainly wouldn't miss it for the world.

No one who saw him would know what he truly was. Not even his friend knew that he was a werewolf and not just that, the alpha of the most feared pack in the region. Vincent thought he was never around because he lived in another country and Raven had dutifully kept up the charade.

They had met in strange circumstances and had been best friends since then often communicating only through the phone but it surprisingly didn't strain their friendship.

Raven trusted Vincent and knew that his taste in women would be superb. Though he had never met the girl or had the chance to see her,he knew she would be perfect for his friend.

After looking around for twenty minutes and he couldn't find his mate,he realized that she must have left. His inner wolf despaired and he also felt it's pain.

"Don't worry,we'll find her,I promise. We'll just have to wait a little bit more because we have to do something more important today. We have to attend our friend's engagement and after that,it's straight to finding our Luna." He assured and his inner wolf grudgingly accepted.

He went back to the men's section and picked the clothes he had selected. He then went to the check out and paid for them before entering into his car with the shopping bag and he drove away.