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A Rude Man in My Bed

A Rude Man in My Bed


Rosy was raised by her divorced mother, who had a serious kidney illness. To earn the surgery fee, she turned to her father and agreed to his condition, which was to take a diamond ring to a man in the 2118 room of Dhao Hotel, and then give herself to that man. Unexpectedly, Rosy went to the wrong room. In this way, Rosy had a one-night-stand with a stranger, but she even didn’t know his appearance. The man took away her virginity, as well as the diamond ring. To get the ring back, Rosy decided to bite the hook. She went to find the man again. "I'm here for the diamond ring." "Marry me, then it's yours." This time, she threw herself into a sweet trap...
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In the middle of the night, a slim figure was carefully climbing over a fence.

She was a young girl with waist length hair and a beautiful delicate face.

Her name was Rosy Gu. And that night, she was trying to find a way to enter the Room 2218 of Dhao Hotel.

The only thing she wanted was the diamond ring that the mysterious man took from her.

The same man that a day ago seduced her and took away her purity for the first time.

Simon Grey was sitting in front of the French window and enjoying his cigarette when suddenly, he found a thin figure coming closer and furtively looking inside his room.

He got astonished. That was the 22th floor: only few fences were separating the swimming pool from his room.

He did not expect to see a person coming into his place in such a brave way.

Before Rosy could see what was going on in the room, the French window was opened by someone, her wrist got tight, and got promptly grabbed.

"Who are you!" His voice was very cold.

She recognized his voice. It was the voice of the attractive man.

Rosy was there just to get back the ring stolen by him the previous night, but as soon as she saw him, she felt she wanted to run away.

She struggled a bit to get rid of the man's big hands, but finally, she could turn around and escape from him.

Mr. Grey didn't move at all. Instead, he smocked again and watched her with cold eyes.

Immediately after, she fell into the swimming pool with a "plop".

In the panic, she forgot that behind his room there was a swimming pool.

Rosy was wet all over, and her long hair were completely stuck into her face.

After that dangerous second, like a drowned mouse, she looked up and stared angrily at him.

Simon was still standing in the darkness, in front of his favourite French window. His face still couldn't be seen clearly, but she could understand that he was enjoying the show.

As the cold wind blew, Rosy could not avoid to sneeze.

Simon twisted off the cigarette and walked out from the darkness.

The tall straight figure was charming in front of the lights of that night, thanks to his perfect combo starting from his head and flowing down to the toes. Now, he was standing like a real man.

In that precise moment, Rosy couldn't avoid to think about the previous night when he was softly touching her body and she could clearly see his tight muscles, without any fats. Oh, honestly, she felt so good.

From that hot and intense thought, her cheeks turned red, and she dared not to look up at him again.

"What are you thinking about?" Simon slightly raised his lips, and showed a clear smile on his face.

Rosy turned down her head, and suddenly a thin hand with long fingers appeared by making her surprised.

"Why aren't you coming up? Are you waiting for catching a cold?" His pleasant voice had the allure of making people let down their guards.

She slowly stretched her little hand out and got raped by him for the second time.

As soon as she went up, she slipped and fell into his powerful arms.

"Ah!" She surprisingly screamed by trying to push him away, but without any success. Instead, she got closer to his chest and was touched again by his strong arms.

Finally, she could clearly smell the taste of light tobacco in his skin, mixed with the smell of the expensive Cologne...Although she knew very well what was the reason that was bringing her back to him, she would have never forgotten the masculine taste of the man's skin.

"You are too noisy, but why were you deadly silent last night?" He sneered.

It turned out that he had recognized her!

In that second, Rosy's ears turned red. She tried to push him away for the second time, but it happened that he hugged her tighter.

"You weren't so shy that night, you were the one taking the initiative." He gently laughed with a low tone voice and then, he bravely touched her delicate face with his thin lips...

Her body shaked and a trace of numbness appeared inside her skin. The strange feeling made her panic and while the fierce man looked up, she glared at him.

At the same time, the colourful neon lights of the hotel lit up, like the glaring fireworks while illuminating the whole world by making the sky purple and red...

She finally saw his face clearly. His lips were thin, his nose was tall, and his eyes were as deep as a pool...

Rosy was not able to understand how a man could make a woman feel so ashamed by being so awesome in front of her.

it was hard for her to release herself from that situation expecially when she was deeply immersed in it.

"I didn't expect you to look like this." She murmured by showing her little obsession.

"What's wrong? Did you fall in love with me?" His thin lips curled into a faint smile. There was a hint of mockery in his tone.

"No!" She exclaimed by bowing the head while a sense of inferiority was starting growing in her heart. She felt that she was as small as a grain of dust.

"Le't drink some wine. What do you think?" Simon did not even give her the chance to answer that he directly dragged her into his room.

"I don't want to drink, let me go!" She struggled quickly, but failed to break free from his big hands.

The room was still immersed in the darkness, when the neon lights coming from outside started penetrating it by making it very ambigous.

That powerful lights coming from the curtains made her look at the handsome face which made her heart beat wildly, like a deer. She felt like the situataion was becoming uncomfortable.

"I, I..." She was unable to complete the sentence.

"I wanted to hear someone's voice tonight, and you happened to break in." Simon, after saying that, gently allowed her hands to slide apart from him, and became silent by removing his teasing smile from his face.

That sudden coldness made her feel that they were becoming far away, although they were only half step far from each other.

He turned to the wine cabinet, poured two glasses of red wine and handed one to Rosy. "I'm curious about how you came in, but please drink with me first."

Once Rosy heard his innate command, coming out from his mouth with a faint tone, she immediately understood where his charm was coming from.

She slowly raised her hand and was about to take the goblet full of wine, when she suddenly clenched it into a fist, forcing herself to wake up and no longer be seduced by him. "I don't drink! I'm here..."

Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted.

"Are you afraid that I will take advantage from you, or are afraid of yourself...?" He smiled and looked up and down at her body like she was naked in front of his curious eyes.

"I can't drink!" She quickly turned away from him, and her heart beated wildly.

"What's wrong with me today? My heart is beating so fast. I can't stop it!"

Indeed,she knew by the deepest of her heart that if she drank wine, she would do anything like it happened the previous night when she got confused and went to the wrong floor.

On that day, her father, who had divorced and married again, gave her a diamond ring and asked her to take it to a man in the 2118 room.

Her father said to her that as long as she was giving herself to that man, her mother would have been able to fix her kidney.

Her father, Joseph Gu, had raised the son of his mistress and lived a happy life. He didn't care about her mother, Clara Yang.

Although she was very suspicious about her father's motivations, for the sake of her mother, she had to sell her own body.

It was a tragedy. She went to the wrong room.

Fortunately, the right man left a check afterward, whose price was ten million yuan, which was enough for her mother's surgery fees.

However, the diamond ring that her father gave her had been stolen by the charming man.

Her father forced her to get the ring back. She had no choice to go again to the mysterious man.